what is the matrix rating

What Is The Matrix Rating?


Is the Matrix ok for a 12 year old?

Although some of the plot is disturbing, and there are violent effects, it doesn’t take away the cool idea of the Matrix. … Not to mention The Matrix has a strong female character. I do recommend not watching with a child 9 or under though, and with a child 10-15 watching with a parent.

Is the matrix appropriate for 13 year olds?

The Matrix – R

“The Matrix” includes little language — less than most PG-13 fare — and is almost totally void of sex. … “The Matrix” is rated at a 14+ on OK.com and has an impressive critical rating of 91 percent. This is not a kids movie, but it’s also not worthy of the R rating it received.

Why matrix is rated R?

“The Matrix Resurrections” is officially rated R for violence and some language.

How many F words are in the Matrix?

Crude or Profane Language

We hear five f-words and some ten s-words in the foul language mix.

Why is matrix 18+?

Though it’s rated R for violence (some pretty gross, including an icky bug that enters the hero’s body through his belly button) and language, most teens 14 and up who are begging to see it should be able to handle it without a problem.

How many F words are in John Wick?

Profanity: There are 42 uses of sexual expletives, 11 scatological terms, and infrequent uses of mild profanities and terms of deity. Alcohol / Drug Use: Adult characters are occasionally seen drinking and smoking.

Is Matrix 4 rated R?

The Matrix ($467 million worldwide) was rated R in 1999 “for sci-fi violence and brief language.” The sequels ($742 million and $427 million both in 2003) nabbed R-ratings for “prolonged, intense violence, some bad language and a brief, sensual sex scene” and for “sci-fi violence and brief sexual content.” That Matrix …

Does the matrix have the F word?

The film’s profanity consists of nearly 20 “s” words as well as other words and phrases. Beyond that, the other categories have little or nothing in the way of major objectionable content.

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How did Titanic get a PG 13 rating?

Titanic is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for disaster related peril and violence, nudity, sensuality and brief language. … As well, suicide is contemplated and violent threats against life are made. The peril and trauma of the passengers on board the fated ship may also be disturbing to some viewers.

Can 12 year olds see R rated movie?

Children under age 17 requires an accompanying parent or guardian (age 21 or older) to attend R rated performances. 25 years and under must show ID for R rated performances.

Can a PG 13 movies say the F word?

The restrictions set by the US ratings board mean the F-word can only be used once in a PG-13 movie.

Does Netflix have the Matrix?

Watch The Matrix | Netflix.

What age rating is the Matrix 4?

The movie has been given an R-rating by the American Classification and Ratings Administration, putting it in line with the previous three films. For UK readers, this means that anyone under the age of 17 needs to go with an adult guardian or a parent to see the film in cinema. Warner Bros.

Is the Matrix scary?

There isn’t much that hasn’t been said about the sci-fi action masterpiece that is The Matrix. … While most moviegoers recall the stylish action sequences and cyberpunk aesthetics, there are actually quite a few moments of extreme terror and even body-horror in The Matrix.

what is the matrix rating
what is the matrix rating

Why is matrix so green?

Green was the major color used by the older consoles used by operating systems. Hence the tinge of green was used to represent events that happened inside the computer simulation called The Matrix. Green was the major color used by the older consoles used by operating systems.

Can kids watch Johnwick?

Parents need to know that John Wick is a brutally violent, frequently bloody thriller starring Keanu Reeves as an assassin. … And especially because so much of the violence is depicted in a stylized, semi-glamorized way, it’s best reserved for the oldest teens and adults.

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What age is R rating?

Restricted: R – Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Contains some adult material. Parents are urged to learn more about the film before taking their young children with them.

How old is rated R?

17 years old
You must be at least 17 years old or accompanied by a parent or guardian (age 21 or older) to view an R-rated movie. Additionally, children under the age of 6 will not be admitted to an R-rated film after 6:00pm.May 10, 2016

Is Matrix 4 real?

Production news. Just a few months after officially confirming the fourth installment of the franchise, Warner Bros. Pictures gave The Matrix Resurrections (as it’s unofficially being called) a release date of May 21, 2021. The release date was later moved to April 2, 2022, then changed again to December 21, 2021.

Why is Titanic PG-13 with nudity?

Why is Titanic (1997) a PG-13 movie if it has nudity in it? Short answer – because the ratings system is subjective and when the movie was released in 1997 it was seen an appropriate to give it a PG-13 rating in the US.

What Rated PG-13?

The M category was eventually changed to PG (parental guidance suggested), the R age limit was raised to 17 and on July 1, 1984, the PG-13 category was added to indicate film content with a “higher level of intensity.” According to the MPAA, the content of a PG-13 film “may be inappropriate for a children under 13

What age rating is Wolf of Wall Street?

Why is The Wolf of Wall Street rated R? The Wolf of Wall Street is rated R by the MPAA for sequences of strong sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use and language throughout, and for some violence.Jul 17, 2017

Is Halloween kills rated R?

Halloween Kills is rated R for strong bloody violence, grisly images, language and some drug use.

Can kids watch Deadpool?

Gory, profane, sexy superhero story great, but NOT for kids.

Can a 15 year old watch a PG-13 movie alone?

Anyone can go see a PG-13 movie. For R if you’re under 17 you must be with an adult, PG-13 has no restrictions.

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Which movie has the most cuss words?

1 The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

Depending on the source, there are an estimated 544-569 f-bombs in this instant classic starring the ever-versatile Leonardo DiCaprio and takes the top spot as the film with the most swear words.

How many F words are in the wolf of Wall Street?

506 f-word
The Leonardo DiCaprio-starrer ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ has 506 f-word expletives, according to the Guinness World Records. In total, the film has 687 expletives- an average of 3.81 swear words per minute.

How many F words are in an R rated movie?

The R rating is normally required if the film contains two utterances or if the word is used in a sexual context; however, there are exceptions to this rule. In some cases, filmmakers appealed the rating because their target audience might avoid an R-rated film.

Is the matrix on Disney+?

Keanu Reeves stars in an explosive sci-fi adventure about a man who comes to believe that his everyday world is the product of a computer-driven digital matrix that feeds on humans. Get Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+.Get all three.

Where can watch the Matrix?

The Matrix franchise is owned by Warner Bros., which means in order to stream the movies online you’re going to have to use their sister streaming service, HBO Max. There’s one other place to stream The Matrix movies online and that’s Hulu.

Will the matrix resurrections be rated R?

The Matrix Resurrections is rated R for violence and language.

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