what is an abridged audiobook

What Is An Abridged Audiobook?

Simply put, an abridged audiobook is a shortened version of the full text. If done right, the themes, tones, and mood should all line up with the original text. Conversely, unabridged audiobooks consist of the full literary text, kept intact as originally published.Nov 14, 2019

Are abridged audiobooks good?

For that reason, abridged audiobooks lend themselves to audiences who love a story without ‘the fluff. ‘ Of course, to some, ‘the fluff’ is what makes a book great. For those people, perhaps the unabridged versions are more suited.

Why are audiobooks abridged?

Books are abridged in order to remove questionable content. … When you listen to an abridged version of a book, you are getting a version of the story, often with the permission of the author, that is shorter but just as engaging as the full version.

Is it better to read abridged or unabridged?

If you’re looking for a more concise, easy, and quick read, an abridged version can be a great option. But if you’d like to hear the book in its pure, original form, then an unabridged audiobook is the best choice.

Are audible books abridged?

No. Audible sells both abridged and unabridged audiobooks as well as a wide range of other audio programs. A complete catalog of unabridged titles can be viewed here. A complete catalog of abridged titles can be viewed here.

How do I know if my book is abridged?

Look for Abridged on the title page. If there is no indication, you can assume the book is unabridged. You’re more likely to find the term Unabridged applied to the audio book editions of a book to ensure listeners they’re getting the entire book as it was print published.

What do you mean by abridged?

Definition of abridged

: shortened or condensed especially by the omission of words or passages an abridged dictionary an abridged version/edition of a classic novel.

Are Collins Classics abridged?

The Collins Classics from Harper Collins are original and unabridged version of the original classics.

Is there an unabridged audiobook of Dune?

Whole Story Audio Books, publishers of unabridged audio books, have announced that for the first time Frank Herbert’s magnum opus is available to buy as a complete unabridged audiobook on CD. …

Why are audiobooks so expensive?

Well, the basic reason why audiobooks are so expensive is attributed to their production cost, which is often very high. On an average, the ‘cost per finished hour’ of an audiobook is about $300 to $400. So, even if an audiobook is just 10 hours long, on an average, it would cost about $3000 to $4000 to produce it.

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How many pages is the unabridged Count of Monte Cristo?

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9782491251437
Publication date: 07/29/2020
Pages: 884
Sales rank: 117,661
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 1.96(d)

Should I read the abridged or unabridged Count of Monte Cristo?

The unabridged version is always much better. I found that even though the unabridged version is quite long, it is very fast moving so why read the abridged version? If you are going to read the abridged version, Than either don’t read this book at all or just go straight to the off track movie.

How long is dune audiobook?

21 hours and 2 minutes
Product details
Listening Length 21 hours and 2 minutes
Publisher Macmillan Audio
Program Type Audiobook
Version Unabridged
Language English

Are audiobooks the same as books?

Audiobooks come in a variety of formats. Narrations: The entire book as printed is narrated or simply read out. There are two types of books essentially even in print – The ones that say “Abridged” are shortened versions of the actual book. “Unabridged” means they are the actual book length.

What is abridged version?

abridged Add to list Share. An abridged version of a book is a shortened version: it’s not complete because parts have been cut or omitted. Sometimes you have time to read all of something, but other times you don’t. When you need to save time, you might need to look at an abridged version of a book.

what is an abridged audiobook
what is an abridged audiobook

What is an abridged album?

An abridged audio book on compact disc is a book that the publisher reduced from its original size. … The abridged compact disc also requires fewer discs and reduces the manufacturing cost.

Are Scholastic Books abridged?

Q. Are they abridged, then? A. No, they’re the American classics, with some Indian literature that is written and developed there — they just might not be on the same type of paper.

Why are some audiobooks longer than others?

The difference is the length of the book. An abridged audiobook is a shortened version of the book. You’ll get the main idea of the book just not all the smaller details! An unabridged audiobook contains all the original content of the book – the whole kit and caboodle!

