who sang you keep me hangin on

Who sang You Keep Me Hangin On 1967?

Vanilla Fudge

Who sampled Keep Me Hangin On?

You Keep Me Hangin’ On by The Supremes – Samples, Covers and Remixes | WhoSampled.

When did the song You Keep Me Hangin On Come Out?


Who played bass on Keep Me Hangin On?

James Jamerson
Words & Music (1966) by: Holland/Dozier/Holland James Jamerson (bass) Funk Brothers The Supremes single, 1966, Tamla/Motown.

Who was the lead singer of Vanilla Fudge?

Mark Stein

What age is Kim Wilde?

61 years (November 18, 1960)

What does keep me hanging on mean?

Cause you don’t really love me You just keep me hangin’ on. The singer complains that his partner does not love him anymore but she wants him to continue paying attention to her – to keep him hanging on. It is obvious that the preposition on refers to the phrasal verb hang and not to keep.

What album is You Keep Me Hangin On on?

Another Step

Where Did Our Love Go original?

“Where Did Our Love Go” is a 1964 song recorded by American music group the Supremes for the Motown label. … It was also the first of five Supremes songs in a row to reach #1 (the others being “Baby Love”, “Come See About Me”, “Stop! In the Name of Love”, and “Back in My Arms Again”).

Who was the drummer for Vanilla Fudge?

Carmine Appice

Did Vanilla Fudge do any original songs?

The Vanilla Fudge opened up their debut album entitled Vanilla Fudge, shocking the world with this glorious version of The Beatles song “Ticket To Ride.” Vanilla Fudge would cover many Beatles songs throughout their career making the songs their own with intense original arrangements that rock fans loved.

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Who played guitar in Vanilla Fudge?

Vince Martell
Vince Martell (born Vincent James Martellucci on November 11, 1945) is best known as the lead guitarist for Vanilla Fudge. Martell was born in the Bronx to parents who played the guitar and encouraged him to play as well. While in his teens, Martell joined the Navy, where he discovered his skills as a guitarist.

How old is Boy George?

60 years (June 14, 1961)

Where is Kim Wilde’s garden Centre?

The centre in Hyde Road, Stratton St Margaret, boasts a larger indoor shopping area and improved plant area.

What ever happened to Kim Wilde?

Kim Wilde currently works as a radio DJ and presents Secret Songs on Magic every Sunday. In addition to her music career, Kim Wilde has also had success as a landscape gardener. … Kim is also an author and has published two books on gardening – Gardening with Children (2005) and The First Time Gardener (2006).

who sang you keep me hangin on
who sang you keep me hangin on

Who sang Baby Baby Where Did Our Love Go?

The Supremes

What time period was Where Did Our Love Go?

Written and produced by Motown’s main production team Holland-Dozier-Holland, “Where Did Our Love Go” was the first single by the Supremes to go to the number-one position on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, a position it held for two weeks, from August 16 to August 29, 1964.

Who was the Faces drummer?

Kenney Jones
Kenneth Thomas Jones (born 16 September 1948) is an English drummer best known for his work in the groups Small Faces, Faces, and the Who. Jones was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 as a member of Small Faces/Faces.
Kenney Jones
Website kenneyjones.com
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Where is Carmine Appice from?

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Are Carmen and Vinny Appice brothers?

Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S. Vincent Samson Appice (born September 13, 1957) is an American rock drummer best known for his work with the bands Dio, Black Sabbath, and Heaven & Hell. Of Italian descent, he is the younger brother of drummer Carmine Appice.

How old was Leslie West when died?

75 years (1945–2020)

How old is Vince Martell?

76 years (November 11, 1945)

Which of the following is true of Tin Pan Alley music during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries?

Which of the following is true of Tin Pan Alley music during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries? Songs were sentimental ballads or songs that portrayed the “gay nineties” as full of fun and as an escape from life’s realities.

Who is richest singer?

Herb Alpert is an American jazz musician, who became famous as the group notoriously known as Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass. They’re also often referred to as Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass or TJB. Alpert has racked up an impressive net worth of $850 million, making him the richest singer in the world.

What age is Lulu?

73 years (November 3, 1948)

Where is Boy George now 2020?

He spent much of the past two years in Australia, where he was a judge on The Voice. But for now, he’s back in the UK: “London is my home, I feel most sane when I’m here.” He has a small record label called BGP and is starting to write with and promote other artists.

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Who is Kim Wilde married to?

Hal Fowler

Who is Kim Wilde daughter?

Rose Elizabeth Fowler

Who is Kim Wilde mother?

Joyce Smith

How old is Marty Wilde now?

82 years (April 15, 1939)

What happened to Marty Wilde?

Marty Wilde has spoken of how “lucky” he feels to be alive bringing out new music and now also writing his memoirs. The 81-year-old singer, known for hits like Teenager In Love, has been in the charts since 1958 and has a new album out on Friday which includes a duet single with daughter Kim called 60s World.

Is Marty Wilde still singing?

He is the father of pop singer Kim Wilde and co-wrote many of her hit singles including “Kids in America” with his son Ricky. He continues to perform and record.

Marty Wilde.
Marty Wilde MBE
Born 15 April 1939 Blackheath, South London, England
Genres Rock and roll pop
Years active 1957–present
Labels Philips (UK), Epic (US)

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