what is tagline in wordpress

What Is Tagline In WordPress?

The WordPress tagline represents a short description of your entire website. Some people use the same tagline as the WordPress site title, while others set separate taglines to describe their websites more accurately. The WordPress tagline can be modified by accessing Settings and then General.Feb 11, 2019

What is a tagline on a website?

Taglines are 8-12 word phrases that explain the key benefits of your company. They can be set up as part of your logo, in photo captions, questions, bullet items or other small blocks of text on the site.

How do I get a tagline on WordPress?

Inserting a Tagline
  1. Log in to your WordPress website. …
  2. Select the file “header. …
  3. Click to position the cursor where you want the tagline to appear. …
  4. Type the following code where you want the tagline to appear:
  5. Scroll down and click the “Update File” button to begin displaying the tagline in your website’s header.

What should be my site tagline?

A tagline should be a description accompanying the title. It should be text. And the text should have the form of a slogan, something memorable that users can’t help but remember. It should look like a phrase that supports the title; hence it needs to “stay” next to the site title.

What is a SEO tagline?

The title is typically the name of your site, while the tagline is a short phrase or sentence underneath. … They can provide a preview of your site’s style and reinforce your branding. Search engines pay attention to titles and taglines, which makes them relevant for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How do I create a tagline for my website?

What is a tagline on a profile?

A personal tagline is part positive affirmation, part personal branding, and part elevator pitch. … Your tagline states what you expect from yourself and what others will experience from being around you. It’s the promise you make to yourself and how you’ll show up in the world.

How do I create a tagline for my blog?

Some blog tagline writing tips:
  1. Include the verbs in your blog taglines.
  2. Always use active voice over the passive one.
  3. Use power words like epic, mastering, expert, etc.
  4. Keep the title tag along with the tagline below for Google to show the blog tagline fully in SERPs.
  5. Make it attention grabbing.

How do I write the title of my WordPress site?

Here are things to think about when choosing yours:
  1. Keep it simple. Your site title should be straightforward and quickly tell readers what your site is about. …
  2. Be specific — but not wordy. …
  3. Pair words to create playful phrases. …
  4. Use common phrases, but with a twist. …
  5. Find material in quotes. …
  6. Listen to words.
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How do I change my tagline on WordPress?

Change Title and Tagline in WordPress
  1. Log into the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click Customize under Appearance.
  3. Click Site Identity.
  4. Update the fields as needed to change page title.
  5. Click Publish to save your changes.

How do I hide my tagline on WordPress?

All you do is navigate to Appearance > Theme Options and go to the general section. From here, there is an option to show/hide the site tagline. It is literally as simple as clicking the show/hide switch and saving your changes by clicking on Save Options at the bottom of the page.

How do you create a tagline?

Taglines are often overcomplicated and underwhelming. Here are 10 ways to make yours pop, courtesy of successful young entrepreneurs.
  1. Avoid the Marketing Meeting Effect. …
  2. Tell a Story. …
  3. Explain Your Offering. …
  4. Communicate With Clarity. …
  5. Describe Who You Are. …
  6. Require a Double Take. …
  7. Keep It Short and Simple. …
  8. Say Just Enough.

What is the SEO title in WordPress?

An SEO title in WordPress is the title that’s shown in the search engine results pages (SERPs) on Google and other search engines. It’s also referred to as the title tag, which means an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page.

What is the default WordPress tagline?

Just another WordPress site
The default WordPress tagline that sites get when they are created is “Just another WordPress site”. The WordPress tagline will show up on the search engine results page. Whenever people look for something and your blog matches their search, your tagline will be the complete text they see in the results.

What is the difference between headline and tagline?

Headlines are the headings for various communication channels (newspapers, magazines, etc.), while taglines are like slogans that sum up the vision behind your company/product/service.

what is tagline in wordpress
what is tagline in wordpress

How do you write a SEO tagline?

Tips On Good Taglines For SEO
  1. When starting a new site, just list you main keywords (i.e. your most important keyword for your homepage) in your tagline, separated with a comma. …
  2. Use text in your header tagline instead of a picture, if possible.

What is a good tagline for a portfolio?

Create An Original Tagline

Stay away from common phrases like “howdy,” “hi there,” and “welcome.” Instead, opt for a phrase that describes what you can do, and why you are better than your peers are.

What is a tagline example?

