how to track email opens with google analytics

How To Track Email Opens With Google Analytics?

Email opens in Google Analytics is tracked by embedding an image pixel within the body of the email.

To find the Tracking ID,
  1. Log into your GA account.
  2. Click on the ‘Admin’ button ( ) on the bottom left corner of your GA account.
  3. Click on the ‘Tracking info’ under the ‘Property’ section to reveal your Tracking ID.

How do I track email in Google Analytics?

  1. Step 1: Create a Google Analytics Account. For setting up Email Tracking Google Analytics the first thing you need is a Google Analytics account. …
  2. Step 2: Create a Trackable URL. …
  3. Step 3: Insert the URL in the Email. …
  4. Step 4: Monitor the Email Campaign in Real-Time.

Can you track email opens?

Email tracking notifies you when any email you sent has been opened or clicked. Email tracking software places an invisible image pixel in your emails that can detect the exact time and date an email has been opened by a recipient.

Can you see the email client in Google Analytics?

3 Answers. Every email client will send a user agent string , but Google Analytics is optimized for web browser hits. … You can’t track this information with Google Analytics. You’ll have to survey your users and use statistical analysis to determine which e-mail client(S) they use.

Can Google Analytics track email open rate?

using Google Analytics Measurement Protocol

“Open-Rates” measures how often an email message was opened. Google Analytics allows you to track email open rates using a tracking pixel embedded in the message, e.g.

How can I trace an email in Gmail?

For an email you received in Gmail, you can see where the email came from by looking at its headers, including how it got from the sender to the recipient’s mail servers.

View your email’s full headers
  1. From a browser, open Gmail.
  2. Open the email you want to check the headers for.
  3. Next to Reply , click More. Show original.

How are email open rates tracked?

How opens are tracked. Opens can be tracked in HTML emails because they include a tracking pixel, which is a tiny, invisible image that is displayed when the subscriber opens your email. When that image is downloaded from our web servers, the email is recorded as being opened.

How can I trace the location of an email?

  1. Get instructions for locating a header for your email provider here.
  2. Open the email you want to trace and find its header.
  3. Copy the header, then paste it into the Trace Email Analyzer below.
  4. Press the “Get Source” button.
  5. Scroll down below the box for the Trace Email results!

How can you track someone by their email?

Can you track someone through their Google account?

You can track a friend, co-worker or family member on Google Maps, but that person needs to enable location tracking for you specifically. To stop tracking someone, ask the person to turn off location sharing or disable tracking in Google Maps.

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What is open tracking?

Open tracking tells you if your contacts open the emails you send. Your campaign report will show which contacts opened your campaign, and how many total opens the campaign received. Compare open results to other data in your account, such as e-commerce activity, to learn about contacts’ behavior.

How do I track a location on Google?

Remotely find, lock, or erase
  1. Go to and sign in to your Google Account. If you have more than one phone, click the lost phone at the top of the screen. …
  2. The lost phone gets a notification.
  3. On the map, you’ll get info about where the phone is. …
  4. Pick what you want to do.

What is the best email tracker for Gmail?

7 Best Email Tracking Apps for Gmail & Outlook
  1. RightInbox (Gmail only) RightInbox is a Gmail productivity plugin. …
  2. MailTracker by Hunter (Gmail only) …
  3. SalesHandy (Gmail & Outlook) …
  4. Mailtrack (Gmail only) …
  5. (Gmail only) …
  6. Yesware (Gmail & Outlook) …
  7. MixMax (Gmail only)

How can I find someone’s Gmail details?

You can see details about people from your messages, like their phone number or email address. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app .

See past conversations
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app .
  2. Select an email.
  3. At the top left of the email, tap the avatar.
  4. Scroll down to “Interactions.”

How do I track someone on Google Maps without them knowing?

How To Track Someone On Google Maps Without Them Knowing
  1. Ensure that the device you want to track has location services turned on.
  2. On the device you want to track, open the Google Maps app.
  3. Select the icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  4. Examine the various options before selecting the location sharing icon.

how to track email opens with google analytics
how to track email opens with google analytics

What is an open email?

The definition of what an email open means. Email opens are the number of times an email was opened by the receipts. … For example if I had 100 emails sent out through a campaign and 75 people opened those emails (with images enabled), then my open count would be 75.

How can you improve CTR of your email?

