how to start a medium blog

How To Start A Medium Blog?

First, you need to create your Publication

Go to and click on “New publication”, this is where you will start your blog. Chose the Title of your blog (ex: Adam Smith) and a description of your blog (ex: I work at Apple and I like to write about tech).

Can anyone start a Medium blog?

Anyone can write on Medium. Whether you’ve never written before or are ready to create a full publication, it’s easy to get started and we allow you to focus more on big ideas and less on driving clicks. … You can write on Medium even if you are not in the Partner Program.

Is blogging on Medium free?

Write to your heart’s content

Publishing on Medium is free and stories you publish may be distributed to your followers, as well as millions of readers who follow relevant topics.

How much do Medium blogs make?

As you get settled you can make about $25 per month on Medium in your first 90 days. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth it, though. After your first 90 days, income amongst my students tends to go up exponentially. $75, then $150, then $300, then up to $1,000 after 9 or so months of steady posting on Medium.

Do Medium writers get paid?

Partner Program writers are paid monthly based on how much time Medium members spend reading their stories. The longer members read, the more writers earn.

Is WordPress better than Medium?

The main difference is that WordPress lets you do a lot more. First off, you get more content elements (called ‘blocks’). Medium only gives you elements for images, videos, embeds and separators, while WordPress offers all of those plus a lot more including buttons, column layouts, quotes, tables and so on.

How much does Medium pay per 1000 views?

Most of them used to say that there’s no actual scale for an X amount of views, but most writers make about $15–20 per 1,000 views.

How many reads does a Medium make?

Most writers who publish at least one story on Medium per month generate some money. Nearly 8% of active writers earned over $100 in July 2019, Medium reported. The most earned by a writer that month was $22,639.47, and the most earned for a single story that month was $6,720.35.

Should I write on Medium or my own blog?

Lots of readers on Medium do not go on blogs. … Medium is a great place for discoverability and for sharing your ideas and writings out there, while your own blog is your own place, you can display your brand and get some leads through a sign up form.

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Is writing for Medium worth it?

Yes, Medium is worth it. Medium is a great platform for writers, readers, data scientists, and programmers. The $5.00 membership fee gives you exclusive access to an unlimited amount of articles (called stories on the platform). As a writer, you can make a monthly income of between $500-$5,000.

How do you get followers on Medium?

6 Simple Ways to Increase Your Following on Medium
  1. Aim to Get Your Writing Curated/Distributed. …
  2. Write for Publications. …
  3. Niche Down. …
  4. Interacting With Other Readers and Writers. …
  5. Reading Articles Across Medium. …
  6. Strategically Using Mentions.

Does Medium pay through PayPal?

Unfortunately, we currently don’t support PayPal or any other third-party payment provider for Partner Program payments.

Is Medium free for writers?

No, you do not need to be a paying member to write for Medium. Writing for Medium is free.

Is Substack better than Medium?

The Main Differences Between Medium And Substack

These include: If you are looking to build your brand through SEO, then Medium is the better option. Even though Substack has gotten better with the option to add a custom domain, Medium is still significantly better than Substack.

Does Medium own your content?

The biggest problem with making Medium your primary blog is that you don’t own your content. If Medium decides to turn off their site, delete your articles, or ban your blog, there’s nothing you can do. They can delete everything you’ve written and the audience you’ve built.

how to start a medium blog
how to start a medium blog

Is Medium good in 2021?

Writing on Medium means you get paid to build your business.

This factor makes it more obvious than ever that it’s still worth it to write on Medium in 2021: you can use it to build your business, you can quickly and easily start getting a very respectable number of views, AND you’ll get paid to do so.

Is medium profitable?

Medium is nearly seven years old. It’s raised $132 million in venture funding, and it is not profitable. It has undergone countless pivots. … Bezos might have used something else if Medium didn’t exist, but it does seem as if some of the very early hopes that the platform would democratize blogging has been achieve.