Examples of Imperative taglines are: Nike – Just Do It. Youtube – Broadcast Yourself. Coca-Cola – Open Happiness.

Where are taglines used?

As a variant of a branding slogan, taglines can be used in marketing materials and advertising. The idea behind the concept is to create a memorable dramatic phrase that will sum up the tone and premise of an audio/visual product, or to reinforce and strengthen the audience’s memory of a literary product.

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What is the best tagline?

The top advertising slogans of all time are:
  • Nike – Just Do It.
  • Apple – Think Different.
  • Wendy’s – Where’s the Beef?
  • Coca-Cola – Open Happiness.
  • L’Oreal – Because You’re Worth It.
  • M&Ms – Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands.
  • De Beers – A Diamond is Forever.
  • Wheaties – The Breakfast of Champions.

Do blogs need a tagline?

The short answer is no. You don’t. If you have a blog name that really describes your blog, then you could probably do without. BUT, a tagline isn’t really for your current readers, or even for you.

What is an article tagline?

The headline is the text indicating the nature of the article below it. So the headline is a page’s or post’s title. … In entertainment, a tagline (or tag line) is a small amount of text which serves to clarify a thought for, or designed with a form of, dramatic effect. [It’s a] variant of a branding slogan.

What is a tagline for a writer?

An author tagline is about defining what YOU offer as a writer. Think of a great author tagline as a motto or a professional objective that flourishes as your bibliography grows.

What is slug in WordPress?

In WordPress, the slug is the editable part of the URL of a page. Located at the very end of a URL, the slug most often contains keywords separated by hyphens. It may also contain the day, month, time, random numbers, the author name, and more, depending on the site’s permalinks structure.

How do you display a tagline if it is not displayed by default?

In case it is not displayed on your website by default, please navigate to Appearance > Editor. Open file static-logo. php from the list on the right. Make sure you have selected themeXXXXX files.

How do I change my site title and tagline in WordPress?

How to Edit Site Title in WordPress
  1. Go to “Themes” section and click “Customize.”
  2. Choose “Site title, tagline, and Logo” section or just press the title.
  3. Type in an edited title and tick the Display Header Text box.
  4. “Save changes” and restart the page.

How do I edit WordPress site description?

How to Change a WordPress Meta Description
  1. Launch your browser and log into your blog at WordPress.com.
  2. Click the “Settings” icon on the Dashboard panel to the left.
  3. Click the “General” menu item.
  4. Type your new description into the input box labeled “Tagline.”
  5. Click the “Save Changes” button to save your new Tagline.

How do I remove a tagline in Oceanwp theme?

If you want to remove the page header from ALL pages, posts and archives on the site you can do so via the Customizer at Appearance > Customize > General Options > Page Title and set the style to “Hidden”.

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How do I hide site titles in WordPress CSS?

Go to your My Site>Customize>Site Identity and remove the check mark next to Display Site Title and Tagline. Then click the Publish button at the top to make those changes go Live.

Is tagline and slogan the same?

Differences between taglines and slogans

A slogan is more advertising focused, and a tagline is more public relations focused, meaning slogans are used to sell an item and taglines raise awareness about the overall brand. Unlike slogans, taglines don’t tell customers what your company does.

Do I need a tagline?

So, do you need a slogan or tagline for your business? YES. Tag-lines (like slogans and mission statements) are a key part to managing a successful brand strategy. Help your business grow by creating your own tagline and use it in highly visible areas online and in print.

What are the types of taglines?

Without further ado, here’s a quick & dirty breakdown of the 5 most effective types of taglines:
  • Imperative. Imperative taglines usually begin with a verb and “command” users to take a specific action relevant to the brand’s mission, impact, or product. …
  • Descriptive. …
  • Superlative. …
  • Provocative. …
  • Specific.

What’s the difference between SEO title and SEO description?

The description tag is intended to be a short summary of the content found on the web page. While the title tag is very limited, a meta description gives you a bit more space to tell users what you’re offering, and it’s an opportunity to give them a compelling reason to click through to your page.

Is H1 same as title?

In HTML terms, a Title Tag is expressed as “title” and the H1 Tag is expressed as “h1”. Both serve as titles to describe what your webpage is about. Because both the Title Tag and the H1 Tag share the same broader purpose, it is easy to understand why people confuse them. … Title Tags DO NOT appear on the actual webpage!

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