what is the meaning of infiltration

What do u mean by infiltration?

Infiltration is the process by which water on the ground surface enters the soil. It is commonly used in both hydrology and soil sciences. The infiltration capacity is defined as the maximum rate of infiltration.

What is another name of infiltration?

What is another word for infiltration?
penetration spreading
filtering inroad
percolation soakage
filtration impregnation
leakage permeation

What is infiltration in nursing?

Infiltration. Infiltration occurs when I.V. fluid or medications leak into the surrounding tissue. Infiltration can be caused by improper placement or dislodgment of the catheter. Patient movement can cause the catheter to slip out or through the blood vessel lumen.

What is infiltration in military?

An infiltration is a maneuver in which an attacking force conducts undetected movement through or into an area occupied by enemy forces to occupy a position of advantage while exposing only small elements to enemy defensive fires.

How do you use infiltration in a sentence?

the slow passage of a liquid through a filtering medium. (1) The police tried to prevent infiltration by drug traffickers. (2) Rainsplash washes elements downslope and reduces infiltration capacity by dispersing clay particles into the large interstices of the soil.

How do you use infiltrate in a sentence?

1) Police attempts to infiltrate neo-Nazi groups were largely unsuccessful. 2) A journalist managed to infiltrate the powerful drug cartel. 3) Troops repelled an attempt to infiltrate the south of the island. 4) A reporter tried to infiltrate into the prison.

What is extravasation and infiltration?

The difference between an infiltration and extravasation is the type of medicine or fluid that is leaked. Infiltration – if the fluid is a non-vesicant (does not irritate tissue), it is called an infiltration. Extravasation – if the fluid is a vesicant (a fluid that irritates tissue), it is called an extravasation.

How does extravasation occur?

Extravasation occurs when a vesicant drug leaks out of the vein and into the surrounding tissue. When this happens, a person will likely experience serious tissue damage, including ulceration and tissue death, if they do not receive treatment in time.

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What are vesicant drugs?

Vesicants: Drugs that can result in tissue necrosis or formation of blisters when accidentally infused into tissue surrounding a vein[14]. They include Actinomycin D, Dactinomycin, Daunorubicin, Doxorubicin, Epirubicin, Idarubicin, Mitomycin C, Vinblastine, Vindesine, Vincristine, and Vinorelbine.

How do you infiltrate the enemy?

In warfare, infiltration tactics involve small independent light infantry forces advancing into enemy rear areas, bypassing enemy frontline strongpoints, possibly isolating them for attack by follow-up troops with heavier weapons.

Who invented infiltration tactics?

General Oskar von Hutier
Infiltration tactics was an idea developed by General Oskar von Hutier in 1917. Instead of following Preliminary Bombardment with a massed infantry attack, small forces of experienced troops were sent forward to slip between enemy strong-points on the front-line.

What do you call someone who infiltrates?

espionage. noun. attempts to discover your enemy’s political, military, or industrial secrets using secret methods. Someone who does this is a spy.

What is a sentence for socialism?

Socialism sentence example. Socialism had become a political force in the land. His political and social ideas have had a great influence on the development of socialism in France. But in a world without scarcity, socialism can’t even exist.

What is phlebitis nursing?

PHLEBITIS, OR INFLAMMATION of the vein, can have many causes, including irritation of the vein by a foreign body or irritating medication, injury of the vessel wall from the catheter, or infection linked to bacterial contamination of the I.V. system.

What happens if IV missed vein?

If the catheter becomes dislodged or moves out of the vein, the fluid that was being infused through it could now leak into surrounding tissue. When that occurs, it is called an IV infiltration. An IV line can cause an infiltration without a nurse or doctor being negligent.

what is the meaning of infiltration
what is the meaning of infiltration

What is it called when an IV backs up?

Extravasation is the leakage of intravenously (IV) infused, and potentially damaging, medications into the extravascular tissue around the site of infusion.

What happens if blood infiltrates?

Permanent Nerve Damage

If an infiltration is severe enough, it can cause compartment syndrome and lead to nerve damage. While this is a less common complication, it can cause numbness, tingling, and even loss of function in the limb.

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What medications cause extravasation?

Examples of medications that can cause extravasation include: cytotoxic medications such as certain drugs used in chemotherapy; dyopamine; phenytoin (Dilantin); norepinephrine (Levophed) and phenylephrine (Neo-Synephrine).

What does extravasation look like?

Signs and symptoms of extravasation may include the patient’s report of pain or burning sensation at the site, possible blanching, redness and edema at the insertion site and surrounding tissue. There may also be cooler temperature at the site and absent backflow of blood.

Is propofol a vesicant?

This report recommends a judicious use of modified formulations of propofol, as any change in one of the components may alter the safety profile and physical characteristics (2,3), making a potentially innocuous drug a strong vesicant.

Is digoxin a vesicant?

We had reviewed 44 purported vesicants that the INS Vesicant Task Force did not review, 4 of which met our first criteria (digoxin, lipids, methylene blue, and phosphate salts) and 5 of which met our second criteria (conivaptan, dantrolene, diazepam, esmolol, and etomidate).

Is eribulin a vesicant?

Eribulin is not a vesicant or an irritant [15]; therefore, it may be administered through a peripheral or central venous line.

How do special forces infiltrate?

They may infiltrate by foot, used when the enemy does not have full view of his own lines, such that skilled soldiers can move through their own front lines and, as a small unit, penetrate those of the enemy. Such movement is most often by night.

What is envelopment in military?

Envelopment is a form of maneuver in which an attacking force seeks to avoid the principal enemy defenses by seizing objectives behind those defenses allowing the targeted enemy force to be destroyed in their current positions.

What are the characteristics of defense?


A feature of defensive battle is a striving to regain the initiative from the attacking enemy. The defending commander uses the characteristics of the defense—disruption, flexibility, mass and concentration, preparation, and security—to help accomplish that task.

Which soil has highest infiltration?

clayey soils
Depending on the amount and type of clay minerals, some clayey soils develop cracks from shrinkage as they become dry. The cracks are direct conduits for water to enter the soils. Thus, clayey soils can have a high infiltration rate when dry and a slow rate when moist (cracks close).

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How do you conduct reconnaissance?

2. Conducted a reconnaissance using the surveillance or vantage-point method. 3. Obtained and reported information about the terrain and enemy within the specified area.
  1. Estimate the situation. When the reconnaissance mission. …
  2. Plan details. …
  3. Assign subordinate missions. …
  4. Conduct an area reconnaissance and obtain.

What is it called when you spy on someone?

A person who commits espionage is called an espionage agent or spy.

Who is the spy word?

noun, plural spies. a person employed by a government to obtain secret information or intelligence about another, usually hostile, country, especially with reference to military or naval affairs.

What do spies do?

A spy (or intelligence officer), however, gathers information (usually in secret) about the activities or intentions of a rival government or group in support of national security.

What is the main difference between socialism and communism?

The main difference is that under communism, most property and economic resources are owned and controlled by the state (rather than individual citizens); under socialism, all citizens share equally in economic resources as allocated by a democratically-elected government.

Why is socialism bad for economy?

Disadvantages of socialism include slow economic growth, less entrepreneurial opportunity and competition, and a potential lack of motivation by individuals due to lesser rewards.

What exactly is Democratic Socialism?

Democratic socialism is defined as having a socialist economy in which the means of production are socially and collectively owned or controlled, alongside a liberal democratic political system of government. Democratic socialists reject most self-described socialist states and Marxism–Leninism.

Infiltration | Definition of infiltration

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What is the meaning of infiltration?

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