what to do in willmar mn

What is there to do in Willmar MN today?

8 Fun Things To Do In Willmar, MN
  • Sibley State Park. …
  • Dorothy A. …
  • Glacial Lakes State Trail. …
  • Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center. …
  • The Barn Theatre. …
  • Willmar Destination Playground. …
  • Willmar Civic Center & Blue Line Club. …
  • Kandiyohi County Historical Society and Museum.

What is open in Willmar MN?

Current Dining Options
Name Take-Out/Drive-Thru Delivery
1000 Degrees Pizza Yes No
A & W Restaurant Yes No
Alley on Ash Yes No
Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar Yes Door Dash

Is Willmar MN Safe?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Willmar is 1 in 31. Based on FBI crime data, Willmar is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Minnesota, Willmar has a crime rate that is higher than 91% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

What is Kandiyohi known for?

Kandiyohi is located 4 miles east of Willmar on Highway 12. … Kandiyohi has several businesses, one of its most popular that draws customers from all over Minnesota is Wick’s Meat Shoppe. Wick’s began in 1967 and was founded by Dean Wick. Throughout the years, Wick’s has won many state area awards for its meat.

What is Willmar Minnesota known for?

Willmar was established as the county seat in 1871 and was incorporated as a village in 1874 and as a city in 1901. Willmar was the site of The Great Willmar, Minnesota Raid, a famous bank robbery by the Machine Gun Kelly gang on July 15, 1930.

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What stores are in the Kandi Mall in Willmar MN?

Directory of Kandi Mall stores:
  • Andrea’s Boutique. 320-262-5544. Angel Nails. …
  • Apres Soleil Tanning Salon. 320-214-1532. Hair Salon. …
  • Book World. 320-214-0555. …
  • Chen Garden Hibachi & Sushi Restaurant. 320-222-6889. …
  • Claire’s. 320-235-6752. …
  • Dunham’s Sports. 320-235-1666. …
  • Foot Locker. 320-235-5696. …
  • GNC General Nutrition Center. 320-235-1861.

How many lakes are in Kandiyohi?

360 lakes
If lake life is your dream, then Kandiyohi County is your dream come true. With 360 lakes, the fishing, swimming and boating opportunities are endless. Whether you want to live on the lake or just go play for a day, Kandiyohi County has the perfect spot.

How did Kandiyohi get its name?

Kandiyohi was derived from a Sioux name meaning “where the buffalo fish come from”.

What does the word Kandiyohi mean?

where the buffalo fish come
History. Kandiyohi County is named for a Dakota word meaning “where the buffalo fish come”. (kandi’ – the buffalo fish + oh-hi’-yu – v. of hiyu – to come through).

What was Willmar MN named after?

In 1870, Leon (Chadwick) Willmar, a Belgian acting as an agent for the European bondholder of the St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, purchased the title to Section 1 of Willmar Township. Willmar was established as the county seat in 1871 and was incorporated as a village in 1874 and as a city in 1901.

How big is Willmar?

40.02 km²

When was Willmar Senior High School built?

The Senior High had the biggest price tag among the existing buildings, about $12 million total. In addition to the gym expansions, the work included pool dehumidification, roof replacement and numerous building improvements. The school was built in the mid-90s and hadn’t had many updates, Pilarski said.

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What county is Spicer Mn in?

Kandiyohi County

What county is Willmar MN in?

Kandiyohi County

What county is Renville MN in?

Renville County

what to do in willmar mn
what to do in willmar mn

What county is Kandiyohi Mn in?

Kandiyohi County

What is the county seat of Kandiyohi County MN?


What county is Wilmar?

Drew County

What is Willmar zip code?


How do you spell Willmar MN?

Willmar, city, seat (1871) of Kandiyohi county, southwest-central Minnesota, U.S. It is situated on Foot and Willmar lakes, in a lake region about 60 miles (95 km) southwest of St.

What county is Windom MN in?

Cottonwood County is located in the southwestern part of the state of Minnesota. Our current population is 12,167 with an area of 636 square miles. Our county seat is the city of Windom. Cottonwood County was organized July 29, 1870.

What county is Winona MN in?

Winona County

What county is Hutchinson MN in?

McLeod County

What county is New London MN?

New London/Counties
The City of New London is located in Kandiyohi County on the shores of the Middle Fork of the Crow River. Our population from the 2010 census was 1,251. New London, Minnesota is the oldest town in Kandiyohi County.

Who was Renville MN named after?

Joseph Renville
The city and county of Renville were named for Joseph Renville, a man of French and Dakota descent who had extensive knowledge of the wilderness and served as a guide for many expeditions. Renville founded Fort Renville and served as a captain during the War of 1812.

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How big is Renville?

3.42 km²

What county is Olivia Minnesota in?

Renville County

What county is Paynesville Mn in?

Stearns County

What is the area code for Willmar MN?

Area code 320

What is the zip code for Litchfield Minnesota?


How big is Windom?

11.03 km²

What river runs thru Windom MN?

Des Moines River
The Des Moines River flows through Windom and serves as a gentle, rapid-free canoeing spot.

Windom, Minnesota.
• Water 0.16 sq mi (0.42 km2)
Elevation 1,362 ft (415 m)
Population (2010)
• Total 4,646

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