what happened to olivia walton on the waltons

What Happened To Olivia Walton On The Waltons?

What happened to Olivia Walton? … But later in the series, it’s revealed that Olivia is being treated for tuberculosis at a sanatorium in Arizona. Source: CBS. Michael went on to co-star in four of the six reunion movies — confirming that Olivia does survive her illness — but the Emmy winner was MIA for all of Season 9.Aug 21, 2020

Why did Olivia leave The Waltons?

As she explained to Fox News in 2017, Michael left The Waltons in 1979 because the show had changed and she had grown bored. “There’s been times when I’ve regretted it only in that it probably would have been better to complete the whole show,” she revealed at the time.

What happened to the grandmother on The Waltons?

Grandma Walton was part of a close-knit Virginia family in the drama from writer Earl Hamner Jr. A stroke in 1977 forced Ms. Corby to curtail her work on the series. She was seen only occasionally and made her last appearance in 1979, although she was part of the 1997 special ”A Waltons Easter.

What happened to Mary Ellen’s second husband on The Waltons?

Then Curt was killed at Pearl Harbor in the 1978 season, and Mary Ellen found new love with Arlington Wescott “Jonesy” Jones (Richard Gililand) while taking premed courses. The romance was threatened when Curt was discovered not to have died after all, but the two decided their marriage had ended and divorced.

Did John and Olivia Walton fall in love in real life?

The entertainment on the show always was G-rated. But behind the scenes, Ralph Waite and Michael Learned, who played John and Olivia Walton, almost became an item in real life. … Learned said the two were in love. But they went out on only one date.

Why did Erin and Paul divorce on the Waltons?

Although it’s Erin’s most successful relationship, it doesn’t really end too spectacularly. It is later revealed during one of the reunion movies that the two got divorced because Paul was unfaithful. … She married Rob Wickstrom in 1988 and the two divorced in 1996. She has been with her current husband since 2011.

Why was Richard Thomas replaced on the Waltons?

After five seasons, Richard Thomas left the Waltons to pursue other interests. … When asked how he came to write a show so different from the Waltons, Earl Explained, “My family first came to Virginia because Thomas Jefferson wanted to start a wine industry.

Did any of The Waltons date each other?

In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com on the fifth anniversary of his death, Learned, 79, reveals that she and Waite ‘were in love’ off screen and they even went on a date.

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Did Olivia Walton died on the show?

What happened to Olivia Walton? The character’s final appearance on the show was in the Season 8 episode “The Waiting,” which aired on Nov. 22, 1979. … Michael went on to co-star in four of the six reunion movies — confirming that Olivia does survive her illness — but the Emmy winner was MIA for all of Season 9.

Who has passed away from The Waltons?

Andrew Duggan (John Walton) 1988 at age 64 of throat cancer in Westwood, CA. Edgar Bergen (Grandpa) 1978 age 75 of a heart attack in Las Vegas, NV. Ellen Corby (Grandma) 1999 age 87 natural causes in Woodland Hills, CA. Dorothy Stickney (Miss Emily) 1998 age 101 at her home in NYC.

Does Mary Ellen marry Jonesy on the Waltons?

Two years after her marriage to Curt, in July 1940, Mary Ellen gives birth to a healthy son, John-Curtis Willard, her only child with Curt. … Two years later, In March 1947, Mary Ellen and Jonesy get married and have two children, Clay Matthew Jones, and Katie Jones, together.

Does Mary Ellen remarry on the Waltons?

Mary Ellen marries Dr. Curtis Willard and they have 1 child, John Curtis, before he is lost and presumed dead after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Eventually she remarries Arlington Westcott Jones “Jonesy” and together they have 2 children, Clay and Katie.

Does Elizabeth Walton Get married?

Drew later returns to Walton’s Mountain to work in the mill, and Elizabeth tells her father that she will eventually marry Drew.

Elizabeth Walton.
Elizabeth Tyler Walton Cutler
Status Alive

What happen to John Boy on The Waltons?

He famously played John-Boy Walton on the beloved show. However, a few years before the final episode of the show aired, Thomas left the cast. … According to the news agency, Thomas had won an Emmy Award for his work on “The Waltons.” However, “in 1977 he decided to quit the series to pursue other opportunities.”

Who did John Boy marry on The Waltons?

He meets Janet Gilchrist who is an editor for Harper’s magazine. The two are married on Walton’s Mountain.

what happened to olivia walton on the waltons
what happened to olivia walton on the waltons

Why did Curt leave the Waltons?

