what time does target field open

What Time Does Target Field Open?

Gate Times/Locations

Target Field gates open for admittance 1.5 hours prior to the first pitch for Monday-Thursday games, and 2.0 hours prior to the first pitch for Friday-Sunday games.

Can I bring an empty water bottle to Target Field?

Outside food isn’t allowed inside Target Field, except for necessary medical supplies. One factory-sealed or empty water bottle 32 oz. or less is permitted.

Do you need to wear a mask at Target Field?

Guests at Target Field are NOT required to wear face coverings while in outdoor areas of the ballpark. Guests are strongly encouraged, but not required, to wear face coverings while inside the ballpark’s indoor locations, except when actively eating or drinking.

Can you walk around Target Field?

The Cedar Lake Trail provides bike and pedestrian access to Target Field. This popular trail features a pedestrian lane and two separate one-way lanes for bike traffic. It runs from downtown Minneapolis and connects to other popular bike and pedestrian trails in the city and western suburbs.

Are Vapes allowed in Target Field?

No, you cannot vape at Target Field. Electronic cigarettes are subject to the same restrictions as tobacco use (see above).

What is the best food at Target Field?

Best Place to Eat at Target Field 2021
  • Right across from Kramarczuk’s is the new Jack Daniel’s bar which is a part of the Gate 34 experience. …
  • For our final stop of the game, we doubled down on Pizza Lucé and Red Cow! …
  • The Lucé meat lovers slice was such a treat.

Where is truly on deck at Target Field?

Truly On Deck is located on the Club Level in right field.

Can I bring a backpack to Target Field?

Bag Policy

Single-compartment bags (maximum size of 16”x16”x8”) are allowed into Target Field. … Backpacks, multi-compartment laptop bags, duffel bags or any bags over the size requirement are not allowed into the ballpark.

Can I use cash at Target Field?

Keep in mind that cash is not currently accepted at Target Field. However, if cash is all you happen to have to pay for anything within the ballpark, they do have machines that allow you to enter your cash in exchange for a debit card that will be accepted, although fees do apply.

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How much is a hot dog at Target Field?

Not to be a downer, but a regular footlong hot dog costs $7.50 at Target Field.

What food is Target Field known for?

Classic Target Field Food Choices
  • Classic Food: Hot dogs, polish sausages, burgers, bratwurst, popcorn, pretzels, nachos, and more throughout the ballpark’s concession stands.
  • Soul Bowl: Collard greens, mac and cheese, French Fries, jerk chicken sandwiches, and more out in section 120.

Is it safe to go to Target Field?

PAUL, MN (Valley News Live) – The Minnesota Twins announced today that, effective immediately, all guests at Target Field are strongly encouraged, but not required, to wear face coverings while in the ballpark’s outdoor spaces, except when actively eating or drinking.

Where do the Minnesota Twins play?

Minnesota, United States

How much is a suite at a Twins game?

How much do Minnesota Twins suites cost?
Low Range Location High Range
$3,500 Premier Suites suite level $7,000
$4,000 Puckett Suites behind home plate on suite level $8,000
$5,000 Private Event Suites first base side on club level $10,000
$5,000 Skyline SUites third base side on suite level $15,000

Can you tailgate at Target Field?

Tailgating at Target Field is not permitted. Any tailgating usually occurs in the Warehouse district, an area that is still within eyesight of the stadium. The city has dedicated the northeast portion of downtown as a tailgate-friendly zone.

what time does target field open
what time does target field open

Can you buy Twins tickets at Target Field?

Delivering their fans an affordable way to come together and enjoy summer fun at Target Field, the Minnesota Twins today announced a limited-time offer to purchase $5 tickets for each of the club’s final 58 home games from May 24 through the end of the regular season.

Does Target Field have Dippin Dots?

Main Concourse. Dippin Dots and Hot Beverages, Sections 108, 117: Selling liquid nitrogen flash-frozen Dippin Dots, along with cotton candy, coffee and hot chocolate available seasonally.

How do you pay for food at Target Field?

Upon returning to Target Field, Twins fans will be able to open the MLB Ballpark app, use the mobile ordering function to select their desired food and drink (or Twins gear), and complete payment via their personal mobile wallet – all from their mobile device, and without leaving their seat.

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How much is a beer at Target Field?

Domestic draft beers: $8.50/$9.50. Premium draft beers: $10/$11. Super premium draft beers: $11.50. Canned beers: $8.50 to $13.50.

What is there to eat at the Twins game?

Anyone can head up there and find: Andrew Zimmern’s KFC*, Hot Indian vegan channa masala, Soul Bowl MPLS mac & cheese, Ike’s Tavern burger, the Blue Door Pub’s Cease & Desist burger*, Murray’s Steak Sandwich, and Tony O’s Cuban Sandwich.

Is it safe to go to a Twins game?

Never had any problems. If you use some common sense it is perfectly safe to go to Twins games. Why are people acting like Minneapolis suddenly is experiencing crime?

Are umbrellas allowed at Target Field?

A: Small umbrellas are permitted inside Target Field so long as their use does not block the view for other guests. Golf umbrellas are not allowed.

How many seats does Target Field have?


Can you watch Twins batting practice?

Once again for 2022, all Season Ticket Holders can enter Target Field early to watch Twins batting practice on select Monday through Thursday evening home games.

How long do Twins games usually last?

The average 9 inning Twins game this season has lasted a shade over 3 hours, 9 minutes. Their last 10 games have all been at least three hours. For the season, they’ve only played 40 games in less than three hours — and 97 have lasted three hours or more (including 93 that finished in 9 innings).

What is there to do around Target Field?

Best Family Activities Near Target Field
  • Nickelodeon Universe. Mall of America. …
  • The Depot. 225 Third Ave. …
  • Mill City Museum. 704 South Second St. …
  • Magical History Tour. St. …
  • Historic Fort Snelling. 200 Tower Ave. …
  • Minneapolis Central Library. 300 Nicollet Mall. …
  • Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. …
  • Underwater Adventures Aquarium.
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Is there non alcoholic beer at Target Field?

Rounding out the beer list is Landshark, Guiness, Heineken, Heineken Light, Stella, Corona, Dos Equis, Samuel Adams and Amstel Light. Non-beer alcohol fare is also available in the form of Bacardi Mojito, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, wine and mixed drinks.

What beers are sold at Target Field?

At the start of the season, Target Field will have a heavy focus on packaged beer offerings and the new space will serve 16oz cans of Summit Extra Pale Ale, Summit Sága IPA, Summit Slugfest Juicy IPA and soon to be available Summit Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lime.

Where is the best place to park for a Twins game?

Minnesota Twins Parking near Target Field
Parking Service Approximate Rate Address
Self-Parking Garage $14.22 241 N. 5th Ave.
Mayo Clinic Self-Parking $13.00 34 N. 7th St
Uncovered Marq 9 Lot $11.55 900 Marquette Ave.
Uncovered Orpheum Lot $10.50 1000 Hennepin Ave.

Do you need a mask at Twins game?

PAUL, MN (Valley News Live) – The Minnesota Twins announced today that, effective immediately, all guests at Target Field are strongly encouraged, but not required, to wear face coverings while in the ballpark’s outdoor spaces, except when actively eating or drinking.

How much is a beer at the Twins stadium?

Beer and Minnesota Brews
Item Sections/Portables Price
Canned Beer Sections: 116, 126, 210, 223 Varies
Canned Truly Seltzer Most Stands and Portables $15.00
Draft – Anheuser Busch beers Most Concession Stands $11.50
Draft – Summit Sections: 110, 304, Home Run Porch $13.00

Who plays Target Field?

Minnesota Twins
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