how to say perfect in italian

What does Perfecto mean in Italian?

/a [perˈfetto ] adjective. (gen) perfect. (silenzio, accordo) complete ⧫ total.

What is Bellissimo?

New Word Suggestion. [Italian} meaning: Very Beautiful.

Is Perfecto Italian?

How to Say “Perfect” in Italian – Perfetto.

What is Belisima?

very lovely, really lovely.

How do you say cheers in Italian?

Viva’ Viva and Salute are Italian for cheers.

How do you say perfect in every language?

In other languages perfect
  1. American English: perfect /ˈpɜrfɪkt/
  2. Arabic: تَامٌ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: perfeito.
  4. Chinese: 完美的
  5. Croatian: savršen.
  6. Czech: dokonalý
  7. Danish: perfekt.
  8. Dutch: perfect.

What does Delicioso mean in Italian?

/a [delitˈtsjoso ] adjective. (gen) delightful. (sapore, odore, cibo) delicious.

What language is molto bene?

How to say “Very good, thanks” in Italian (Molto bene, grazie)

Can I call a man Bellissimo?

Bellissimo is the absolute superlative of bello, a masculine adjective that can translate in numerous ways including beautiful, handsome, nice, lovely, and fine to name a few. It is used to describe males or masculine nouns.

How do you say perfection in different languages?

In other languages perfection
  1. American English: perfection /pərˈfɛkʃən/
  2. Arabic: كَمَالٌ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: perfeição.
  4. Chinese: 尽善尽美
  5. Croatian: savršenstvo.
  6. Czech: dokonalost.
  7. Danish: perfektion.
  8. Dutch: perfectie.

How do you say beautiful in different languages?

Learning how to say beautiful in a lot of different languages provides creative options for expressing your appreciation of beauty.

Six Languages With Gendered Words for Beautiful.
Language Feminine Word for Beautiful Masculine Word for Beautiful
Spanish hermosa hermoso
Portuguese bonita bonito
Russian krasivaya krasivyy

What is Perfecto Tool used for?

What is Perfecto? Perfecto is the leading testing platform for web and mobile apps. Access the cloud for end-to-end testing from anywhere in the world. Test on real mobile devices, VMs, real Macs, and simulators and emulators.

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What is Yum in Italian?

Italian Translation. delizioso. More Italian words for yummy. delizioso adjective. delicious, delightful, delectable, scrumptious, luscious.

Is Bellissimo Italian or Spanish?

Bellissimo is an Italian word meaning Very Beautiful. Bellissimo is a superlative. The adjective is “bello”.

What’s the difference between Hermosa and Bonita?

Bonita is closer to beautiful, lindo to cute or nice, and hermosa to gorgeous. All three can be said about people, pets, or things, but hermosa in particular can carry a note of seduction or sexuality, depending on the situation.

how to say perfect in italian
how to say perfect in italian

How do you say Cin Cin?

“Cin-cin!” (pronounced chin-chin) is uttered by Italians when they raise and clink their glasses together in a toast before sipping from a flute of spumante sparkling wine as they look each other directly in the eye.

How do you say cheese in Italian?

How do you say congratulations in Italian?

Basic Ways to Say Congratulations in Italian
  1. Complimenti! Complimenti! …
  2. Bravo/a! No matter how well you know Italian, you’re probably familiar with the common saying, bravo/a (good job). …
  3. Congratulazioni! …
  4. Felicitazioni! …
  5. Tanta felicità! …
  6. Cento di questi giorni! …
  7. Auguri! …
  8. Auguroni!

How do you say classy in different languages?

In other languages classy
  1. American English: classy /ˈklæsi/
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: classudo.
  3. Chinese: 有品位的
  4. European Spanish: elegante.
  5. French: classe.
  6. German: stilvoll.
  7. Italian: elegante.
  8. Japanese: しゃれた

How do you say flawless in different languages?

In other languages flawless
  1. American English: flawless /ˈflɔlɪs/
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: impecável.
  3. Chinese: 完美的
  4. European Spanish: impecable.
  5. French: impeccable.
  6. German: fehlerlos.
  7. Italian: perfetto.
  8. Japanese: 完璧な

How do you say handsome in other languages?

In other languages handsome
  1. American English: handsome /ˈhænsəm/
  2. Arabic: وَسِيم
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: bonito.
  4. Chinese: 英俊的
  5. Croatian: zgodan.
  6. Czech: pohledný
  7. Danish: smuk.
  8. Dutch: knap mooi.
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What does Alora mean in Italian?

Allora (so, then, well) is one of those filler words that’s highly useful when thinking of what to say in Italian. It buys you a little time and tells the listener you’re thinking things over, especially when used by itself, or to introduce a sentence.

Is Bon Appetit Italian?

“Buon appetito” is an italian phrase said before and during a meal, thus, it is certainly categorized as an eating phrase.

What do you say before a meal in Italy?

Bon appetit!
(Bon appetit! / Enjoy your meal!), an expression many Italians say before eating. The proper response to this expression is grazie, altrettanto (thanks, likewise) or grazie, anche a te / voi (thanks, and to you or you too). La cena è servita! Buon appetito!Jul 5, 2020

What does Tutu mean in Italian?

Translation of tutu – English–Italian dictionary

tutu. /ˈtuːtuː/ a female ballet dancer’s short stiff skirt. tutù

How do you respond to Tutto Bene?

TUTTO BENE? When you’re asked “Tutto bene?”, you can answer: SI, GRAZIE!

How do you pronounce va bene?

Do you say beautiful in Italian?

Bella – bella is feminine of bello and it is used before or after singular, feminine nouns. Some examples are: Una bella ragazza – a beautiful girl.

How to say beautiful in Italian: bello, bella, belli, belle.
Singular Plural
Feminine Bella, bell’ Belle, bell’

How do you say beautiful in Sicilian?

Trùoppu Bedda/u – Beautiful

So beautiful in Sicilian is Trùoppu Bedda – if your partner is female or identifies as such – and Trùoppu Beddu – if your partner is male or identifies as such.

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What does Di Molto means?

Definition of di molto

: very, extremely —used in musical directions.

How do you say unique in other languages?

In other languages unique
  1. Arabic: فَرِيد
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: único.
  3. Chinese: 独特的
  4. Croatian: jedinstven.
  5. Czech: jedinečný
  6. Danish: unik.
  7. Dutch: uniek.
  8. European Spanish: único especial.

How do you say love in different languages?

But, they are written differently in different languages.

How Do We Say Love in Different Languages? – Translate Love.
S.No. Language Translation
1 i love you in French Je t’aime
2 i love you in Spanish Te amo
3 i love you in German Ich liebe Dich
4 i love you in Mandarin Chinese 我爱你 (Wo ai ni)

What is a word for beyond beautiful?

Words related to pulchritudinous

admirable, alluring, angelic, appealing, attractive, beauteous, bewitching, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, easy on the eyes, elegant, enticing, excellent, exquisite.


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