what is the weather like in nashville in march

How warm is it in Nashville in March?

March Weather in Nashville Tennessee, United States. Daily high temperatures increase by 9°F, from 57°F to 67°F, rarely falling below 41°F or exceeding 80°F. Daily low temperatures increase by 8°F, from 38°F to 46°F, rarely falling below 25°F or exceeding 60°F.

Is March a good month for Nashville?

The spring months between March and May and the fall months of October and November are the best times to visit Nashville. The weather is pleasant and there are not the crowds that you’ll find during the summer. Room rates are at their lowest in winter, but are affordable during the spring and fall.

Is Nashville good to visit in March?

March in Nashville is the very beginning of spring, which is the perfect time to explore the city. We have provided a guide for walking tours in Nashville, which includes pay-what-you-like tours, self-guided tours, and paid small group tours.

Is Nashville cold in March?

Nashville in March tends to be variable with a mix of late winter and early spring weather ranging from cold to warm in a matter of just a few days. … Daytime high temperatures tend to average in the upper 50s F (14-15C) but warm up into the mid-60s F (17-19C) towards the end of the month.

How many days do you need to visit Nashville?

For a broad overview of downtown Nashville and the immediate surrounding, we typically recommend 2 or 3 full days, depending on your pace as a traveler. If you plan to visit sites outside of downtown, i.e. Belle Meade Plantation, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage or the town of Franklin, we recommend 4-5 full days.

What do people wear in Nashville in the spring?

Spring low average temperatures in Nashville range from the upper-30s to the mid-50s. Packing some grey jeans along with a leather jacket is the perfect combination for chilly Nashville nights and brisk Nashville days. And a prairie dress is perfect for warm afternoons later in the season or for nice dinners out.

What is the coldest month in Nashville?

Average Temperature in Nashville

The cold season lasts for 3.0 months, from November 28 to February 26, with an average daily high temperature below 56°F. The coldest month of the year in Nashville is January, with an average low of 32°F and high of 48°F.

What should I wear to Nashville?

What To Wear: Nashville is trendy but casual, so don’t go overboard unless you are feeling it. Recommended pieces include a versatile pair of jeans, flannel/plaid shirt for day, boots (not cowboy boots), neutral hat, leather jacket, fun dress and a great pair of sunnies.

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What’s the best time to visit Nashville?

The best time to visit Nashville is from April through October, when the warm weather brings this music city to life. Although December is quite charming with Christmas decorations at the Opryland Hotel and the Belle Meade Historic Site, winter is low season.

How far is Nashville from mountains?

Can I drive from Nashville to Great Smoky Mountains? Yes, the driving distance between Nashville to Great Smoky Mountains is 243 miles. It takes approximately 4h 38m to drive from Nashville to Great Smoky Mountains.

Is Dollywood close to Nashville?

Nashville is a three-hour drive from Dollywood, so we didn’t make it quite that far in our week in Tennessee. We did, however, manage to stumble out of the park gates and into the local town of Pigeon Forge. … But at Pigeon Forge, we found the stomach-churning ride was just beginning.

How far is Nashville from Graceland?

The distance between Nashville and Graceland is 199 miles. The road distance is 215.7 miles.

Does it snow in Tennessee in March?

March. Though visitors don’t often see as much snow during March, there’s still a chance of flurries. … 51 inches of snow! The average low temperature was 43 degrees, and the average high temperature was 61 degrees.

Is Nashville walkable?

Nashville is one of the least walkable cities in America, according to Walk Score’s 2011 ranking of U.S. cities. … Walk Score’s study considered the number of amenities in a neighborhood and their proximity to residents. The closer grocery stores, restaurants, banks, coffee shops, schools, etc.

Where do celebrities go in Nashville TN?

Best Places to Spot Celebrities in Nashville
  • Bluebird Cafe. …
  • Whole Foods in Green Hills. …
  • The Mall at Green Hills. …
  • Pancake Pantry. …
  • Clyde’s on Church Ping-Pong Bar. …
  • Franklin, TN. …
  • Bongo Java on Belmont Blvd. …
  • Pinewood Social.

what is the weather like in nashville in march
what is the weather like in nashville in march

Is it worth going to Nashville?

Being the artistic city that it is, Nashville offers visitors plenty of things to see and do. If you’re traveling solo or as a family, there are tons of museums, a lengthy list of places to shop and several honky-tonks for listening to and dancing to classic country songs.

What should I avoid in Nashville?

