what to say back to k

What To Say Back To K?

Usually you don’t have to respond at all. Whether you spell it okay, OK, 10-4, or just K, it means the same thing: it means the person you just spoke to heard you and agrees. It’s a positive response. The great response to K is to say nothing and be happy that things are going okay.

Is replying with K rude?

Usually, no, it’s not rude. Especially with texting short answers are permissible, even desirable. It could even be seen as polite.

Should I respond with K?

One letter. … According to the first page of Google results about ‘texting K’, society views receiving this message as akin to a one-letter insult. It’s seen as something that we send when we’re mad, frustrated, or otherwise want to put an end to a conversation. “K” is rude, dismissive, or cold.

How do you respond back to a text?

If you’re responding to a message from another person, give them a true response that is at least a sentence or 2 long. Sometimes, it’s perfectly acceptable to respond with “OK” if it makes sense in the context. But avoid the “K” reply, which can feel terse and rude.

What does it mean when a girl responds with K?

When a girl says, “K,” it means she’s upset with you. It’s notorious how “K” is used as a means of expression for anger and frustration. When a girl says K, she has had enough and can’t talk about it anymore. … When she says K, she is telling you that she’s not going to partake in the argument and frustration.

What is K slang for?

K means “Okay” and “Kids.” The abbreviation K is typically used as a way of shortening the abbreviation “OK” (meaning “Okay”) still further. As with “Okay,” the use of K indicates acceptance, agreement, approval, or acknowledgment. However, it may sometimes be interpreted as lacking enthusiasm.

What does 3 Y’s mean?

It is a greeting sound used to get attention, and an invitation to begin a conversation. The repeated y’s are indicitave of a vocal tonal shift where the pitch of the voice is modified approximately as often as the number of y’s.

What does Okkkk mean?

Okkk: I’m rather happy, or excited. You either helped me out, I’m waiting for you to tell me something(so I want to show enthusiasm) or we’ve made plans. Okay: standard. I use this most of the time. Normal mood.

Is K passive aggressive?

“K.” A capital “K” teeters between passive aggressive and just plain, vanilla aggressive. This person is mad at you, but not willing to talk about why. You did something.

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What does OK mean from a guy?

Did you receive a text from a guy saying “OK” and sat there lifeless wondering what it means? Chances are, it means: OK. Yes, to whatever you said, where ever you wanted to go tonight, and however you wanted to get there.

How do you respond to a dry text?

Here are some dry replies:
  1. haha.
  2. lmao.
  3. lol.
  4. sure.
  5. yea/yeah.
  6. okay/kay/k.
  7. mmhm.
  8. hmm.

How do you respond to hi?

How to Respond when someone Says “Hi” — 14 Best Ways
  1. “Hey!” (Yes, you can respond in kind!) To respond to “Hey!” with your own “Hey!” is most appropriate when you know the person to whom you’re responding. …
  2. “Hello!” …
  3. “Hi” or “Hi there!” …
  4. “Hey! …
  5. “What’s up?” …
  6. “What’s happening?” …
  7. “How goes it?” …
  8. “How are you?”

What do you reply to you’re cute?

5 ways on how to respond when someone calls you cute: When it’s a crush
  • 01“You must be looking at a mirror.” …
  • 02“Coming from you, that means a lot.” …
  • 03“I guess hanging out with you rubbed off on me.” …
  • 04“Sorry, you must have me mistaken for someone else. …
  • 05“I guess that makes two of us! …
  • 06“Thank you, I appreciate that.”

What is the difference between K and OK?

K is more informal, okay is formal, and ok just hangs inbetween the two. Usage. This one is completely simple. One would normally use ‘K’ in messaging, or when talking to close friends and family, it being a favourite of teenagers who don’t really have the patience to write three more letters.

Why do people say KK?

According to Urban Dictionary: “Importantly, using ‘kk’ instead of ‘Okay’ avoids any suggestion of sarcasm or doubt. There are lots of ways of inflecting Okay. kk is just pure acknowledgement; your message is received.

what to say back to k
what to say back to k

What does K mean in social media?

What does “K” or “M” behind numbers mean? On the Internet, 1K is used to represent 1 thousand and 10K is used to represent 10 thousand, similarly, 1M is used to represent 1 million.

What if a girl says aww?

