what does swale mean

What is swale mean in English?

: a low-lying or depressed and often wet stretch of land also : a shallow depression on a golf course.

What is a swale on a house?

A: A swale is simply a shallow ditch that is used to carry off water. Swales are often so wide and so shallow that you do not notice them. On most city lots, where homes are 10 to 15 feet apart, there is a swale between the homes. Such swales collect water from the roofs and yards and carry it to the street.

What does swale mean in construction?

A swale is a shady spot, or a sunken or marshy place. In particular, in US usage, it is a shallow channel with gently sloping sides.

What is the function of a swale?

The swale is vegetated with flood tolerant, erosion resistant plants. The design of grassed swales promotes the conveyance of storm water at a slower, controlled rate and acts as a filter medium removing pollutants and allowing stormwater infiltration.

What is a garden swale?

Swales are designed to convey excess rainwater into their ditch-like interior where it is held and gradually filtered through plants and soil back into the area. … Swales are different from rain gardens in that they filter water slowly while preventing flooding and other water excess issues.

What is a synonym for Swale?

(also slew or slue), swamp, swampland, wash, wetland.

What do swales look like?

Swale Uses

In simple terms, they are generally shallow ditches that have gently sloping sides. … While it might seem like our drought-prone state would not need much in the way of excess water management, drainage swales are a critical part of flood prevention and help keep our ground water cleaner.

How deep is a swale?

Six- to 12-inches deep
There are no hard rules about the size of a swale, but the bigger it is the more water it can absorb during a rainstorm. Six- to 12-inches deep and 3- to 4-feet wide are typical dimensions. Smooth out the shape of the berm with a hard metal rake to form a planting bed.Nov 17, 2015

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What are swales geography?

Description. Swales are shallow, broad and vegetated channels designed to store and/or convey runoff and remove pollutants. … Check dams and berms also can be installed across the flow path of a swale in order to promote settling and infiltration.

Are swales lined?

Swales are linear grass covered depressions which lead surface water overland from the drained surface to a storage or discharge system, typically using road verges. … The underlying aquifer can be protected, if needed, by placing an impermeable lining under the swale below the soil.

Where are swales located?

They are typically located next to roads, where they replace conventional gullies and drainage pipe systems, but examples can also be seen of swales being located in landscaped areas, adjacent to car parks, alongside fields, and in other open spaces.

What are Swales permaculture?

A permaculture swale is a technique that captures water in the landscape for passive irrigation and for slowing runoff. … For many gardeners and farmers, catching rainwater in the landscape can be a low-maintenance way to irrigate and improve soil quality at the same time.

How do you dig swales?

The swale must slope downhill, and has to gradually get deeper, ideally sloping 1 inch for every 10 feet in length. It is best to map out the swale first on paper, and then to mark it on the ground with its runoff point at the end. Dig out the trench with a sturdy shovel.

What are swales and berms?

A vegetated swale is a grass-lined depression that slows down runoff water velocity and infiltrates the water into the soil. Berms are low earthen walls adjacent to ditches that can be used to help retain runoff in a designated area along the downhill side of the locaon.

What is the opposite of Swale?

noun. A low area (especially a marshy area between ridges).

Antonyms. natural elevation. trough.

what does swale mean
what does swale mean

What is a antonym for Valley?

Opposite of a low area of land between hills or mountains, typically with a river or stream flowing through it. hill. mountain. rise. fullness.

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What is a synonym for Slough?

Some common synonyms of slough are cast, discard, junk, scrap, and shed. While all these words mean “to get rid of,” shed and slough imply a throwing off of something both useless and encumbering and often suggest a consequent renewal of vitality or luster.

Are swales necessary?

Swales, like any catchment, are a means of stopping water runoff, especially from roads and hard surfaces, and putting it to use rather than having it drain away. Using swales for these reasons can prevent both floods and droughts, which make them a pretty powerful tool.

What do you fill swale with?

What is a swale in a river?

The River Swale in Yorkshire, England, is a major tributary of the River Ure, which becomes the River Ouse, that empties into the North Sea via the Humber Estuary. The river gives its name to Swaledale, the valley through which it flows.

Is a swale a Sud?

You can also use swales to carry water between sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) features instead of using pipes. This can reduce the cost of construction and maintenance. Swales can be used for linking SuDS dealing with run-off from individual sites and SuDS that manage the run-off from large areas.

What’s a swale ditch?

Swale drains are broad, shallow ditches that can be lined with grass, vegetation, or rocks. It’s a more natural way to help drain yards to prevent flooding, puddling, and erosion.

Where does the name swales come from?

Swales is an English surname. It either derives from the River Swale or Swallow Hill. Notable people with the surname include: Alonzo Swales (1870–1952), British trade unionist.

How do you make a backyard swale?

How do you make a rock swale?

  1. Step 1: Evaluate the Slope. Construction of a swale begins with analyzing the slope of the yard and water runoff patterns to plan the route for the swale ditch. …
  2. Step 2: Lay Out the Swale. …
  3. Step 3: Excavate the Swale Ditch. …
  4. Step 4: Lay Gravel and Drain Tile. …
  5. Step 5: Finish the Swale.

How do you make a swale by hand?

What is a Hugel swale?

Loosely translated it means, “hill culture”. In other words, it is not burying wood deeply below grade. The proper execution of a hugelkultur would be piling it up at or perhaps just slightly below grade, then covering it with soil. A true hugel is approximately 30% wood core and 70% soil.

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What is the opposite name of wealthy?

What is the opposite of wealthy?
impoverished poor
indigent needy
penurious poverty-stricken
underprivileged bankrupt
broke famished

What is a deep valley called?

A canyon is a deep, narrow valley surrounded by tall cliffs. The noun canyon refers to a deep ravine that has been cut into the earth’s surface over a long period of time by erosion from a running river. Also known as a gorge, it usually has very steep walls with rocky cliffs.

What is suggested by the word hollow?

1 : an unfilled space : cavity, hole in the hollow of a tree. 2 : a depressed or low part of a surface especially : a small valley or basin.

What is the difference between a swamp and a slough?

is that swamp is a piece of wet, spongy land; low ground saturated with water; soft, wet ground which may have a growth of certain kinds of trees, but is unfit for agricultural or pastoral purposes while slough is the skin shed by a snake or other reptile or slough can be (british) a muddy or marshy area.

How is slough pronounced?

Slough pronounced sluff is the term for shedding skin, like snakes do. Slough meaning wet, swampy ground can be pronounced either sloo or slou (rhymes with cow). Dictionary.com prefers slou, while the American Heritage Dictionary prefers sloo.

Swale Meaning

What is a swale?

How to Build Swales. What is a swale?

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