how to wean off topamax

How To Wean Off Topamax?

Taken for epilepsy, migraine headache prevention, weight loss (as one of the active ingredients in Qsymia) and alcohol abuse disorder, topiramate should not be abruptly discontinued. Instead, taper your dosage gradually over 2 to 8 weeks to prevent rebound effects.Oct 10, 2019

How do you taper off Topamax?

Here are his recommendations for safely tapering up to a therapeutic dosage level:
  1. Week 1: 25 mg at bedtime.
  2. Week 2: 25 mg, twice a day.
  3. Week 3: 25 mg day dose, 50 mg bedtime dose.
  4. Week 4: 50 mg, twice a day.
  5. Weeks 5 – 7: maintain 50 mg, twice a day. …
  6. Week 8: 50 mg day dose, 75 mg bedtime dose.
  7. Week 9: 75 mg, twice a day.

Can I stop 25 mg Topamax cold turkey?

Never stop taking Topamax suddenly, or “cold turkey”, because this may cause you to have an increased risk of seizures, more frequent seizures, or other serious withdrawal symptoms.

Can I just stop taking Topamax for migraines?

Do not stop taking topiramate suddenly unless your doctor tells you to. You’re unlikely to get any extra symptoms when you stop taking this medicine. But if you’re taking it to prevent migraines, your condition could get worse for a short time after stopping it.

Do you have to taper Topamax?

If there is no improvement in migraine headaches after 8 weeks of topiramate at the target dose, the dose should be tapered down in 25 mg/day increments every week until it is stopped.

How long does it take to get off Topamax?


This means it takes 84 to 105 hours for Topamax to leave your body. Topamax should never be stopped suddenly or “cold turkey”, because this may cause you to have an increased risk of seizures, more frequent seizures, or other serious withdrawal symptoms.

What happens if you skip a day of Topamax?

If your next regular dose of Topamax® capsule or tablet or Eprontia™ oral solution is within 6 hours away, wait until then to use the medicine and skip the missed dose. If you miss more than 1 dose of Topamax® capsule or tablet orEprontia™ oral solution, contact your doctor for instructions about how to restart it.

How do I wean off 25mg of Topamax?

Set up a meeting with your doctor to gradually lower your Topamax dose if you are interested in discontinuing your topiramate treatment. Lowering your Topamax over time will help you avoid enhanced, unwanted topiramate withdrawal symptoms. This will also help you safely detox from topiramate.

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How do I stop taking Topamax 25 mg?

In situations where rapid withdrawal of TOPAMAX® is medically required, appropriate monitoring is recommended.” This is a wise precaution, and under “normal” circumstances, we would expect to taper down the dosage by 25 mg per week until the patient gets down to the last 25 mg, then stop.

What happens if you quit Topamax cold turkey?

Stopping Topamax suddenly can bring on severe seizures. Topamax, or topiramate, is often prescribed to prevent seizures and migraine headaches. But topiramate and other anticonvulsants can bring on severe seizures if stopped abruptly. This can even happen if you’re not taking the drugs to treat seizure activity.

Do you gain weight after stopping Topamax?

Weight gain after Topamax

When someone stops taking Topamax, it’s possible that they might experience weight gain over time, especially if they haven’t been combining Topamax with healthy lifestyle changes.

Will stopping Topamax cause weight gain?

Yes, it’s possible to gain weight after stopping Topamax. Weight loss is a common side effect of Topamax. If you have weight loss while taking the drug, it’s possible you could gain weight after you stop taking Topamax. If you’re concerned about weight changes after you start or stop Topamax, talk with your doctor.

Can Topamax cause brain damage?

An open study examined the behavioral and cognitive effects of topiramate as add-on treatment in children and adolescents with mild to severe mental retardation [Coppola et al. 2008]. The authors reported a significant cognitive deterioration in about 70% of patients at 3 months, persisting in about 20% at 12 months.

Why do you have to titrate TOPAMAX?

Titrating in increments of 25 mg/day every week may delay the time to reach an effective dose. Doses above 400 mg/day have not been shown to improve responses in adults with partial-onset seizures.

Can Topamax cause permanent memory loss?

Can Topamax cause permanent memory loss? Topamax may be associated with dementia and should be used with caution in older patients. Still, it has not been well established that Topamax can cause permanent memory loss.

how to wean off topamax
how to wean off topamax

What are the long term side effects of topiramate?

