who won the nba finals in 1989

Who won 1989 1990 NBA Finals?

Detroit Pistons

Who won the NBA Finals 1988?

Los Angeles Lakers

Who swept Magic Johnson?

During the season, the Lakers had won their division, with Magic Johnson collecting his second MVP award. The team swept the first three playoff series (Pacific Division foes: Portland, Seattle, and Phoenix), resulting in a rematch with the Detroit Pistons in the Finals.

1989 NBA Finals.
Team Coach Wins
Los Angeles Lakers Pat Riley

Who did the Bulls play in the 89 playoffs?

1989 NBA Eastern Conference Finals Bulls vs. Pistons
  • League Champion: Detroit Pistons.
  • Finals MVP: Joe Dumars (27.3 / 1.8 / 6.0)
  • 1989 Playoff Leaders:
  • PTS: Michael Jordan (591)
  • TRB: Dennis Rodman (170)
  • AST: Magic Johnson (165)
  • WS: Michael Jordan (4.0)

Who won the 1987 NBA Finals?

Los Angeles Lakers

Who won the 1999 NBA Finals?

San Antonio Spurs

Who won the 1985 and 1987 NBA Finals?

The Los Angeles Lakers
1985-1988 – NBA Finals Winner 85′ 87′ 88′ The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Celtics four games to two to defeat the Celtics for the first time in Laker history in the NBA Finals. The 1987 NBA Finals was the championship round of the 1986 – 1987 NBA season.

Who won the 84 NBA Finals?

Boston Celtics

Who Won NBA Finals 1986?

Boston Celtics

Did Jordan ever get swept?

On April 20, 1986, in Game 2 of the first-round series against the Celtics, Jordan scored his legendary 63 points, a record that still stands. … Despite Jordan’s skills, the Bulls were once again swept by the Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

How many times did Lebron get swept?

This was one of only two times that James got swept in the Finals, both coming with the Cavs. The other came in 2018 against the Golden State Warriors during his second stint with the team. A Finals sweep has never gone in James’ favor.

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Did Jordan ever beat Magic?

It was Michael Jordan’s first NBA Finals appearance, Magic Johnson’s last, and the last NBA Finals for the Lakers until 2000. The Bulls would win the series, 4–1.

Who won the 90 NBA Finals?

Detroit Pistons

What is the Michael Jordan rule?

The Jordan Rules were a successful defensive basketball strategy employed by the Detroit Pistons against Michael Jordan in order to limit his effectiveness in any game.

Did the Bulls make the playoffs in 1988?

The 1988–89 NBA season was the Bulls’ 23rd season in the National Basketball Association. … In the first round of the playoffs, the Bulls defeated the heavily favored 3rd-seeded Cleveland Cavaliers in five games, and the heavily favored New York Knicks in six games in the semifinals.

who won the nba finals in 1989
who won the nba finals in 1989

Who won 1985 NBA Finals?

1985 NBA Finals/Champion
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was 38 years old, and he looked every bit of it on May 27, 1985, as the Boston Celtics whipped the L.A. Lakers 148-114 to open the NBA Finals.

Who was the 1985 NBA Finals MVP?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
1985 NBA Finals
Cedric Maxwell, #31 of the Boston Celtics vs Magic Johnson, #32 of the Los Angeles Lakers, in the 1985 NBA Finals
Team Coach Wins Los Angeles Lakers Pat Riley 4 Boston Celtics K. C. Jones 2
Dates May 27–June 9
MVP Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Los Angeles Lakers)

Why are the Lakers named?

The team moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1947, and its name was changed to the Lakers to reflect the Minnesota state nickname, “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” That same year the Lakers acquired George Mikan, who became professional basketball’s first dominant “big man” and the first in a series of great Laker centres.

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Who won the 1979 NBA Finals?

1979 NBA Finals/Champion
The 1979 NBA playoffs was the postseason tournament of the National Basketball Association’s 1978–79 season. The tournament concluded with the Western Conference champion Seattle SuperSonics defeating the Eastern Conference champion Washington Bullets 4 games to 1 in the NBA Finals.

Who won the 2003 NBA Finals?

San Antonio Spurs

Who won the 2001 NBA Finals?

Los Angeles Lakers

Who won the 1983 NBA Finals?

Philadelphia 76ers

Who was the 1981 NBA Finals MVP?

Cedric Maxwell
The 1981 NBA World Championship Series was the championship round of the National Basketball Association (NBA)’s 1980–81 season, and the culmination of the season’s playoffs.

1981 NBA Finals.
Team Coach Wins Boston Celtics Bill Fitch 4 Houston Rockets Del Harris 2
Dates May 5–14
MVP Cedric Maxwell (Boston Celtics)

Who won the 1982 NBA Finals?

Los Angeles Lakers

Who won the NBA in 1982?

Los Angeles Lakers

Who Won NBA Finals 1980?

Los Angeles Lakers

Who won the 1985 86 NBA Finals?

1986 NBA Finals/Champion
The 1985–86 NBA season was the 40th season of the National Basketball Association. The season ended with the Boston Celtics winning their third championship of the decade, beating the Houston Rockets 4 games to 2 in the NBA Finals.

Who was the 1983 NBA Finals MVP?

Moses Malone
NBA History – 1983 Awards
1983 Awards
Coach of the Year Don Nelson, MIL W-L: 51-31, PLAYOFFS: 5-4, CAREER: 1335-1063, EXP: 31 years
Finals MVP* Moses Malone, PHI No stats available.
All-NBA 1st Team Magic Johnson, LAL No stats available.

When did Jordan get swept by Celtics?

Jordan averaged 44.7 points per game in the series, but was unable to prevent the Bulls from being swept by a more experienced, more talented Celtics team.

1986 NBA playoffs.
Dates April 17–June 8, 1986
Teams 16
Champions Boston Celtics (16th title)
Runners-up Houston Rockets (2nd finals appearance)
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How many times did Michael Jordan lose in the 1st round?

Originally Answered: How many times did Michael Jordan lose in the first round? 3 times he lost the series in the first round. And a total of 15 games from 84 to 98 in the first rounds. In case you are wondering, He lost the series twice in the conference finals and twice in the conference semi finals.

How many playoffs did Jordan lose?

That is one fabulous piece of statistic! However, he has lost 7 out of 13 times that he made it to the playoffs. Out of these seven years of playoff defeat, Michael lost 3 in the first round, 2 in conference semi-finals, and 2 in conference finals.

How many times did MJ lose in the finals?

Michael Jordan lost 11 times in the NBA Finals in his career.

How many times did Kobe lose in the first round?

Kobe Bryant lost in Game 3 of the 1997 First Round versus the Trail Blazers on April 30, 1997.
Kobe Bryant 5/22/1998 71.4
Kobe Bryant 5/24/1998 66.7
Kobe Bryant 5/13/1999 100.0
Kobe Bryant 5/17/1999 83.3

1989 NBA Champions | Detroit Pistons – Motor City Madness

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1989 NBA Finals – Game 4 – Detroit Pistons @ Los Angeles Lakers

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