How does medium pay writers 2021?

Medium makes money via members paying $5 a month to read stories published on the site. When members read a story, the writer gets a portion of their monthly fee. They can also ‘clap’ for stories that they like.

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How much do medium writers earn?

100% of writers enrolled in the Medium Partner Program earned money. This constituted 70% of writers overall. 66.7% of such writers earned more than $100 and 16.7% earned more than $1,000. Among writers who only wrote one story, the average earning for that story was $64 and the median earning was $43.

How do you get views on Medium?

Optimizing for Medium in a Nutshell
  1. Use a great image.
  2. Spend a few bucks on social ads to give your post a little push.
  3. Work with Medium publications for more exposure.
  4. Kill underperforming posts and bring them back.
  5. Add more Twitter and Facebook followers.
  6. Follow people who like your posts.
  7. Post regularly.

Is Medium free to read?

It is free to publish on Medium, your content is always yours, and we will host it for free, indefinitely. This applies whether or not you choose to make money by putting your articles behind the Medium paywall or make them completely free.

Is Medium a good place to publish?

Almost everyone will agree that Medium is a great place to share your story. As a writer, I have found that it’s simple, clean, and easy to use. Almost anyone can produce a great looking story within minutes.

Can I promote my blog on Medium?

Anyone can post to Medium, and just one piece is enough to become a partner. … So, whether you’re only considering posting your articles to this platform or are already a contributor and could use a few tips, this guide will help you promote your pieces and get followers on Medium.

Can I have two blogs on Medium?

The answer to the first question is simple: Yes, writers on Medium can have more than one account.

How often should you post on Medium?

If you want success on Medium, and you absolutely cannot publish daily, publish 3 to 5 times a week at least. The most important thing you really ought to strive for is consistency. Whatever schedule you can do, make sure it’s sustainable over the long haul and stick to it.

What is Writeas? Overview is a simple blogging platform built to publish your writing quickly. Behind our clean, distraction-free editor is a powerful API that enables you to build your own tools on the platform, utilize us as a headless CMS, and create more powerful products on our infrastructure.

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How much does Medium cost per month?

Go to and click Upgrade. Choose your membership plan ($50/year or $5/month.)

How long should Medium post be?

Medium’s data scientists found that 7 minutes is the optimal length for a Medium story. In practice, a story should be as long as it needs to be, and no longer.

What are the most popular topics on Medium?

The 20 most popular Medium tags in Dec 2021
  • Technology (213,000 followers)
  • Self Improvement (197,000 followers)
  • Business (186,000 followers)
  • Music (181,000 followers)
  • Social Media (177,000 followers)
  • Sports (154,000 followers)
  • Food (129,000 followers)
  • Art (115,000 followers)

Is it easy to gain followers on Medium?

It always leads to an interesting conversation. Not only that, they always seem impressed with my 3,200 followers. Say that about any other platform and people wouldn’t bat an eye. But for some reason, Medium is incredibly difficult to gain a big following these days.

Does Medium allow affiliate links?

Medium does not ban content with affiliate links. … “You must disclose affiliate links or payment for a post. Affiliate links, such as link out to Amazon with your code, or any other link out where you will receive a commission or other value, are allowed in posts.

Does Medium pay Indian writers?

The point to make a note here is Medium is still unable to pay any revenue to users from India or Brazil while the program is still in the preview or beta phase. So the only option left that is recommended is waiting until Stripe officially launches in India and/or Brazil before joining the Partner Program.

Where can I post articles and get paid?

Some options of such International sites are:
  • Fiverr.
  • Upwork.
  • PeopleperHour.
  • Freeup.
  • WorknHire.
  • Problogger.
  • Freelancer.
  • Freelance Writing.

Who is behind Medium?

Medium (website)
Type of business Privately held company
Founder(s) Evan Williams
CEO Evan Williams
Industry Internet
Products Blog online publication

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