what does xampp stand for

What Does Xampp Stand For?

Apache, MySQL

What is the purpose of XAMPP server?

XAMPP helps a local host or server to test its website and clients via computers and laptops before releasing it to the main server. It is a platform that furnishes a suitable environment to test and verify the working of projects based on Apache, Perl, MySQL database, and PHP through the system of the host itself.

What does the last P in XAMPP stand for?

Etymology. The term XAMPP is an apparent acronym. However, there is no official acronym expansion specified on the Apache Friends website. Their homepage header reads “XAMPP Apache + MariaDB + PHP + Perl“, indicating that this abbreviation is a recursive acronym.

What does Wamp stand for?

Apache, MySQL, PHP
WAMP is sometimes used as an abbreviated name for the software stack Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP. It is derived from LAMP which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. As the name implies, while LAMP is used on Linux servers, WAMP is used on Windows servers.

Is XAMPP a SQL server?

XAMPP is an open source package that is widely used for PHP development. XAMPP contains MariaDB, PHP, and Perl; it provides a graphical interface for SQL (phpMyAdmin), making it easy to maintain data in a relational database. If you have not installed XAMPP, please refer to XAMPP-setup to install and set up XAMPP.

Is XAMPP necessary?

3 Answers. If you have done all the work of installing an AMP stack on Windows already then there is absolutely no reason to install WAMPServer or XAMPP. These 2 products just make the process of installing a working AMP stack easier, they do not add anything over and above what you have managed to do all for yourself.

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What is MySQL XAMPP?

XAMPP is a software distribution which provides the Apache web server, MySQL database (actually MariaDB), Php and Perl (as command-line executables and Apache modules) all in one package. It is available for Windows, MAC and Linux systems. No configuration is necessary to integrate Php with MySQL.

What does PHP stand for?

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor ) is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

What is XAMPP and Wamp?

WAMP: acronym for Windows Operating System, Apache(Web server), MySQL Database and PHP Language. XAMPP: acronym for X (any Operating System), Apache (Web server), MySQL Database, PHP Language and PERL.

Does XAMPP include PHP?

Starting with XAMPP 1.7. 2, XAMPP comes with PHP 5.3, not PHP 5.2. x. NetBeans IDE for PHP version 6.7.

What does MySQL stand for?

Structured Query Language
MySQL (/ˌmaɪˌɛsˌkjuːˈɛl/) is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). Its name is a combination of “My”, the name of co-founder Michael Widenius’s daughter, and “SQL”, the abbreviation for Structured Query Language.

What does word Apache mean?

Definition of Apache

1 : a member of a group of American Indian peoples of the southwestern U.S. 2 : any of the Athabascan languages of the Apache people. 3 not capitalized [French, from Apache Apache Indian] a : a member of a gang of criminals especially in Paris. b : ruffian.

What is the full form of MySQL?

The full form of MySQL is My Structured Query Language.

Does XAMPP use MySQL or MariaDB?

The latest version of XAMPP contains MariaDB instead of MySQL. But MariaDB is not 100% compatible with MySQL and can be replaced with the “orginal” MySQL server.

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How connect MySQL to XAMPP?

Setup mySql and install some textbook databases on your machine
  1. In phpmyadmin, click the Users tab at the top.
  2. Find the row that has User root and Host
  3. Click Edit Privileges.
  4. Click Change password.
  5. Enter the password twice (write it down somewhere if you’re not sure you can remember it)
  6. Click the Go button.

what does xampp stand for
what does xampp stand for

How connect PHP to XAMPP?

Open your browser and go to localhost/PHPMyAdmin or click “Admin” in XAMPP UI. Now click Edit privileges and go to Change Admin password, type your password there and save it. Remember this password as it will be used to connect to your Database.

Can I use WAMP instead of XAMPP?


You can easily configure and set up XAMPP compared to WAMP. XAMPP supports Perl, PHP, MySQL whereas WAMP supports only PHP & MySQL. When it comes to starting the process, all that you need to do is to click on the start button in the case of XAMPP. There is no such button in the case of WAMP.

Does XAMPP install MySQL?

Xampp is a useful Apache distribution installer that will let you install phpMyAdmin, MySQL, as well as FileZilla and Apache.

Does XAMPP work on Windows 10?

XAMPP is a free open source software that provides an easy way for web designers and developers to install the components to run PHP-based software like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and others on Windows 10, Linux, and macOS.

Does phpMyAdmin come with XAMPP?

In the basic configuration of XAMPP, phpMyAdmin is accessible only from the same host that XAMPP is running on, at or http://localhost. Before you can access the MySQL server, phpMyAdmin will prompt you for a user name and password. Don’t forget to set a password for the user “root” first.

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Can I use XAMPP for Java?

On the root of the Xampp folder you have one mysql_start. bat and one mysql_stop. bat , for start/stop the mysql database included on the Xampp package. You can use they in another bat you should create to start your Java Desktop application.

Is XAMPP safe?

Yes, Installing Xampp is 100% Safe. You can install Xampp without any risk of viruses or malware. I have already installed Xampp on my Personal Computer, and I am using it without any issues. It is an open-source software through which you can host a website on your computer.

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