11 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Email Click-Through Rate
  1. 1.) Test your subject lines. …
  2. 2.) Less is more with copy. …
  3. 3.) Include social sharing options. …
  4. 4.) Segment your email lists. …
  5. 5.) Offer targeted content. …
  6. 6.) Personalize your emails. …
  7. 7.) Remove distractions from the email. …
  8. 9.)

What are unique email opens?

A unique open is how many people have opened your email. So the difference is you could have 200 opens on an email but only 10 people have opened it 10 times. Or you could have 200 opens and 200 people had opened it.

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How can I track someones location?

Find someone’s location
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app​ .
  2. Tap your profile picture or initial. Location sharing.
  3. Tap the profile of the person you want to find. To update the person’s location: Tap on a friend’s icon More. Refresh.

Is Minspy free?

Minspy, Spy on Android Devices

Minspy is one of the best free spy App in the spying applications market. It can be used to monitor any Android device including tablets and smartphones. The web-based interface of Minspy could be accessed from any device including laptops and smartphones.

Can Gmail emails be tracked?

Emails can be tracked in Gmail in four main ways: Read receipts in Google Workspace (which are highly limited and offered to Google’s customers only) Adding tracking pixels. Measuring link clicks.

How can I track an email open for free?

Best free email tracking software platforms
  1. Mailtrack is a basic, free plugin for Gmail and Chrome. …
  2. Right Inbox is an extension that brings your emailing efforts to the next level. …
  3. is a platform for cold emails. …
  4. Hubspot is a giant player in the sales and marketing markets.

Is Mailtrack safe?

As CEO of Mailtrack I can assure you that Mailtrack is totally safe to use. The Mailtrack Company processes personal data in accordance with European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

Can you get notified when someone checks your location?

No. Android and iPhone’s iOS do not notify or give an indication when someone checks your location. There is a brief icon displayed in the notification bar when GPS is used by location services. Any number of apps or system processes trigger a location check.

Can you use Google maps to track a cell phone?

Google Maps offers precision location tracking for your cellphone. The phone trace is easy when connected to the mapping service. You can even track while using Google Maps offline. Tracking another device, however, is not simple and requires permission and sharing from the other party involved.

Can you track someone’s location by their phone number?

If you want to track someone by just their phone number, that is impossible. It can only be done by the company that provides cellular phone services to the target. At the time of getting these services, the target signs an agreement with the company.

How do I get an email to open and read it?

Here are some ways to increase the odds that your emails will grab readers and compel them to take action.
  1. Get personal. …
  2. Use a compelling subject line. …
  3. Make the “pre-header” count. …
  4. Orient yourself to mobile devices. …
  5. Hook your reader with the opener. …
  6. Focus on your reader. …
  7. Include a call-to-action. …
  8. Segment your list.
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How do you find average open rate?

Average open rate is the percentage of email recipients that open an email message from a sender. Open rate is calculated by dividing the number of people who open the email by the number of people who received the email. The average open rate is the open rate averaged across all email campaigns.

What is the difference between open and click rate?

The open rate is a percentage that tells you how many successfully delivered campaigns were opened by subscribers. … The click rate is a percentage that tells you how many successfully delivered campaigns registered at least one click.

What is the difference between CTR and ctor?

The click-through rate (CTR) simply measures how many emails resulted in a recipient clicking your call-to-action link. … Similarly, the click-to-open rate (CTOR) measures the percentage of recipients who opened the email and clicked on that link.

What is a good click rate for email?

If you just look at industry benchmarks across the board, you can get a good idea of how your emails should be performing: Your average email open rate should be between 12-25%. Your average click-through rate should be between 2-5%. Your average click-to-open rate should be between 10-22%.

What’s the difference between Opens and unique opens?

Total opens are calculated by tracking the total number of times an email is opened, regardless of how many individual subscribers those opens are generated by. … Unique opens, on the other hand, are calculated by counting the first time a single subscriber opens an email.

What’s the difference between total Opens and unique opens?

Unique Opens: It indicates how many Subscribers opened your Email, no matter how many times they did it. Total Opens: They represent the full amount of times your Email was opened, whether it was by the same Subscriber or not.

What are unique opens vs total opens?

Your unique open rate in a given email campaign is the total number of unique recipient email opens divided by the number of emails delivered in the campaign. That means that if one of your customers opens a given campaign five times, it only counts as one unique open, but five total opens.

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