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What is a Kean?

kean. Origin:Irish. Popularity:12235. Meaning:ancient; fighter; keen wit or eye.

What does I’m keen mean?

very interested, eager, or wanting (to do) something very much: They were very keen to start work as soon as possible.

How do you spell the name Keen?

Keen is an English surname. It is either of Anglo-Saxon origin, and a nickname surname for someone who is brave, or from the Middle English or Olde English personal name ‘Kene’, which means king.

What does Im keen on you mean?

liking someone, or thinking that they are attractive. He seems pretty keen on her. dead keen (=extremely keen): I’m telling you, she’s dead keen on you.

How do you pronounce the name Kean?

Is keen a positive word?

If you have a keen interest in something, you are really, really into it. Keen is an adjective that describes something that is intense, sharp, or focused. The word keen comes from the Old English word cene that translates to “bold and brave” and while the spelling is now really different, the sounds are similar.

What is a pedantic person?

Frequently Asked Questions About pedantic

It typically describes an irritating person who is eager to correct small errors others make, or who wants everyone to know just how much of an expert they are, especially in some narrow or boring subject matter.

How do you use the word Keen?

Keen sentence example
  1. He continued to take a keen interest in art and science. …
  2. He wasn’t too keen on the idea when she first told him about it. …
  3. He was a fine horseman and keen hunter. …
  4. She kept a keen eye out for the same kind of weed and was surprised at how much they found.
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Does keen mean cool?

The word keen can also be used as a slang term meaning wonderful or splendid, and this is how it’s used in the phrase peachy keen, which is used as an informal and playful way to describe something as excellent or wonderful.

How many people have the last name Keen?

Keen World Ranking

In the United States, the name Keen is the 1,624th most popular surname with an estimated 19,896 people with that name.

What origin is the last name Keen?

The name Kleen is derived from a devotion to St. John. The surname is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic Mac Gille Eathain, a patronymic name meaning “son of the servant of Saint John.” The Clan is descended from Eachan Reaganach, (brother of Lachlan the progenitor of the Macleans of Duart).

What is keen sense?

1 : having or showing an ability to think clearly and to understand what is not obvious or simple about something a keen intellect/intelligence/mind She’s a very keen observer of the political world. See More Examples. a keen witHide. 2 : very strong and sensitive : highly developed The dog has a keen sense of smell. =

Is very keen meaning?

B1. very interested, eager, or wanting (to do) something very much: They were very keen to start work as soon as possible.

Is it keen on or keen in?

Senior Member. It is keen on.

What does the name Cian mean?

Cian is a traditional Gaelic name from the Irish word, meaning “ancient”. In Irish mythology Cian is a character who could transform himself into a pig.

how to spell keen
how to spell keen

Is Kean an Irish name?

as a name for boys means “ancient; fighter; sharp, keen wit or eye“. Kean is an alternate form of Cian (Irish, Gaelic). Kean is also a form of Keane (Irish, Gaelic, Old English): actor Edmund Kean.

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Is it keener or more keen?

The comparative form of keen; more keen.

Are you keen meaning Australia?

Keen. Are you interested in going…? “Yeah, I’m keen”. This word basically means you’re down for something.

What is another word for keen interest?

Intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval. enthusiasm. keenness. eagerness. passion.

What is the rarest word in English?

11 Rarest Words in the English Language
  • Metanoia.
  • Meldrop.
  • Lalochezia.
  • Jentacular.
  • Gargalesthesia.
  • Crapulence.
  • Agelast.
  • Acnestis.

What does it mean to be obtuse?

Full Definition of obtuse

2a : lacking sharpness or quickness of sensibility or intellect : insensitive, stupid He is too obtuse to take a hint. b : difficult to comprehend : not clear or precise in thought or expression It is also, unfortunately, ill-written, and at times obtuse and often trivial.— Shirley Hazzard.

What is a resolute person?

faithful, loyal, constant, staunch, steadfast, resolute mean firm in adherence to whatever one owes allegiance.

How do you use peachy keen in a sentence?

The term is sometimes seen without a hyphen (peachy keen). Example: You may be peachy-keen, jelly bean, but I’m nectarine-keen—I’m smooth and I’m sweet and I’ve got all the buzz without the fuzz.

What is an example of keen?

The definition of keen is something sharp or intense. An example of keen is a sharp knife. An example of keen is a witty sense of humor. Showing a quick and ardent willingness or responsiveness, enthusiastic, eager; interested, intense.

What preposition is keen?

In 10% of cases keen for is used

You can be too keen for the job. They are very keen for this project. Management are keen for the boys to meet before Friday’s gig to stop any confrontation. I like to chat with them all you see, and they were keen for me to stay in the village.

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What is keen say in English?

quince. (KEEN-say) 16. sixteen.

What does swell mean slang?

In the 1930s, swell became a popular slang term meaning great or excellent. But it also can describe a wealthy, elegant person, like a group of swells at a fancy restaurant.

Is keen an emotion?

adjective. A keen interest or emotion is one that is very intense. [mainly British] He had retained a keen interest in the progress of the work. Synonyms: earnest, fierce, intense, vehement More Synonyms of keen.

Is keen Scottish?

“Keen” as a noun or verb comes from the Irish and Scottish Gaelic term caoineadh (“to cry, to weep”), as well as caoine (“gentleness, pleasantness, beauty”), and references to it from the 7th, 8th, and 12th centuries are extensive.

Where is keen located?

Portland, Oregon
Keen (stylized KEEN) is an American footwear and accessories company based in Portland, Oregon.

Keen (shoe company)
Type Private
Founded Alameda, CA (2003)
Headquarters Portland, Oregon (2006), U.S.45.52672°N 122.6846°WCoordinates:45.52672°N 122.6846°W
Key people Martin Keen, Rory Fuerst
Products Shoes, boots, clothing, bags

What does the name Kin mean?

The name Kin is primarily a gender-neutral name of Japanese origin that means Golden. Also means “members of the family” in English.

Is not keen meaning?

I’m not too keen (on the idea)!: I’m not too enthusiastic, sure, happy (about the idea)! idiom.

How to spell keen

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