‘Awww’ means someone finds what you said charming or sweet or nice or cute or adorable or dear.

What if a girl says Okayyy?

When someone is nagging you about something and you want them to be done talking so you say okayyyy. okay with more y’s could be taken as rude and as if you’re trying to finish a conversation as quick as possible because either it’s boring you or you just simply don’t care.

What does it mean when a girl says goodnight first?

When a girl says goodnight first its either: She might be tired and wants to go to sleep. As much as she wants to talk to you but she just cares for the guy that its okay to end the convo and let him sleep first cause he might be working or may have class the next day.

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What does OK with 4 K’s mean?

But “caught in 4K” on TikTok literally just means “caught red-handed.”

What does it mean when a girl says Hellooo?

Hellooo. In an annoyed way as to either get attention or something else from someone.

How do you reply to a girl?

How do you end a text politely?

General strategies to end a text conversation politely
  1. Set realistic expectations early on. …
  2. Suggest a better time or way to talk. …
  3. Use reactions when you’re busy. …
  4. Wait for a good time to respond. …
  5. Explain late responses to avoid causing offense. …
  6. End the conversation on a high note. …
  7. Drop early hints that you need to go.

How do you end a text conversation without being rude?

If you want to end a text conversation or leave a group message without seeming rude, you have a few different options. If you politely excuse yourself, make plans to talk later, or say that you’re too busy to talk at the moment, you can end the conversation without hurting anyone’s feelings.

What is the best way to end a text conversation?

  1. I need to go now. It has been great chatting with you. Talk with you soon!
  2. I need to get back to work. This has been fun! Have a great day!
  3. I need to sign-off. I hope we can pickup again later. This has been fun!
  4. Work calls! I must go. Talk with you soon! …
  5. It’s been great hearing from you. I must go for now.

What does KK mean on Snapchat?

KK means “Okay.” The abbreviation KK is a short form of the expression “Okay,” used to acknowledge a message and indicate that it has been understood. KK is widely considered a safe or neutral way of acknowledging a message.

What does Yup mean from a guy?

It either means that he really isn’t listening to you and wants to end the conversation as quickly as possible, or, that he really has nothing to comment about what you are saying. OR, it could be that he can’t really relate to what you are saying. It could be anything, but it really depends on the situation at hand.

How do u know if a guy likes u by texting?

Until that day comes, here are a few ways to tell if someone likes you over text, according to experts.
  • They Reply Quickly. …
  • Their Texts Are Engaging. …
  • They Let You Know When They’ll Be Busy. …
  • They Apologize For Being Gone. …
  • They Start Saying “We” …
  • They Dish Out The Compliments. …
  • You Use Nicknames. …
  • They Start Using Heart Emojis.
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How can I be a fun Texter?

Keep your texts upbeat and fun.

Avoid using words repetitively. It’s hard to have an interesting conversation when you get the same old, monotone replies every time: “Lol”, “Ah”, “Wow”, “Oh”, etc. Try to mix it up a little bit to let the other person know you take an interest in what they have to say.

How can I spice up my texts?

Here are some proven ways to spice up your texting with your significant other:
  1. Audio messages. Record a short audio message. …
  2. Short video. …
  3. E-card. …
  4. Selfie. …
  5. Scenery shot. …
  6. Short poem. …
  7. Random Thought of Why You Care. …
  8. Link to an Article on Something You Know They Enjoy.

How do I text my crush?

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Texting Your Crush
  1. include fun photos with your messages.
  2. send those kinds of photos.
  3. make jokes. Funny is sexy.
  4. finish every text with “hahaha,” “hehe” or “lol.” This is NOT sexy.
  5. ditch gender rules.
  6. follow the “3-Day Rule” or anything like it.
  7. have fun with emojis.
  8. have TOO much fun with emojis.

How do you say hi to your crush?

Smile as you say hello and try to make eye contact, showing that you’re friendly and would like to talk some other time.
  1. For example, if you see your crush as you’re walking to your seat, say, “Hey, Adam!” with a smile and keep walking.
  2. Speak loudly and clear enough so that your crush hears you.

What do you say after HI in chat?

You say ‘hey‘ if it’s a friend or ‘hello’ if it’s an acquaintance/stranger. If you want to continue the conversation from there, say ‘How are you? ‘ If you don’t want to continue the conversation, just stay silent :D.

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