Long-term side effects of Topamax

Most Topamax side effects aren’t permanent, and go away with time. For example, fatigue (low energy) and feelings of burning or numbness in your hands and feet may go away as you continue taking Topamax.

Can you take TOPAMAX once a day?

The recommended dosage of topiramate for migraine prevention is 50 mg twice per day. Patients should start with 25 mg once per day, then increase by 25 mg per week up to the recommended dosage.

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How much water should I drink with TOPAMAX?

Drink 32 to 64 ounces of water a day, he advises. Increasing your vitamin C, which lowers the urine pH, can help, he says. Ask your doctor for dose advice. “We would advise increasing fluid intake when you are taking Topamax,” agrees Spry.

Why is TOPAMAX a hazardous drug?

Topiramate can increase the level of acid in your blood (metabolic acidosis). This can weaken your bones, cause kidney stones, or cause growth problems in children or harm to an unborn baby.

Can I cut topiramate in half?

TOPAMAX tablets are not scored; therefore, they are not intended to be split. Splitting unscored TOPAMAX tablets is not recommended due to the inability to assure the intended dosage in each fragment. Dose variation could lead to adverse clinical outcomes.

Can Topamax cause personality change?

Topamax can sometimes cause personality changes that affect the way people behave, react, feel, or interact with others. For example, the drug may cause agitation, aggression, or other behavior problems. Topamax may also cause mood changes, such as anxiety, mood swings, and depression.

Is 50 mg of Topamax enough to lose weight?

In the patients taking the lower 50 mg/day dose of topiramate, weight loss occurred in 6% of patients, and in the higher 200 mg/day dose, weight loss was reported in 17% of patients. Anorexia (loss of appetite), which may lead to weight loss, was also seen in 4% and 14% of patients, respectively.

Is Topamax linked to dementia?

Older patients have greater susceptibility to side effects, especially neurotoxic effects because of altered pharmacokinetics and impaired homeostatic mechanisms. We suggest that topiramate should be included in the list of drugs associated with dementia, and it should be used with caution in older patients.

Is Topamax bad for the liver?

Topiramate is thought to be rarely associated with liver injury and by and large known to cause liver toxicity in conjunction with other anticonvulsants.

Is Topamax a high risk medication?

Are There Any Risks For Taking Topiramate For Long Periods Of Time? To date, there are no known problems associated with long term use of topiramate. It is a safe and effective medication when used as directed.

What should you not take with Topamax?

What not to take with topiramate?
  • Valproic acid (brand name examples: Depakote). …
  • Zonisamide (brand name example: Zonegran). …
  • Glaucoma medications, including eye drops.
  • Birth control pills. …
  • Any medicines that impair or decrease your thinking, concentration, or muscle coordination.
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Can you drink and take Topamax?

Unfortunately, Topamax and alcohol do not mix. The manufacturing information for Topamax warns, “Do not drink alcohol while taking Topamax. Topamax and alcohol can affect each other, causing side effects such as sleepiness and dizziness.”

What are the bad side effects of Topamax?

Tiredness, drowsiness, dizziness, loss of coordination, tingling of the hands/feet, loss of appetite, bad taste in your mouth, diarrhea, and weight loss may occur.

Is Topamax good for anxiety?

The study found that the participants taking Topamax in addition to their prescribed depression medication significantly improved depressed mood, suicidality, insomnia, agitation, and anxiety symptoms compared to those taking a placebo.

Is Topamax good for sleep?

Benefits of topiramate treatment have been maintained for a mean period of 8.5 months. Conclusions: Topiramate may be of benefit for patients with NES or SRED in reducing nocturnal eating, improving nocturnal sleep, and producing weight loss.

Does Topamax affect the kidneys?

Topomax can cause damage to kidney tubules that result in a failure to eliminate acid from the body. This may lead to kidney stones and other forms of damage to the kidneys over time. Topomax also has side effects that may be associated with weight loss and suppression of appetite.

What vitamins should I take with Topamax?

To avoid side effects, individuals taking anticonvulsants should supplement with biotin either alone or as part of a multivitamin. Individuals on long-term multiple anticonvulsant therapy may develop below-normal blood levels of calcium, which may be related to drug-induced vitamin D deficiency.

Is topiramate considered a narcotic?

Topamax (generic name: topiramate) is not classified as a controlled substance under the U.S. Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Topamax is an anticonvulsant (seizure) medication, but is also prescribed for other conditions such as prevention of migraine.

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