how to set up simplisafe entry sensor

How do you program a SimpliSafe entry sensor?

If you are adding a single sensor, open the Menu on your keypad (using your Master PIN) and select “Devices”, then “Add device” and follow the instructions. If you are adding multiple sensors, open the Menu on your keypad (using your Master PIN) and select “Setup and Naming”.

Does SimpliSafe alert you when a door is opened?

“Your SimpliSafe will warn you that a window or door is open when you turn the alarm on. Open doors or windows will not be protected until they are closed. Once they are closed, the base station will start monitoring them.”

How do you reset SimpliSafe entry sensor?

How to Reset My SimpliSafe Base Station
  1. Unplug your base station.
  2. Remove the battery cover at the bottom of the device using a screwdriver.
  3. Remove the battery for 10 to 15 seconds before putting the battery back in.
  4. Put the cover back on the device.

How do I know which SimpliSafe entry sensor is open?

When you are home and the alarm is off, when you open a door the alarm keypad shows (by text on the keypad) 1 entry sensor open, if you open a second door, it says 2 entry sensors open. If you have the voice mode on, a voice says door open.

How does the SimpliSafe entry sensor work?

Basic Installation: There are two parts to an Entry Sensor: the sensor itself and the magnet. When the magnet is within 2 inches of the grooves on the sensor, it knows the door or window is closed. When more than 2 inches away, the sensor signals that it is open.

Why is my SimpliSafe motion sensor not working?

Sensors in the SimpliSafe Original system will issue errors when they fail to check in with the Base Station for a long period of time. This issue is generally caused by one of the following: The battery or batteries in the device issuing the error need to be replaced.

Do SimpliSafe sensors beep?

Your SimpliSafe entry sensor doubles as a doorbell: If your system is off, it will still sound a chime if someone triggers a sensor. … Entry sensors don’t just keep out the outside world — they can warn you about breaches within your home, too.

How far do SimpliSafe entry sensors work?

They can detect motion within 30 feet, and have a 90 degree field of view. The best place for a Motion Sensor is in a central room, or hallway in your home. The ideal location for a Motion Sensor is in the corner of a room, and 4-5 feet off of the ground for maximum coverage.

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Can SimpliSafe be hacked?

SimpliSafe: Unlike ADT, hacks aren’t uncommon for the newer security company SimpliSafe. Rather, in 2019 a Youtube account named LockPickingLawyer discovered that they could hack the SimpliSafe security system with a $2 dongle from Amazon when physically near the system.

How do I sync my SimpliSafe sensor?

In the top right hand, section click on the Add Device button. In the pop-up window that appears select the device type, serial number, and optionally give the device a nickname. Select Save and the Base Station announce “Your Settings Have Been Synchronized” to confirm the changes were saved.

How do I adjust the sensitivity on my SimpliSafe motion sensor?

You can locate the sensitivity switch in the battery compartment of the motion sensor. To increase the sensitivity, raise the switch up. To lower it, push it down! High sensitivity increases the range of the motion sensor to 35 feet and above.

How do I test my SimpliSafe water sensor?

Extra Siren, Water, and Temperature/Freeze Sensors:
  1. Press the Test Button on the top of each sensor.
  2. Listen for the Base Station to say the sensor name to confirm.

Do SimpliSafe entry sensors work on garage doors?

When connected to your Base Station and the free SimpliSafe app, your garage door camera will allow you to keep a watchful eye and alert you if there is movement detected. The big pull down door is usually not the only way to get into a garage. … Thankfully it’s quick and easy to toughen up your door.

Can SimpliSafe entry sensors work outside?

In Summary. Though the SimpliSafe entry sensors do not have native protection from outdoor elements right out of the box, there are still many creative solutions designed to provide this functionality.

How do you install an entry sensor?

how to set up simplisafe entry sensor
how to set up simplisafe entry sensor

What does entry delay triggered mean?

Entry delay is the time you have to disarm the system after returning home and triggering a sensor. By default, the entry delay is 30 seconds. Both the exit and the entry delay timers can be adjusted from your online account to suit your lifestyle.

