what to do with extra keychains

What To Do With Extra Keychains?

You can use them for: potted plant hanger or hummingbird feeder hanger (they will help change the facing when hung), you can use them for crafts, holding straps together a couple of them put together can help lengthen some things.

What do you do with too many keychains?

What Can You Do with Extra Keychains?
  1. Keep in Storage. Decorate a shoebox and store your extra keychains inside. …
  2. Rotate. Once a month, switch up which keychain is on your ring. …
  3. Decorate Your Spare. Why should your main set of keys get all the love? …
  4. Add to a Bag. …
  5. Create Wall Décor.

What can I do with keychain Collection?

What can you put on a keychain Besides keys?

  • USB keychain. Native Union. …
  • Bottle opener keychain. Amazon. …
  • Carabiner keychain. Amazon. …
  • Portable charger keychain. Amazon. …
  • Flashlight keychain. Huckberry. …
  • Compass keychain. Huckberry. …
  • Flash drive keychain. Amazon. …
  • Swiss army knife keychain. REI.

Is it bad to have a lot of keychains?

If you carry more than fourto eight keys on your key ring, you may damaging sensitive internal ignition switch parts. The weight of a heavy key chain can pull downward on the ignition key/steering lock, causing the barrels inside the lock to wear down.

Are heavy Keys bad for your ignition?

The weight of your keys can affect your starter. One or two keys. The weight of the key chain can wear out parts of the ignition called tumblers. A worn tumbler will no longer be able to engage and turn the ignition lock.

How much weight is too much for your ignition?

Most car experts believe that nine keys or less will not cause damage. While some will say that weight ignitions are able to withstand up to three pounds of weight while the car is at rest. There is no definite answer, but if the keys feel heavy while in the ignition remove some items from the keychain.

How do you organize keychains?

What is the purpose of a keychain?

Keychains are commonly used to promote businesses. A standard advertising keychain will carry the businesses name and contact information and often a logo. In the 1950s and 1960s, with the improvement of plastic manufacturing techniques, promotional items including keychains became unique.

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Where do you put the keychain on a backpack?

What is the most useful keychain?

The 30 Best Keychain EDC Items
  • The James Brand Halifax Keychain Multi-Tool. …
  • Gerber Shard Keychain Multi-Tool. …
  • ThruNite Ti3 XP-G2 Flashlight. …
  • KeySmart Key Organizer. …
  • PicoPen. …
  • The James Brand Holcombe Carabiner. …
  • Titanium Pocket Bit. …
  • Schrade Titanium Keychain Pry Tool.

What can you put on a lanyard Besides the keys?

Flashlight – Whether you’re working late or just dropped something behind your desk, adding a flashlight to your lanyard gives you the visibility you need. You can also add a whistle + light combo for extra security if you’re heading home (or into work) when it’s dark. 4.

What is the difference between keychain and keyring?

As nouns the difference between keychain and keyring

is that keychain is a chain or ring to which a key may be attached while keyring is a ring, normally of metal or plastic, for holding keys together.

How many keys is too many?

While there is no professional consensus on how many keys are too many, most experts agree that five or six keys should really be the max amount. An even better option is to have your ignition key on its own keyring to completely reduce the weight pressing down on the ignition.

How many ounces does a keychain weigh?

To ensure that a keychain is a benefit instead of a burden, it should weigh less than 5 ounces.

what to do with extra keychains
what to do with extra keychains

Do ignition keys wear out?

Through the wear and tear of everyday use, your key can slowly lose its shape. The edges will become dull or slightly rounded, and the key won’t lock into the ignition the way it should. Even allowing your keys to jangle around in your pockets can cause them to rub against each other and slowly lose their shape.

How much weight is too much for car keys?

Using the advice from auto pros and Google’s knowledge of key weights, we can safely say that anything over 2.7 ounces would be considered “excessive weight”. But, if you don’t feel like weighing your keyring (or if you’re like me and don’t have a small enough scale), just stick to the nine and under key rule.

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How many keys does the average person carry?

THE average person has nine keys on their keyring, but no idea what at least three are for, an esure insurance poll found. THE average person has nine keys on their keyring, but no idea what at least three are for, an esure insurance poll found.

How much does an acrylic keychain weigh?

Item Weight: 8.8 oz/ 252g.

How big should a keychain be?

Something you will want to keep in mind when creating your keychains is the size of it. From as small as 0.5 inches wide * 0.5 inches long; and as large as 3 inches wide * 3 inches long.

How much does a car key weigh?

The key fob weighs an astounding 3.80 ounces. (I used my kitchen scale to check. It’s the same weight as a kiwi, by the way.) It’s so heavy and so bulky, you never want to leave it in your pocket … which is exactly where remote entry and start key fobs should be.

How do you fix a bad ignition switch?

Where do you store extra keys?

  1. Under the Front Door Mat. PRO- Easy to access. CON- Easy for a thief to access.
  2. In a Junk Drawer. PRO- Safe and secure. …
  3. At a Freind’s House. PRO- Safe. …
  4. Inside a Fake Rock. PRO- Easy to access. …
  5. In a Storage Unit. PRO- Safe, secure, and someone is always on duty. …
  6. In Your Car. PRO- Safe, easy access.

How do you mark different keys?

Grab some nail polish and lets get started.
  1. Wrap the top of the key in yarn, like Crème de la Craft. …
  2. You can use nail polish to color code keys, as seen on A Bubbly Life. …
  3. Or use glitter polish to give it some sparkle, a la Ramshackle Glam. …
  4. Washi tape (like on Cinema & Spice) makes it easy.
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How do you make a key organizer?

Can we Gift keychains?

Keychains are a Versatile Gift

The sentiment behind a keychain can vary from person to person. It can be a personalized keychain or a cool keychain of a TV show you and your friends are love to binge watch.

Why do people carry so many keys?

The keys were just threaded through the strip — often, the piece would be the normal belt or thong used to hold other garments together. Early keys tended to be large. They were too big to be carried in pockets or pouches. As locks began to shrink in size, so too did the keys.

What should I keep in my keychain?

  • USB keychain. Native Union. …
  • Bottle opener keychain. Amazon. …
  • Carabiner keychain. Amazon. …
  • Portable charger keychain. Amazon. …
  • Flashlight keychain. Huckberry. …
  • Compass keychain. Huckberry. …
  • Flash drive keychain. Amazon. …
  • Swiss army knife keychain. REI.

How do I use ITA bag keychain?

How do you hang a bag on a keychain?

How do you use a keychain ring?

Press the edge of the coin against the key ring at a 45 degree angle, near where it opens; the coin will slide under part of the key ring, lifting the end up. – Apply pressure to the coin so that it lifts up the end of the key ring enough to slide the key on. Then slide the key on.

What is the thing you put your keys on called?

It’s the lock cylinder, and it turns the ignition switch.

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