who performs the required periodic inspection of energy control procedures

Who Performs The Required Periodic Inspection Of Energy Control Procedures?

The periodic inspection must be performed by an authorized employee other than the one(s) who is using the energy control procedures. This individual will be referred to as the “inspector.” The inspector must be able to determine: Whether the steps in the energy control procedure are being followed.

Who performs the required periodic inspection of energy control procedures quizlet?

The employer shall conduct a periodic inspection of the energy control procedure at least annually. 2. The periodic inspection shall be performed by an authorized employee.

Who must develop document and implement specific procedures to control potentially hazardous energy?

Employers must develop, document, and use procedures to control potentially hazardous energy. 3 The procedures explain what employees must know and do to control hazardous energy effectively when they service or maintain machinery.

Who must certify that hazardous energy control procedure periodic inspections are completed?

The employer
The employer must certify that a periodic inspection has been performed. The certification must include information on: The machine or equipment on which the energy control procedure was used.

Who can perform Loto?

1. Authorized employees. As a general rule, this group might include your electricians, maintenance personnel, and some machine operators. These workers are the only ones allowed by OSHA to perform LOTO.

Who usually performs a lockout or tagout?

Lockout or tagout shall be performed only by the authorized employees who are performing the servicing or maintenance.

What is energy control procedure?

The energy control procedure provides the authorized employee with written instructions specifying how to eliminate the potential for the unexpected activation, or start up of machinery or equipment or the release of stored energy.

Who is the only person who may apply locks and tags?

Lock and Tag Training

They must receive annual training in the control of hazardous energy, and must be retrained when there is a change in job assignments, machines, or energy control procedures. Authorized employees are the only employees allowed to apply locks or tags and perform work on isolated equipment.

Who may install and attach lockout and tagout devices to the energy isolation device on affected equipment?

Lockout or Tagout Device Application 1910.147(d)(4)

Lockout or tagout devices shall be affixed to each energy isolating device by authorized employees. Lockout devices, where used, shall be affixed in a manner to that will hold the energy isolating devices in a “safe” or “off” position.

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Which is a required component of an energy control program an energy control program must include?

The energy control program has three core components: energy control procedures, employee training, and periodic inspections. Periodic inspections of the energy control procedures ensure that the procedures and the requirements of the standard are being followed.

How often must periodic inspections audits of the lockout/tagout standard must be completed?

once a year
OSHA Standard 1910.147(c)(6) covers period inspections of energy control procedures for organizations and companies that require lockout/tagout procedures for their operations. This standard says the following: The employer must conduct inspections of the LOTO procedures at least once a year.

How often must energy Controlprocedures be inspected?

Periodic inspections must be performed annually; however, energy control procedures used less than once a year need be inspected only when used.

What is periodic inspection?

A Periodic Inspection is an inspection on the condition of an existing electrical installation, to identify (in order of priority) any deficiencies against the national safety standard for electrical installations. A periodic inspection will: • reveal if any of your electrical circuits or equipment is overloaded.

Who is an authorized employee?

Authorized Employee means an employee whose duties require the employee to be in the regulated area and who has been specifically assigned to that area by the employer.

Who needs LOTO training?

Anyone doing machine service, maintenance, or repairs needs to be trained as an authorized employee under OSHA’s lockout/tagout (LOTO) standard at 1910.147.

who performs the required periodic inspection of energy control procedures
who performs the required periodic inspection of energy control procedures

Are LOTO procedures required?

Proper lockout/tagout (LOTO) practices and procedures safeguard workers from the release of hazardous energy. … Employers are also required to train each worker to ensure that they know, understand, and are able to follow the applicable provisions of the hazardous energy control procedures.

Who are the affected employees needed for energy control training?

What Are Affected Employees? An employee whose job requires him/her to operate or use a machine or equipment on which servicing or maintenance is being performed under lockout or tagout, or whose job requires him/her to work in an area in which such servicing or maintenance is being performed.

Who may remove the lock from the machine?

The Lockout Tagout devices are finally removed from an energy isolating device, only by the worker who applied it. The removal of employees lock without his knowledge can be dangerous, as a general rule, the Lockout Tagout device should be removed by the employee himself/herself. 5.

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Which employees must receive lockout/tagout related training?

There are three types of employees which must receive training: authorized, affected, and other.

Is Loto training required annually?

A. Although the standard does not prescribe annual refresher training or a set frequency for retraining, it does require training under specific circumstances and specifies those issues that the training must cover.

Who can remove energy control lockout device quizlet?

Who can remove Lockout/Tagout devices? Designated Personnel and 7 levels. Whenever a conductor carries an alternating current.

When should lockout be performed?

If someone has to enter the machine, the power should always be locked out to keep the maintenance personnel safe. If a machine is performing abnormally it may be necessary to get up close and inspect it for problems. Simply turning the machine off to do this type of work is not sufficient.

Who holds the key to the lock that is attached to the lockout device controlling energy sources in the confined space?

authorized employee
After the equipment is deenergized following Steps 1-5 in Section 5.0 above, for all isolation points, the authorized employee places the keys to all lockout devices into a Lock Box. The authorized employee whose keys are in the lock box attaches an Operations Lock to the Lock Box to control access.

Where do tagout devices need to be applied?

energy isolating device
3. Tagout devices, where used, shall be affixed directed to the energy isolating device, or located as close as safely possible to the device, in a position that will be immediately obvious to anyone attempting to operate the device.

Is Loto an engineering control?

The traditional electrical LOTO process is an administrative control that is inherently manual and relies on detail-oriented workers. … Pushing a button initiates the absence of voltage test from outside the equipment before doors and cover are removed, greatly reducing exposure to electrical hazards.

Who may install and attach lockout and tagout devices to the energy isolating device on affected equipment quizlet?

Safety engineers Authorized employees OSHA officials Affected employees Tagout systems tend to have all these limitations EXCEPT: They require less training in order to implement. They are only warning devices affixed to energy isolating devices.

Which action requires an employee to use lockout/tagout procedures?

Which action requires an employee to use lockout/tagout procedures? Stopping in the middle of locking and tagging out a machine. Which of the following actions has been known to cause employee fatalities? Works on or near a machine that must be locked out during maintenance.

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What is the purpose of the energy control program quizlet?

The purpose of the energy control program is to guarantee that before any employee services equipment– if the potential exists for unexpected energization or startup or the release of stored energy, the machine or equipment first is isolated from all energy sources and rendered inoperative.

What is the name of the plan that a facility must have to protect employees from energy related injuries?

lockout/tagout standard
The lockout/tagout standard establishes the employer’s responsibility to protect employees from hazardous energy sources on machines and equipment during service and maintenance.

When should employees be re trained on energy control procedures?

Scenario 3a: Paragraph 1910.147(c)(7)(iii)(A) requires retraining “whenever there is a change in their job assignments, a change in machines, equipment or processes that present a new hazard, or when there is a change in the energy control procedure.” A company has hundreds of energy control procedures that are …

How often must an established lockout/tagout procedure be audited for execution and completion?

(14) Conduct an audit, at least annually, by a qualified person which covers at least one LO/TO in progress and the procedure details. The audit shall be designed to correct deficiencies in the procedure or in employee understanding.

What is the purpose of an audit system for energy control procedures?

In addition to inspections, conduct an annual audit to ensure compliance and to verify the effectiveness of your energy control or LOTO program.

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