who originally sang always on my mind

Who recorded always on my mind?

Pet Shop Boys

What song did Willie Nelson wrote for Elvis Presley?

The Story Behind “Always on My Mind”
  • Most people associate the ballad “Always on My Mind” with country crooner Willie Nelson. …
  • Elvis Presley recorded “Always on My Mind” in March of 1972, just a few weeks after his official separation from his wife Priscilla.

How many versions of You Were Always On My Mind?

Did you know that there are over three-hundred recorded releases of “Always on My Mind” in different versions by dozens of performers? The song has been a crossover hit, charting both in the country and pop categories.

Who sang Always On My Mind with Willie Nelson?

Willie Nelson

What songs did Red West wrote for Elvis?

West also wrote or co-wrote such Presley songs as “Separate Ways,” “If Every Day Was Like Christmas” and “If You Talk in Your Sleep” and worked with singers Ricky Nelson, Pat Boone and Johnny Rivers as well. One year after he was fired by Presley’s father and two weeks before Elvis’ death on Aug.

Who wrote song Crazy?

Willie Nelson

What is considered the best song ever written?

“Bohemian Rhapsody,” the legendary six-minute single by Queen, is what many call the greatest song ever written. It’s still one of the best-selling rock singles of all time, was voted The Song of the Millennium in 2000, and was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the No.

What song did Elvis write for Priscilla?

“Always on My Mind” has remained a timeless love song. Several artists have covered it through the years, but Elvis Presley’s version truly stands out. The King recorded the song in 1972, just a few weeks after his separation from his wife, Priscilla Presley.

Did Elvis write any of his own music?

Elvis recorded more than 600 songs in his music career but did not write a single song (impossible to confirm, but he was given co-writing credit on many songs because his label demanded songwriters give up 50% of the credit before Presley would record it). … He made 31 movies and two music documentaries.

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Who wrote Blinded by the Light a 1977 hit by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band?

Bruce Springsteen
“Blinded by the Light” is a song written and recorded by Bruce Springsteen, which first appeared on his 1973 debut album Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. A cover by British rock band Manfred Mann’s Earth Band reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States in February 1977 and was also a top ten hit in …

Who wrote Blinded by the Light song?

Bruce Springsteen

What songs did Elvis sing for Priscilla?

While Elvis never recorded “I Will Always Love You,” he did sing it to his soon-to-be-ex-wife as their surprisingly amicable divorce played out in 1973. “Priscilla told me years later that it was the song he sang to her when they were leaving the divorce courtroom,” Parton writes in her memoir.

When did Willie Nelson release You were always on my mind?


Why did Elvis fire red?

The bodyguards – Red West, his cousin Sonny West, and David Hebler – had been fired purportedly for cost-saving reasons, though many suspected it was because they had been heavily critical of Elvis’ increasing dependence upon various drugs.

Is Sonny West dead?

Deceased (1938–2017)

who originally sang always on my mind
who originally sang always on my mind

Was Elvis Presley a sleepwalker?

In the mid-late 1950s, Elvis Presley suddenly shot to fame as a young man. But until he came back from serving in the army, The King struggled with nightmares and some sleepwalking.

Who wrote the song Middle Age Crazy?

Jerry Lee Lewis

Who wrote Walkin After Midnight?

Walkin’ After Midnight/Composers
Written by Alan Block and Donn Hecht in 1954, “Walkin’ After Midnight” launched Cline’s career when it was released in 1957 and became her first major pop and country crossover hit single.Jan 18, 2017

Who played piano on crazy?

Floyd Cramer
His name is Willie Nelson. If you listen carefully to Patsy Cline’s recording of “Crazy,” you can hear the beautiful piano playing of another young musician, Floyd Cramer. He also became a major recording star. Listen to Patsy and Floyd perform Willie Nelson’s song, “Crazy.”

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What is the No 1 song of all time?

Blinding Lights
Therefore, “Blinding Lights” surpassed Chubby Checker’s 1960s classic “The Twist” as the all-time No. 1 song, spending 90 total weeks on the Hot 100 Chart.

What is the #1 song of all time?

Blinding Lights
The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” has been named the new number one song on Billboard’s Greatest of All Time Hot 100 Songs Chart, dethroning Chubby Checker’s 1960 “The Twist.”

What is the number 1 song in the world?

Blinding Lights by Canadian pop star The Weeknd has become the number one song of all time on Billboard’s music charts. According to Billboard, Blinding Lights has now spent 90 weeks in the top 100 chart.

Did Elvis ever sing I Will Always Love You?

Despite Presley never recording the song, the record still held a special place in his heart. “Priscilla, Elvis’s wife, told me that when she and Elvis divorced, Elvis sang my song to her,” Parton added.

What song did Elvis wrote for his wife?

“Separate Ways” is a 1972 song by Elvis Presley written by Red West and Richard Mainegra.

Did Elvis ever meet Dolly Parton?

After saying no to Parker’s terms, Parton never had another chance to meet Presley. “I never did [meet him],” she said in a 1978 interview with Playboy (reprinted in the 2017 book Dolly on Dolly). “But I always felt that we were kin.” “I feel like I know exactly how he was,” she went on to say.

Did Elvis ever sing If I Can Dream in concert?

“If I Can Dream” was featured at the end of Elvis’ Singer Special (later known as the ’68 Special) on December 3, 1968. … And be sure to join us this August for Elvis Week 2018, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Elvis’ legendary ’68 Special with concerts, panels and more.

Did Elvis have perfect pitch?

Despite Elvis’ remarkable ability as an entertainer, and a stage persona that goes untouched, he did not have perfect pitch. He did, however posess a very broad vocal range spanning about 3 octaves.

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Was Elvis a good guitarist?

He owned many more, and much nicer, guitars during his career, and used many prop guitars in his movies. The guitar is the instrument most associated with Elvis, and while he was a good player, he wasn’t a virtuoso.

Is blinded by the light a true story?

That is the true story of Blinded By The Light, a film based on Sarfraz Manzoor’s autobiographical novel, Greetings From Bury Park. In it, Manzoor describes growing up and struggling to find his place in the world, only to become inspired by Springsteen’s lyrics to begin writing his own poetry and other works.

Is blinded by the light a remake?

“Blinded by the Light” is a song written and originally recorded by Bruce Springsteen, although it is mostly known by its 1976 #1 hit version recorded by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Mann’s remake was released in the United Kingdom in August 1976, where it reached No. 6 in the BMRB charts.

Who was blinded by the light based on?

journalist Sarfraz Manzoor
Blinded by the Light (also known as Music of My Life) is a 2019 British comedy-drama film directed by Gurinder Chadha. It was inspired by the life of journalist Sarfraz Manzoor and his love of the works of Bruce Springsteen.

What do the lyrics Revved up like a deuce mean?

Actually the song was written by Bruce Springsteen. “Revved up like a deuce” is referring to being excited in a manner similar to way “32 Ford Coupe (A deuce coupe) motor would be.

How much is Bruce Springsteen worth?

Bruce Springsteen: $81 million.

Willie Nelson – Always On My Mind

Brenda Lee – Always on my mind.

Elvis Presley with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra: Always On My Mind (HD)

Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Mind

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