how to say how old you are

How To Say How Old You Are?


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If you want to know the age of someone you ask how old are you when you respond this question inMoreIf you want to know the age of someone you ask how old are you when you respond this question in English. You use to be plus a number plus years old the years old pad is optional.

How do you say your age?

What is the correct answer of how old are you?

There may be special circumstances when someone might say What’s your age?, but the normal question is How old are you?. The answer is “(X)”, not “(X) years”, or even “(X) years old” – unless you are five!

How do you ask how old you are politely?

When asking about someone’s age, it’s better to avoid the direct question, How old are you? Instead, you can politely ask: Do you mind if I ask how old you are?

What is a 18 year old called?

In contrast to a “minor”, a legal adult is a person who has attained the age of majority and is therefore regarded as independent, self-sufficient, and responsible. The typical age of attaining legal adulthood is 18, although definition may vary by legal rights, country, and psychological development.

When a girl ask you how old are you?

It could mean she just wondered how old you are. Simple. It may be that you just said something inane, and she’s wondering if you are really immature. However, I think the most likely reason for asking personal questions, is a personal interest.

How do you ask someone’s age without asking them?

15 Ways To Find Out How Old He Is Without Directly Asking
  1. Stalk him on social media. Social media is always a go-to. …
  2. Ask mutual friends. …
  3. Check LinkedIn. …
  4. Google him. …
  5. Search public records and data. …
  6. Analyze his name. …
  7. Bring up technology. …
  8. Discuss school memories.

How old are you which sentence is this?

Answer: it is a interrogative sentence.

How do you ask a girl’s age?

Therefore, if you must ask just politely inquire, “What year were you born?” or “How old are you?” and follow with the reason if you wish. Originally Answered: How do I nicely ask a woman her age? THERE IS NO NICE WAY IT IS IMPOLITE TO ASK A WOMAN HER AGE.

How do you ask a boy his age?

The easiest way to ask using this question is to use the past perfect: “How old did you turn?” However, as I said, this is not normally how we would ask this question. It’s an awkward phrasing. Colloquially, it is more common to say, “How old are you now?” If you don’t know or remember their age.

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Is it OK to ask someones age?

It is always rude to ask an adult their age; since you cannot be certain if someone IS an adult, the safest course of action is to refrain from asking. When I encounter a very young child, since children not only delight in telling their ages, but adore being mistaken for older, I may ask: “So: you’re what?

Is 21 an adult?

In the United States, you can’t drink until you are 21, but legal adulthood, along with voting and the ability to join the military, comes at age 18. … You’re allowed to watch adult movies at 17.

Is 21 a teenager?

A teenager, or teen, is someone who is between 13 and 19 years old. … A person begins their teenage life when they become 13 years old, and ends when they become 20 years old. Teenagers who are 18 and 19 years old are, in most nations, both teenagers and adults.

Is nineteen still a teenager?

Technically speaking, until you are 20, you are a teenager. While being 18 is considered a legal adult, you are still very young and do not have much life experience. So yes, you are a young adult, but also a teenager. Originally Answered: Are 18-year-olds still adolescents?

How can you tell a girl’s age?

9 Signs That Reveal Any Woman’s Real Age
  1. The forehead becomes flat. …
  2. Lips lose their volume and moisture. …
  3. The shape and size of the belly button change too. …
  4. Dark circles appear under the eyes. …
  5. The earlobes stretch and increase in size. …
  6. The brow ridges are lowered, the look becomes less open.

how to say how old you are
how to say how old you are

Why do guys ask your age?

The most likely is that you look younger than you really are, and they subconsciously know it. So to get under your skin they ask you your age, likely because they overwork and look older than their age.

When a girl ask how are you?

Treat and talk to them normally, just like you’d treat your friends, so if she asks “How are you?” respond to them something like; “Great! Thanks for asking, and how are you doing?”

How do you ask someone their gender?

How do I word my survey question?
  1. How would you describe your gender?
  2. [ ] Male (including transgender men)
  3. [ ] Female (including transgender women)
  4. [ ] Prefer to self describe as ____________ (non-binary, gender-fluid, agender, please specify)
  5. [ ] Prefer not to say.

Why do we say how old are you?

So, at any given time, we are older than what we were at any time before. And if we take “any time before” the starting time of our life, i.e. 0, then the current “oldness” is the years we have lived. Hence, asking “how old are you” to know our relative age from the time of birth.

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How do you answer Where do you live?

What is your dad?

Your father is your male parent. You can also call someone your father if he brings you up as if he was this man.

How do you ask someone their age without being rude?

Be polite in choice of words, tone, and body language so that they do not feel offended by being asked about their age. Have you ever heard someone saying, “Age is just a number?” Yes, age is just a number for many people, and they don’t bother about who asks and knows about their age or who doesn’t.

How do you ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

Wording Suggestions
  1. “Will you be my girlfriend?”
  2. “You’re the only girl I want. …
  3. “I like you very much, and I’d like you to be my girlfriend. …
  4. “I know you, and I would make a great couple. …
  5. “You will make me the happiest person in the world if you say yes to being my girlfriend.

Why is it offensive to ask a woman her age?

Originally Answered: Why is it rude to ask a woman how old she is? It’s rude to ask a woman her age, because women are judged only by what they look like. If I didn’t have my boyfriend and I was still dating online, most men wouldn’t even bother looking at my photo OR profile just based on my age. THAT’s why it’s rude.

How do you ask how old are you on your birthday?

The easiest way to ask using this question is to use the past perfect: “How old did you turn?” However, as I said, this is not normally how we would ask this question. It’s an awkward phrasing. Colloquially, it is more common to say, “How old are you now?” If you don’t know or remember their age.

How do you ask someone for their birthday?

Well, of course the best way is to start up a conversation and casually ask them. It’s not always easy talking to your crush, so the way I did it is this: I decided to start a list of people’s birthdays, and write it down. If they asked why, I’d say I just want to know so I can wish them a happy birthday on the day.

What does turning 18 mean legally?

In most states, the age of 18 is when a person is officially and legally viewed as an adult, which includes the ability to enjoy certain rights along with the requirement to fulfill certain duties.

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Is 18 considered a minor?

In the United States as of 1995, minor is generally legally defined as a person under the age of 18. However, in the context of alcohol or gambling laws, people under the age of 21 may also sometimes be referred to as minors. However, not all minors are considered juveniles in terms of criminal responsibility.

Is 18 considered a child?

Legally, the term child may refer to anyone below the age of majority or some other age limit. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child defines child as “a human being below the age of 18 years unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier“.

Are you an adult at 18?

The age of majority is defined as the age that a person is considered a legal adult. A person that has reached the age of majority is legally held responsible for their own actions, such as signing a contract or committing a crime. … In most states in the United States, the age of majority is 18 years old.

Is 24 still a teenager?

Adolescence now lasts from the ages of 10 to 24, although it used to be thought to end at 19, scientists say. Young people continuing their education for longer, as well as delayed marriage and parenthood, has pushed back popular perceptions of when adulthood begins.

Is 25 still a kid?

Yes 25 is young but definitely not a child and is fully grown.

Is 13 still a kid?

Technically, yes. A thirteen-year-old is a teenager. Between 13–19 are the teenage years. Now if you are asking if a 13 year old acts more like a teen or a kid, it’s a bit of both.

What is a 20 year old called?


A person between 10 and 19 years old is called a denarian. A person between 20 and 29 is called a vicenarian. A person between 30 and 39 is called a tricenarian. A person between 40 and 49 is called a quadragenarian.

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