what to do in hawaii when it rains

What To Do In Hawaii When It Rains?

6 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Hawaii
  • Visit Museums and Galleries. Honolulu Museum of Art, Oahu. …
  • Have an Indoor Adventure. Photo: Imiloa Astronomy Center. …
  • Get Above the Clouds. Just outside the Haleakalā Visitor’s Center. …
  • Seek Sun on the Drier Sides of the Islands. …
  • Go Shopping! …
  • Consider the Showers a Blessing.

Is Hawaii still fun in the rain?

Hawaii is blessed with pleasant weather virtually year-round. … But while temperatures generally hover between the mid 70s to mid 80s, it still does rain in Hawaii and sometimes the weather can go from sunny skies to torrential downpour in a minute—and then back again.

What is the rainiest month in Hawaii?

November and March are the two wettest months in Hawaii.

What to do in Hawaii when it rains big island?

11 Things to Do on Hawaii Big Island When it Rains
  • Hulihee Palace.
  • Kanaloa Octopus Farm.
  • Big Island Candies.
  • Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm.
  • The H.N. Greenwell Store Museum.
  • Kona Wine Market.
  • Ola Brew Co.
  • The Vanillerie.

When it rains in Hawaii is it all day?

Hawaii is incredibly lush. There is a reason for that; it is raining every day somewhere on the islands. That’s a given. Even though the sun is shining very brightly and the rest of the sky is blue – there might be a rain cloud up over the mountains, dumping large amounts of rain on it.

Can you surf in the rain in Hawaii?

Can you surf in the rain? Yes, you can, as long as you don’t spot a storm on the horizon or a high chance of lightning.

What can you do in Honolulu when it rains?

10 Best Things to Do in Honolulu When it Rains
  • Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center.
  • Hawaii State Art Museum.
  • Ala Moana Shopping Center.
  • Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum.
  • Honolulu Museum of Art.
  • Bishop Museum.
  • Hawaii Theatre.
  • Movie Museum.

What should I avoid in Hawaii?

Things you should never do in Hawaii
  • Don’t touch the turtles in Hawaii. …
  • Don’t touch the dolphins and monk seals. …
  • Don’t touch the coral in Hawaii. …
  • Don’t wear sunscreen that isn’t reef-safe. …
  • Don’t call everyone “Hawaiian” in Hawaii. …
  • Don’t underestimate the power of the sun in Hawaii. …
  • Don’t skip the car rental in Hawaii.

Is there a bad month to go to Hawaii?

Fortunately, Hawaii is incredibly pleasant throughout the year so there is no ‘bad’ time to visit. Temperature-wise, April, May, September and October are probably the most enjoyable times to visit (which luckily coincides with some good travel deals).

What are the worst months to go to Hawaii?

December is the worst month to visit Hawaii. Hawaii experiences a spike in visitors from mid-December to New Year, resulting in high accommodation, plane tickets, and rental car costs. December is also the wettest month of the year as temperatures cool across the Hawaiian islands.

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How do people like rain in Hawaii?

6 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Hawaii
  1. Visit Museums and Galleries. Honolulu Museum of Art, Oahu. …
  2. Have an Indoor Adventure. Photo: Imiloa Astronomy Center. …
  3. Get Above the Clouds. Just outside the Haleakalā Visitor’s Center. …
  4. Seek Sun on the Drier Sides of the Islands. …
  5. Go Shopping! …
  6. Consider the Showers a Blessing.

What is there to do in Maui when it rains?

Best things to do when it rains on Maui
  • Visit the Maui Ocean Center. …
  • Go Rainbow Spotting from your Lanai. …
  • Browse Art Galleries. …
  • Glassblowing Classes at Moana Glass. …
  • See a Show. …
  • Have a Cocktail & Amazing Meal. …
  • Book a Spa Treatment. …
  • Take a Drive.

What is the best time of year to visit the Big Island of Hawaii?

The best time to visit Hawaii’s Big Island is between September and November. That’s when the island’s generally reasonable room rates take the most significant plunge.

What is the driest month in Hawaii?

– Overall June is the driest month in Hawaii, while December is the wettest month. – When we plotted this data, the uptick in rain from February to March was surprising.

Why does Hawaii get so much rain?

The islands receive most rainfall from the trade winds on their north and east flanks (the windward side) as a result of orographic precipitation. Coastal areas are drier, especially the south and west side or leeward sides. The Hawaiian Islands receive most of their precipitation from October to April.

what to do in hawaii when it rains
what to do in hawaii when it rains

How bad is the humidity in Hawaii?

Humidity may vary slightly on a daily basis, with an average of 63% humidity in Honolulu, and between varying climate zones and elevation. Hawaii is a surfer’s paradise, with some of the biggest waves and cleanest barrels in the world.

