how to use podbean

How To Use Podbean?

First, publish one podcast episode to your Podbean account and complete your basic account and Apple information for your Podbean feed. Next, submit your feed to Apple Podcasts. Approval may take several days. When you publish new episodes, they will then automatically be found in Apple Podcasts.

How do you use the Podbean app?

Android | Android Auto
  1. Tap the audio icon in Android Auto.
  2. Tap the audio icon again if you are in another app.
  3. Select Podbean from the app list.
  4. Tap “Downloads” if the podcast has been downloaded already or choose “Following” to browse the podcasts you follow.
  5. Tap the episode to play it.

How do I listen to a podcast on Podbean?

Go to the premium podcast site and click the “play” button of the premium episode. Fill in the account login for the account you used to purchase the premium content.

How do I download a podcast from Podbean?

Android | Downloading Podcasts
  1. Tap three dots in the episode list of each podcast then tap Download.
  2. Tap three dots on the top right corner in the episode playing page then tap Download.
  3. Tap three dots on the top right corner in the podcast page then select Batch Manage to select episodes to batch download episodes.

How much does it cost to use Podbean?

or $14 monthly. $ 29/mo. or $39 monthly. $ 99/mo.

Choose the podcast hosting plan that best fits your needs.
Unlimited Audio Billed annually or $14 monthly.
Audio Podcasting, No Limits
Storage Space Unlimited
Bandwidth Unmetered
Video Podcasts

How does Pod bean work?

Podbean is a podcast publishing and monetization service, providing free and premium hosting packages for individuals and businesses. Podbean offers a user-friendly interface that integrates publishing, management, syndication and analysis tools into an easy-to-use podcasting package.

Can you record directly on Podbean?

Record Audio

Enter the recording page by clicking the red “Record” button on the home page, then click Record Audio button. Or, click the person icon on the top right to enter your personal profile page and click the red “Record” button, then click Record Audio button.

Can you listen to Podbean without an account?

Yes. With Podbean you can start a podcast for free. … You can use Podbean Podcast App to live stream, record and publish a podcast for free. Podbean also provides paid plans which provide advanced features and more storage space.

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Is Podbean a good app?

Podbean is certainly an outstanding choice for podcast hosting. But if you’re looking for a more fully-featured service at a budget price, we recommend Siteground. They have great performance and technical support, and they’re currently offering 70% off all plans. Bluehost is another good alternative.

Where do Podbean downloads go?

You can tap the three lines icon on the podcast page, then select Downloads. 2. You can tap the second icon on the app home page, then click the Downloads button. The downloaded episodes will be listed under the Downloaded tab.

How do I put podcasts on my SD card?

This app allows users to select the storage location in Settings to store podcasts.
  1. Tap the person icon on the top right corner on the app home page.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Find Storage.
  4. Select SD card.

Where are podcasts stored on Android?

They may be in the app’s folder. wm4 likes this. It depends where you designated they be stored – they can either be on the device or on the SD Card. Get the PocketCasts App.

How do you save on Podbean?

Go to your Podbean “dashboard”-> “Episodes” -> “Episodes List” page in your Podbean account, click the “Save as a draft“. Then the episode will be saved as a draft.

How many people are on Podbean?

The Podbean app now has over 1 million monthly active users.

Is blubrry free?

Blubrry’s Free Statistics offer an accurate, no-cost way to measure your podcast’s audience. Read on to find out how basic statistics can benefit you.

how to use podbean
how to use podbean

Which podcast app is best?

Top 10 Best Podcast Apps
  1. Pocket Casts. The features that have made this application popular are cross-platform syncing and auto episode downloading and cleanup. …
  2. Google Podcasts. …
  3. Spotify. …
  4. Laughable. …
  5. Himalaya. …
  6. Cast box. …
  7. Procast. …
  8. Stitcher.

Who owns Podbean app?

create content with
Who owns Podbean? CEO David Xu (pictured above) and Henry Zhang are the two co-founders of Podbean. They launched the company way back in 2006. At that time, the co-founders had a simple vision of helping podcasters create content with an easy blog-like platform.

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Is Podbean secure?

The Podbean Pro App is specifically designed to play secure private audio and video podcasts on the go. … The Private Podcast App is built with enterprise level security. It provides the ease and convenience to play podcasts anywhere at any time.

What company owns Podbean?

Podbean Tech Inc
Founded with Henry Zhang. Developed the Podbean podcast hosting platform and later the top-ranked Podbean app.

How do you remote podcast an interview?

What is the best free podcast software?

12 Best Free Podcast Editing Software 2021
  • 1.1 Alitu.
  • 1.2 GarageBand.
  • 1.3 Stitcher.
  • 1.4 Audacity.
  • 1.5 SpreakerStudio.
  • 1.6 Ringr.
  • 1.7 Adobe Audition.
  • 1.8 Zencastr.

Can you record a podcast in Podbean?

Easily record your podcast with guests and co-hosts from anywhere in the world.

How do you use Podbean live?

Log in to your Podbean account–>Click Live Stream on the left sidebar. If your landing page is the dashboard after log in, you may click your profile icon on the top right corner–>then click the “Live Stream” option and “New Live Show”. 2. Fill in the live show info.

How do I stream a live podcast?

Does Podbean upload to Spotify?

Podbean is an official Spotify “passthrough” partner. This means, once submitted and approved, Spotify will fetch your content from your RSS feed much like other podcast apps and podcatchers. Read more about getting your podcast on Spotify via Podbean.

Does Podbean give you a website?

All Podbean Hosting Plans Come with a Free Podcast Website. Create your podcast today ! No credit card required.

What is captivate FM? launches in January 2019 with everything you’d expect a podcast host to provide, followed by the release of a suite of intelligence tools that will allow you to measure what matters to you and your podcasting brand, on your unique path to becoming the audio influencer in your niche.

How good is BuzzSprout?

Buzzsprout is a great service, very easy to use and they have fantastic tools for embedding episodes into your website or sharing episodes to social media. Tom C. It is a good platform, very easy to use and friendly interface, I really liked the integrations that you have with other platforms such as iTunes.

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How do I find a downloaded podcast?

If you navigate to a downloaded podcast while online, you will be able to access all of the episodes available for that podcast. The episodes you have downloaded will have a downloaded icon under the episode title. While offline, only the episodes you have downloaded will appear in the podcast profile.

How do I turn off Podbean?

Go to the”My Account” at the top-right corner. 2. Click on the “Cancel Account” at the bottom of this page. If you renew your account via Stripe with your credit card, the subscription will be automatically canceled when you cancel your Podbean account.

How do I unfollow a podcast on Podbean?

Can you download Google podcasts to SD card?

In any case, the short answer would seem to be (so far as I can tell) the Google Podcast app for Android will only allow podcasts to be located on the main storage, not on one’s SD card, which severely limits how many podcast episodes one can download.

What’s the best podcast app for Android?

These are the Best Podcast Apps currently available in 2021: Spotify, Pocket Casts, and more!
  • Spotify: Music and Podcasts. …
  • Anchor – Make your own podcast. …
  • Google Podcasts. …
  • Pocket Casts – Podcast Player. …
  • Podcast Player App – Castbox. …
  • Stitcher – Podcast Player. …
  • Spreaker Studio – Start your Podcast.

How do I download a Google podcast?

Download Podcasts
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open Google Podcasts .
  2. At the bottom, tap Home .
  3. At the top right, tap your Profile picture or initial. Podcast settings.
  4. Under “Downloads,” tap Auto downloading.
  5. Turn on Auto download new episodes.
  6. Under “Your subscriptions,” turn on podcasts you want to auto download.

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