What does SimpliSafe panic button do?

Take instant action against burglary and other emergency situations with this SimpliSafe panic button. When pressed, it triggers your security system’s alarm to immediately notify SimpliSafe or the police of your urgent call for help.

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Do I need a SimpliSafe sensor for every window?

We recommend that you place your DIY Security System’s Entry Sensors on all doors and windows that could be accessible to an intruder. If you live on an upper floor, this likely includes your front door and a fire escape in the back.

How do you open the SimpliSafe motion sensor?

Do SimpliSafe sensors go bad?

Sensors in our latest SimpliSafe system will issue errors when they fail to check in with the Base Station. This issue is generally caused by one of the following: The device was programmed when your system was ordered but was never installed.

What is SimpliSafe entry delay?

When enabled, the Entry Delay is the amount of time between when an Entry Sensor is opened when the system is armed and when the alarm begins to sound.

What is SimpliSafe secret mode?

*Secret Alerts are private notifications sent to you by specific sensors you designate to be on a special “alert-only” setting. Sensors on this setting won’t trigger a system alarm, but send a discreet notification directly to you instead.

Is there a panic button on SimpliSafe app?

am I missing the panic button in the iOS app, or is there not one? … The Panic Alarm is intended to let dispatch know that you are on the premises and need help ASAP. That’s why the only way to trigger it is through the Keyfob, the Keypad, or the dedicated Panic Button – and not on the app where you can trigger remotely.

How do I increase the range of SimpliSafe sensors?

Boosting Signal Range of SimpliSafe Door/Window Sensors
  1. Step 1: Open Up the Sensor Case. Description: …
  2. Step 2: Drill Wire Hole in the Top of the Case. …
  3. Step 3: Solder the Electrical Wire to the Internal Antenna. …
  4. Step 4: Trim the Antenna to One Meter. …
  5. Step 5: Reattach the Sensor to the Door/Window. …
  6. Step 6: Check Your Keypad!

Do casement windows need alarm sensors?

If you have windows that open by crank, such as casement windows, it really isn’t necessary to place a contact sensor on this type of window because it is virtually impossible to open without breaking the glass. If you have this type of window, we recommend installing a glass break sensor.

Do I need sensors on all windows?

Motion detectors will need to be placed in specific zones of your home, while window sensors should be placed at every window. … Your hallways, bedrooms, and living rooms might have motion detectors installed, while your outer windows may have both contact sensors and glass break sensors installed.

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Is SimpliSafe easily hacked 2021?

SimpliSafe is not easily hacked

While it’s technically possible to hack into anything, calling it “easy” is extremely misleading.

Does SimpliSafe work if WiFi goes out?

In the event of a power outage your SimpliSafe Base Station is equipped with a backup rechargeable battery supply that will keep your Base Station powered for up to 24 hrs. SimpliSafe does not rely on WiFi, and will continue to function over cellular networks.

Who is SimpliSafe owned by?

Hellman & Friedman
SimpliSafe was acquired by Hellman & Friedman on Jun 29, 2018 .

How do you set a motion sensor?

Does SimpliSafe indoor detect motion?

Your SimpliCam security camera comes equipped with a built-in privacy shutter to give you absolute control over your camera—and your privacy. Whenever the privacy shutter is open, the camera’s motion sensor will send notifications to your phone if it detects motion.

How far away does SimpliSafe camera detect motion?

90 degrees
Your camera’s motion detection range is 90 degrees left to right and downward, as well as straight out. This range cannot be changed. There is also a notification “quiet period” set up by default. This means you should only be receiving one push notification every one minute, per location.

Where should water sensors be placed?

It’s a good idea to place water sensors in areas where water damage inside the home can occur, often without warning. Those areas include: washing machines, hot water heaters (they may fail), dishwashers (they may leak), supply lines to automatic ice makers (they may be damaged) and toilets (they may overflow).



SimpliSafe Installation Guide – Full System


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