How do you use abridge?

lessen, diminish, or curtail.
  1. It was abridged from the original work.
  2. The book was abridged for children.
  3. The play was abridged for TV.
  4. The abridged edition was published in 1988.
  5. He’s currently abridging his book.
  6. This story must be abridged.
  7. The children read the novel in its abridged version.
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Does abridged mean shortened?

to shorten by omissions while retaining the basic contents: to abridge a reference book. to reduce or lessen in duration, scope, authority, etc.; diminish; curtail: to abridge a visit;to abridge one’s freedom.

What does enriched classic mean?

Enriched Classics offer readers accessible editions of great works of literature enhanced by helpful notes and commentary. Each book includes educational tools alongside the text, enabling students and readers alike to gain a deeper and more developed understanding of the writer and their work. … Read with confidence.

What are Collins Classics books?

  • The Call of the Wild (Collins Classics) by Jack London. …
  • Wuthering Heights (Collins Classics) by Emily Brontë …
  • Moby Dick (Collins Classics) by Herman Melville. …
  • Republic (Collins Classics) by Plato. …
  • Jane Eyre (Collins Classics) …
  • Dracula (Collins Classics) …
  • Emma (Collins Classics) …
  • The Scarlet Letter (Collins Classics)

What is Collin Classic?

Collins Classics is a record label which specialises in classical music. It was founded in 1989 as a musical subsidiary of HarperCollins Publishers and distributed through Pinnacle Entertainment (United Kingdom).

Is audible free with Prime?

No. An Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus membership is separate from a Prime membership. If you haven’t been on an Audible Premium Plus membership before, you can sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial and receive 1 free credit (2 credits for Prime members), along with access to the Plus Catalog.

Should I read Dune or listen to audiobook?

Part of that magic lies in Herbert’s ability to make us readers feel as though this world could be right outside our doorstep. Since this is a sci-fi novel that isn’t exactly true, but it does make it the perfect material for a movie — and an audiobook!

What is the best dune audio book?

In this section, we are going to rank the Audible audiobooks from worst to best:
  • Dune Messiah (2007) Narrated by: Scott Brick, Katherine Kellgren, Euan Morton, Simon Vance. …
  • Chapterhouse: Dune (2009) …
  • God Emperor of Dune (2007) …
  • Children of Dune (2008) …
  • Heretics of Dune (2008) …
  • Dune (2006)

Is Audible free with Prime 2020?

How does Audible work? While it’s technically an Amazon company, Audible is not included with a Prime membership, so you’ll have to sign up for it separately. Once you do, however, you’ll gain access to more than 470,000 audiobook titles (and counting).

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Does Amazon own Audible books?

Audible is an Amazon subsidiary and the exclusive supplier of digital audiobooks for Amazon. With Audible, you can purchase a digital audiobook and listen to it on a compatible Fire tablet, Kindle e-reader, Kindle reading app, or Audible app.

Do audiobooks take longer than reading?

An audiobook, at non chipmunk speed, goes by at about 150-160 words per minute (wpm). The average reader reads words on a page at about 300 wpm. … Reading with an e-book reader is not so great for people who move through pages quickly – and who may skip around in the book.

How long is the abridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo?

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781593081515
Edition description: Abridged
Pages: 640
Product dimensions: 5.18(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.60(d)
Age Range: 13 – 17 Years

Is the Count of Monte Cristo a long book?

1600 pages long (I read the French version).

How long does it take to read The Count of Monte Cristo abridged?

Product details
Listening Length 2 hours and 17 minutes
Program Type Audiobook
Version Abridged
Language English

Is Barnes and Noble Count of Monte Cristo unabridged?

This 2011 edition features the full unabridged text of the novel, with its kaleidoscopic presentation of historical events and intrigues on the European continent in the early nineteenth century. The Count of Monte Cristo is one of Barnes & Noble’s Collectible Editions classics.

Is Count of Monte Cristo worth reading Reddit?

Absolutely yes. One of the best books I have ever read. It is absolutely worth it. One of the greatest novels ever written, and a journey you’ll never forget.

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