12 Things Everyone In Nashville Should Avoid At All Costs
  • CMA Fest. Larry Darling – Flickr. …
  • Broadway after dark. Thomas Hawk – Flickr. …
  • Highway 24 at rush hour. …
  • Coffee shops at 11 a.m. …
  • Other drivers. …
  • Sunday morning church traffic. …
  • The raging ice cream lovers at Jeni’s. …
  • The massive crowds at Pancake Pantry.
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How do I not look like a tourist in Nashville?

Here are some easy ways NOT to look like a tourist.
  1. #1 – We Don’t All Wear Cowboy Boots. …
  2. #2 – Leave the Stetson at Home, Unless You’re Going to the Wild Horse Saloon. …
  3. #3 – Don’t Be Afraid of East Nashville. …
  4. #4 – Don’t Try to Speak Our Language… …
  5. #5 – Order Sweet Tea the Right Way.

What should I pack for Nashville?

Take the stress out of preparing for your trip by discovering what to pack for Nashville below.

Bring these clothing items to ensure a comfortable vacation:
  • Undergarments.
  • Pants.
  • Shorts.
  • Shirts.
  • Tank Tops.
  • Sweatshirts/Sweaters.
  • Pajamas.
  • Wool socks (winter)

What is the rainiest month in Nashville?

The driest month in Nashville is October with 2.87 inches of precipitation, and with 5.07 inches May is the wettest month.

Does Nashville TN get snow?

On average, Nashville gets 4.2 inches of snowfall a year, according to NWS data from the past 10 years. In 2021, Nashville recorded 5.2 inches of snow.

What is the wettest month in Nashville?

April is the wettest month of the year with 5.79 inches of rain. Nashville’s average high is 71 F and low is 48 F, with 4 inches of rain and an average of 16 days of total sunshine in April.

Does Nashville have good shopping?

Nashville is a prime destination for shoppers, along with foodies and aspiring country music stars. Whether you prefer a modern shopping mall, the chaos and unique finds of a flea market, or live for quaint shops set in historic buildings, you’ll find it here.

How long is the Nashville Pedal Tour?

You’ll be pedaling and drinking through the streets of Nashville for 90 minutes. Plan on just over 2 hours of your time to allow for checking in, loading and unloading after your tour.

How should I dress for the Grand Ole Opry?

Attire Wondering what to wear to the Grand Ole Opry? Just as the styles vary on the Opry stage, they do in the seats of the Opry House. You’ll see everything from faded jeans to business suits, cowboy hats to your Sunday best.

Is Nashville expensive?

Overall, the average cost of living in Nashville is about 3% lower than the U.S. national average. (Though as the most popular city in the state, Nashville is roughly 7% more expensive to live in than the rest of Tennessee.) Housing prices are 9% lower than the nation’s average, and utility expenses are 10% lower.

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Do you need a car to get around in Nashville?

Nashville gets more walkable by the day, with many neighborhoods holding enough attractions, restaurants, and activities that you may not need a car. The key to making this work is finding a neighborhood you want to explore and booking your lodging there, even if it costs a few more dollars.

What bars do country singers go to in Nashville?

Nashville’s country star bars: A quick guide
  • Blake Shelton’s Ole Red. …
  • Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar. …
  • Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row. …
  • Luke’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink. …
  • FGL House. …
  • Kid Rock’s Big A** Honky Tonk & Rock ‘n’ Roll Steakhouse. …
  • A.J.’s Good Time Bar. …
  • John Rich’s Redneck Riviera.

How far apart are Nashville and Gatlinburg?

Gatlinburg is an easy 222-mile drive from Nashville along I-40, and with some nice adventures along the way.

Which is better Nashville or Knoxville?

When it comes to Knoxville and Nashville, there’s no denying that the population increase and economic boom of Nashville has created a massive surge in the housing market that makes any comparison obviously lopsided. … Winner: Knoxville has the edge in affordability. Knoxville bests Nashville in overall affordability.

Are the Smoky Mountains in Nashville?

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP for short) is located 3.5 hours east of Nashville. There are primarily 3 areas of interest over there: the park itself, Gatlinburg, and Pigeon Forge (PF for short).

Do I have to wear a mask at Dollywood?

Following updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fully vaccinated guests can now visit Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country without wearing a mask or physically distancing.

Does Nashville have a theme park?

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – A new interactive story-driven theme park called Storyville Gardens that could be coming to Middle Tennessee will be filled with rides and will bring stories to life. … The experience includes 26 rides throughout the park ranging from indoor and outdoor rides and water experiences.

How is the Weather in Nashville Tennessee?

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