Curt is called to military service and is lost during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Mary Ellen finds him after the war a bitterly changed man living in Florida. He has no intention of returning to his family due to injuries he acquired in Pearl Harbor.

Why was there a different John Boy on The Waltons?

For five whole seasons, Learned grew close to Thomas while playing his onscreen mother. However, the two were separated when Thomas left the show. Oddly, “The Waltons” creators decided to keep John-Boy’s character on the show and simply replace Richard Thomas with another actor.

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Is The Waltons based off a true story?

The Waltons was a television series that was based on the book Spencer’s Mountain by Earl Hamner Jr. Earl Hamner Jr. … was born in 1923 and grew up in mining town of Schuyler, VA, when the Great Depression hit.

Is Walton’s Mountain a real place?

Setting. The main story is set in Walton’s Mountain, a fictional mountain community in fictitious Jefferson County, Virginia. The real place upon which the stories are based is the community of Schuyler in Nelson County, Virginia.

What happened Cindy Walton?

Cindy Walton (formerly Cindy Brunson) is the wife of Benjamin Walton, they were married in the Tv series and had a daughter Virginia also goes by Ginny she died from accidental drowning at a young age, they also had a son Charles he was born on Mothers Day on Waltons Mountain but was never seen or mentioned again after …

What happened Kami Cotler?

Elizabeth Walton

Kami Cotler, the youngest of the clan, decided acting was fine as a kid, but wanted to pursue a different career as an adult. She became a teacher, and in a twist of fate, found a teaching job in Nelson County, Va.

What happened to Ben and Cindy’s Baby Virginia on The Waltons?

Virginia Walton was only ever depicted on screen as a baby (in the show’s final two seasons) and a toddler in the 1982 reunion special Mother’s Day on Walton’s Mountain. However, fans came to know that she had died at the age of 17, int he fourth TV film, A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion.

Who did Erin Walton marry in real life?

He appeared as Paul Northridge in one episode of The Waltons and in three reunion movies. In A Wedding on Walton’s Mountain, his character married the character of Erin Walton (Mary Elizabeth McDonough).
Morgan Stevens
Occupation Actor

Does Jim Bob Walton ever get married?

They tied the knot in real life in nuptials officiated by Walton dad Ralph Waite, a minister in real life. “He took it very seriously and did a really terrific ceremony,” Walmsley said. After the show, Walmsley decided to dedicate his life to music.

What is Daisy’s Secret on the Waltons?

Daisy admits the story to John Boy and decides to return home to become mother to Melissa. She tells John Boy that they can no longer be married, and with that, John Boy takes the job in London.

Who was the real life John Boy Walton?

Richard Earl Thomas (born June 13, 1951) is an American actor. He is best known for his leading role as budding author John-Boy Walton in the CBS drama The Waltons, for which he won an Emmy Award, received a nomination for another and two Golden Globe Awards.

Richard Thomas (actor)
Richard Thomas
Parent(s) Richard S. Thomas Barbara Fallis
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Is Ralph Waite still alive from The Waltons?

Deceased (1928–2014)

What happened to reckless on The Waltons?

Reckless shows up in a lot of episodes but dies in the eighth season’s sixth episode called “The Journal.” … He is born in the first season’s third episode, “The Calf.” In the episode, John Walton sells the calf yet the Walton children grow to love him.

Was The Waltons based on Spencer’s Mountain?

Spencer’s Mountain” written by Earl Hamner is the book that inspired “The Walton’s” television series and the movie “Spencer’s Mountain”. The book was well written and gave you a lens into life in the Virginia mountains during the depression era.

How many bedrooms did The Waltons house have?

The house has a total of three bedrooms and beautiful pine and oak floors can be found throughout the living areas and upstairs. Due to its important place in Americana, the Hamner House was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2004.

Was there a real Ike Godsey?

In addition to the Walton characters, other roles, such as the “recipe-making” Baldwin sisters and General Store owner, Ike Godsey were also inspired by real people. … A clerk at a store down the road from the Hamner home gave life to the character of Ike Godsey.

Is the house from the Waltons still standing?

The show aired from 1971-1981 and won an Emmy in 1974. The original house that served as the backdrop to Hamner’s childhood was built in the early 20th century in the village of Schuyler in Nelson County, where it still stands today.

Was the Waltons filmed in a real house?

The Walton’s made use of many period appropriate buildings, sets and locations. Being a domestic, family based drama much of the action was staged in and around the Walton family home. While the interiors were filmed on Stage 26 of the former Burbank studios, the house exterior was filmed on the jungle set.

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