what is faze apex real name

What Is Faze Apex Real Name?

Yousef Abdelfattah

What is FaZe rain real name?

Håvard Nygaard
Håvard Nygaard (born August 27, 1994) better known as rain, is a Norwegian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player for FaZe Clan.

Rain (gamer)
2016–present FaZe Clan

What is FaZe Jevs real name?

Jason Eugene
FaZe Jev real name? It’s Jason Eugene, and he has not yet revealed his last name to the public. A fan of games since he was little, FaZe Jev started his YouTube channel in 2009 as poketLWEWT.

How tall is Apex from FaZe?

Faze Apex is 5 feet 9 inches (1.8 meters) tall.

Is blaziken still in FaZe?

Though he has been a member of FaZe Clan since 2015, FaZe Blaze has revealed to fans that he was not invited to go along with his teammates. … He explains to viewers that he was simply told by FaZe Clan’s Head of Digital Marketing that he wouldn’t be living with the team anymore.

Was FaZe Teeqo born in IKEA?

His date of birth is October 24, 1993. This makes FaZe Teeqo age 25 years old as of January 2019. FaZe Teeqo was born and raised in Sweden.

Is FaZe JEV part of FaZe?

Jason Eugene (born: October 18, 1993 (1993-10-18) [age 28]), better known online as Jev, is an American YouTube gamer who widely is known for sniping in the popular game series, Call Of Duty, and is a member of the FaZe Clan. He’s best known for his comedy videos, rants, rages and commentary.

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Does FaZe JEV stream?

I stream Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and on Saturday we have community day in the ! Discord where we watch movies and play games together.

What is JEV short for?

Acronym Definition
JEV Japanese encephalitis virus
JEV Jesuit European Volunteers
JEV Joint European Ventures (EU)
JEV Joinville Eau Vive (France)

What is FaZe adapt’s name?

Alexander Hamilton Pinkevich
Personal Life. FaZe Adapt real name is Alexander Hamilton Pinkevich, or Prynkiewicz as it appears in some sources. He’s called Alex for short. He grew up in the Phoenix area with his dad Peter, his mom Nancy, and four sisters.

What is FaZe apex nationality?

Yousef Abdelfattah (born: June 20, 1996 [age 24]), better known online as FaZe Apex (formerly bananafone34), is a Palestinian-American YouTuber, and co-leader of gaming organization, FaZe Clan. His channel consists of reactions, vlogs, and primarily Fortnite content.

Who is the shortest FaZe member?

FaZe Bloo
FaZe Bloo on Twitter: “Officially the shortest member of FaZe” / Twitter.

Who is FaZe blaze ex?

FaZe Clan member Lucas ‘Blaze’ Mosing has explained why he and Instagram model Carrington Durham have broken up in a heartbreaking video.

Who is FaZe blazes girlfriend?

CARRINGTON (@carringtondurham) • Instagram photos and videos.

Where do FaZe members live?

Los Angeles, California, U.S.

what is faze apex real name
what is faze apex real name

What clan is Teeqo in?

the FaZe Clan
Teeqo is back in the FaZe Clan following his indefinite suspension from the organization due to his involvement in the SaveTheKids crypto pump-and-dump scandal that left FaZe Kay kicked from the org, and Teeqo, Jarvis, and Nikan all under suspension.Sep 10, 2021

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How old is FaZe Bloo?

age 23
Bloo (Garrett Underhill)
Birthday May 11, 1998 (age 23)
Residency NA North America
Team ⁠ ⁠FaZe Clan

Where is FaZe Apex now?

Along the way, he became a co-owner of Faze Clan, which now functions as part-streetwear brand, part-esports team and part-talent house.

What is FaZe Jevs PO box?

Jev. @FaZeJev. @CrossBloo. That’s the PO box address. It’s in the description for every vid.

How many FaZe members are there?

FaZe Clan has over 80 members, a mix of professional gamers, esports players, and content creators.

Does FaZe JEV have social media?

Jev (@FaZeJev) / Twitter.

How tall is FaZe JEV?

I am only 15 and I am 6′ 4″ 😂😂 Grow a little would ya?

Does JEV have an Instagram?

JEV (@jeanericvergne) • Instagram photos and videos.

Is JEV a real word?

Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) is a flavivirus related to dengue, yellow fever and West Nile viruses, and is spread by mosquitoes. … Safe and effective vaccines are available to prevent JE.

Is JEV a name?

Jev – Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

How old is Alex from FaZe?

Alexander Hamilton Prynkiewicz (born: June 5, 1997 (1997-06-05) [age 24]), better known online as FaZe Adapt (formerly AHDAPTING), is an American YouTuber and one of the directors of the Call of Duty YouTube channel and gaming organization FaZe Clan.

Why did FaZe censor leave FaZe?

Professional Call of Duty player and popular YouTuber Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has announced his departure from FaZe Clan to join New York City’s pro COD team. After being orgless for the entirety of the Black Ops 4 CWL season, Censor was clear about his intention is to compete again in Call of Duty esports once again.

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Who is the tallest in FaZe Clan?

FaZe Apex
FaZe Clan on Twitter: “FaZe Apex is the tallest person in FaZe Clan.

How do I contact FaZe apex?

Faze Clan Email Address
  1. @youtube.com.
  2. @gmail.com.

Does FaZe have absorber?

Absorber on Twitter: “I JOINED FAZE CLAN!” / Twitter.

Did FaZe Clan break up?

YouTuber FaZe Rug and Kaelyn have revealed in an emotional video that they’ve broken up, and this time it’s not a prank. … The pair have become hugely loved by their fanbase, frequently making videos together and even collaborating on pranks.

Who is Jarvis ex?

While many could feel insecure or jealous of Jarvis’ ex, model and social media star Sommer Ray, Hannah is not one of those people. In fact, it seems the two are actually pretty good friends. Hannah and Sommer have been in multiple videos together with FaZe Jarvis, and the three seem to have a great time together.


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