how to tell if someone likes their own comment on youtube

How To Tell If Someone Likes Their Own Comment On Youtube?

There is no way to see who liked your YouTube comment, and likewise there is no way to see who gave you a downvote. YouTube keeps these comment likes or dislikes private for the safety and security of users, but it’s likely a safe bet anyone who left a positive comment on your comment also liked it.Dec 30, 2019

Can people tell if you like your own comments?

No, it does not. When you comment on a video and another viewer likes/ dislikes the comment, the respective count for the like or dislike buttons will change but the identity of that viewer will not be disclosed to you or even the channel owner.

Why does YouTube say someone liked your comment?

When you click that notification to see WHICH brilliant comment someone liked, it will say “HIGHLIGHTED COMMENT” at the top; it’s YouTube’s way of pointing out to you which comment they were sending the notification for, helping you to more easily navigate the plethora of trolls, jokes, deep thinkers & etc.

Can you like your own comment?

If you don’t provide a like button, users may feel like their post has been amputated. Then you are going to have to explain in a help section why you don’t let users like their own posts. If you do provide a like button, you will have to tell the user that she can’t like her own post.

Can you see who disliked your YouTube comment?

Ratings (ie likes/dislikes) are anonymous. You can NOT find out who liked or disliked your videos.

Does liking your own video on YouTube help?

Can Youtubers see who likes their videos?

The truth is, you can’t see who liked your Youtube video. Youtube hides the identity of users who like or dislike to protect the privacy and safety of individual users. You won’t see who liked your video or disliked a comment.

Who gets a notification when you like a comment?

When someone likes your Instagram comment, you will get a notification just like you would when someone mentions you or leaves a comment on your photo. But, you will only be notified if you follow the person who likes your comment.

Can I see who subscribed my YouTube channel?

You can see a list of your most recent subscribers on the channel dashboard. You can also check your subscriber count over time in YouTube Studio.

How do I find my own comments on YouTube?

On the top left corner, click on the “hamburger icon” (three horizontal lines) to launch the YouTube options menu. From the options menu, select “History.” In the “MANAGE ALL HISTORY” section, select “Comments.” You’ll see a list of all the comments you’ve posted, starting with the most recent one.

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Why can’t I see my own comments on YouTube?

Hi limpnoodlesz: if your comments are not appearing publicly, that might be because they are being marked as possible spam, or the channel owner’s comment filtering settings are holding them for review. Either way it’s up to the channel owner to restore the comments to visibility.

Is it weird to like your own posts?

While some people reacted in pure disgust at the very thought of someone liking their own post, others say it’s perfectly acceptable. What do you think? The consensus around here is that it’s unnecessary; obviously you “like” what you posted or else you wouldn’t have posted it in the first place.

Does YouTube notify when someone replies to your comment?

You should be notified when you log into Youtube when someone replies to your comment and you should also receive an email. Check the bell icon at the top of the home page on Youtube for a notification.

What happens if you thumbs down a YouTube comment?

2. If you thumbs up a comment (adds to the ‘like count’), then thumbs down it, your thumbs up is removed/ the ‘like count’ goes back down.

Do dislikes hurt YouTubers?

Everyone is in a rush these days, of course, so if you’re looking for a quick answer, it is yes. Dislikes do matter on YouTube, and for a variety of reasons. But they do not have a negative affect on ranking or views.

how to tell if someone likes their own comment on youtube
how to tell if someone likes their own comment on youtube

Does YouTube tell you who reported your video?

Reporting content is anonymous, so other users can’t tell who made the report. When something is reported, it’s not automatically taken down. Reported content is reviewed along the following guidelines: Content that violates our Community Guidelines is removed from YouTube.

Why is liking your own comment bad?

Liking your own post is seen as redundant, unnecessary, and self-congratulatory. You basically post so that other people see it and react. So whenever you react to your own posts, it looks like you are only doing the job of performer and audience at the same time.

Do likes on YouTube do anything?

The more hits, the more money the YouTuber can make from ad-revenue. Liking someone’s video helps them get more hits. When you like a YouTube video, that video is put on a playlist on your channel. It also puts that video in the feed of everyone who follows you.

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Does it show if you like your own TikTok?

The answer is YES, just go to your profile page, and you’ll see a heart icon on your TikTok dash. When you click on it, you’ll be able to re-watch all the videos you’ve liked. By default, TikTok allows users to see the videos that other users have liked.

Is there a way to see exact number of likes on YouTube?

Can YouTubers delete comments?

When you click on the options button next to the offending comment, you can choose to either delete the comment OR permanently hide the poster from being able to post any further comments on your channel.

Do like notifications go away?

Accidentally liking a photo on Instagram can be quite embarassing. This is because the person might deem that you are stalking them. But don’t worry, if you’ve immediately unliked a photo after liking it, the notification will be removed. Unless the person is using the app while you’re doing this, they wouldn’t know.

Do push notifications disappear if you unlike?

It all depends on timing and this is why: If you like someone’s Instagram post, they will receive a notification. However, the moment you unlike the post, the notification will be removed.

Why do I get notifications when someone comments on someone else’s post?

Most Facebook notifications tend to be a result of your own interactions with the site. You get notifications because you comment on posts, join groups or follow pages. … Screen time apps can help limit your Facebook time so you’re less tempted to idly browse.

Can YouTubers see who unsubscribed?

Currently there is no way to know who unsubscribed to your Youtube channel. You can’t even know who subscribed to you in the first place.

How many subscribers do you need on YouTube to make money?

1,000 subscribers
To start earning money directly from YouTube, creators must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year. Once they reach that threshold, they can apply for YouTube’s Partner Program, which allows creators to start monetizing their channels through ads, subscriptions, and channel memberships.

Do YouTubers get notified when you subscribe?

When you subscribe to a channel, you’ll automatically get notifications with highlights of its activity and all new videos will be in your Subscriptions feed. You can change your notification settings to let you know every time a channel publishes content or turn them off completely.

How do you see someone’s comments on YouTube?

To use Profile cards, you’ll just tap on the profile picture of anyone who’s commenting to view their card. Here, information like their name, profile photo, subscriptions, subscriber counts, and recent comments will appear in a pop-up card.

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What does it mean when someone highlights your comment on YouTube?

A highlighted comment appears on YouTube to flag your attention so that you can interact with the comment more easily. Neither users nor creators choose to highlight comments, and it is not good or bad when this happens – the feature is just meant to help you navigate comments that might be of interest to you.

Why are comments turned off on YouTube 2021?

The video creator has blocked comments

The most common reason you can’t comment on a YouTube video is the video creator has turned off the comments feature for one or more of their videos. If the video has any controversial content, the video creator may block comments to prevent any unwanted messages or spam.

What does it mean when someone likes their own posts?

Liking” your own posts gives those posts a little extra nudge in terms of engagement. Having at least one “Like” draws attention to a post and gives it a little extra perceived importance in the minds of your friends and page “Likers”.

What is bumping a post?

Bump is an online slang term for the practice of posting filler comments to move a post to the top of a discussion thread, increasing a message or thread’s status and visibility.

What does it mean to bump a post?

In simple terms, it’s used when there has been no reply to a post and as such the message has disappeared from the thread onto another page. The user replies to the post with ‘bump’ to get it back to the top. It is known to stand for ‘bring up my post‘ and alternatives are ‘refresh’ and ‘^’.

How do I see comment notifications?

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