Is it safe to swim in the ocean after it rains?

A good rule of thumb is to wait 72 hours after it rains before going into the ocean. Some scientists recommend five days, especially if the beach is close to an area where the river or an outfall dumps into the ocean.

Is it bad to go to the beach after it rains?

The Department of Environmental Health recommends avoiding activities such as swimming, surfing, and diving for 72 hours after it rains. Research has shown that the risk of infection is the highest during and the day after rain, and declines to around normal levels after three days.

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Why you should not surf after rain?

The study found that surfing during or after wet weather exposes the body to higher chances of gastrointestinal illness (GI), i.e. pesky bacteria capable of causing cramps, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. … The study says: “Illness rates were highest when surfing during rain and the first day after the rain.

What to do when it is raining in Oahu?

10 Best Things to Do in Oahu When it Rains
  • Iolani Palace.
  • Pearl Harbour Aviation Museum.
  • Hawaii Army Museum Society.
  • Waikiki Aquarium.
  • Honolulu Museum of Art.
  • Bishop Museum.
  • Diamond Head Theatre.
  • Ala Moana Center.

Is Manoa Falls hike open?

The trail is open from sunrise to sunset, but it’s highly recommended that you don’t start the hike after 5:30 p.m.

What island is north shore on in Hawaii?

The North Shore of Oahu encompasses the 17-mile north-facing coastal area between Ka’ena Point in the west and eastward to Kahuku Point. Famous for its surfing, snorkeling, and of course the fifty-one beaches that stretch for more than 11 miles along this incredible expanse of Oahu coastline.

How do you respect Native Hawaiians?

Always ask questions and permission

The best way to respect the Hawaiian culture is to ask! If you’re not sure about anything, such as where to go or what to wear, you can never go wrong by asking a local.

Why is sand from Hawaii illegal?

In Hawaii, taking sand has been prohibited since 2013, when the Hawaii State Legislature put the law in effect. This was predominantly in response to tourists taking large quantities of sand from their black sand beaches, like Punaluʻu Beach.

What is illegal to do in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, it is illegal to touch, pick up, disturb, kill, or harm any type of sea turtle thanks to its status as an endangered species. Harming a sea turtle can result in a fine of up to $25,000 and time in prison. So if you see one, be sure to show your aloha from a safe distance. Don’t Text in a Crosswalk.

Are Hawaii expensive?

That being said, it’s no secret why Honolulu is often ranked in the Top 3 Most Expensive Cities in the U.S. According to a study by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center in 2019, Hawaii has the highest cost of living in the nation with an index of 191.8.

What is Hawaii Golden Week?

In a “normal year,” this would be a busy week for Japanese tourists visiting Hawai’i. It’s the middle of “Golden Week”—a series of holidays that usually makes it a popular time for travel.

Is going to Hawaii worth it?

If you’re willing to hop in your car in the morning and do lots of exploring and really want to see some incredible things you can’t see anywhere else in the world, then Hawaii is definitely worth it!

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What is the prettiest beach in Hawaii?

Here are some of Travel + Leisure’s favorite beaches where you can get a slice of that true Hawaiian paradise.
  • Waikiki Beach, Oahu. Waikiki. …
  • Ko Olina Beach, Oahu. Ko’Olina Oahu. …
  • Waimea Bay Beach Park, Oahu. …
  • Polihale State Park, Kauai. …
  • Hanalei Bay, Kauai. …
  • Poipu Beach Park, Kauai. …
  • Kalapaki Beach, Kauai. …
  • Kalihiwai Beach, Kauai.

What is the cheapest time of year to visit Hawaii?

When is the Cheapest Time to Visit Hawaii
  • The Fall. September through the first two weeks of December are the off-peak or “low season” in Hawaii. …
  • April and May. The months between the end of the winter rainy season and the start of summer offer great prices and fantastic weather.

Which month is cheapest to fly to Hawaii?

Flights to Hawaii are generally at their most expensive from mid-December through mid-April. In 2019, Skyscanner estimated that flights would be cheapest in January and September and most expensive in June and December. For extra savings, keep an eye out for flight deals from airlines like Southwest.

Is Hawaii always cloudy?

It rains almost every day in Hawaii. And it is sunny almost every day in Hawaii. The amount of rainfall and sunshine an area gets in the islands has to do with the location itself. Towns on the windward side of the islands tend to get rain frequently, while the leeward side of the island is generally dryer and sunny.

What do you wear to the beach when its raining?

Rain Suits and Boots.

This will help to keep your kids dryer, warmer and it will prevent all that wet sand from sticking to every crevice of their body. Psst, don’t forget to you set yourself up with a rain suit/jacket of your own.

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