how to save documents in word

How To Save Documents In Word?

Save your document

Click FILE > Save, pick or browse to a folder, type a name for your document in the File name box, and click Save. Save your work as you go – hit Ctrl+S often.

What is the best format to save Word documents?


DOC files have been the standard document files to save your writing in Microsoft Word for a long time. It is compatible with versions of Microsoft Word from Word 97 up to Word 2003 for Windows.

How do I save a Word document in 2020?

Save a document
  1. Go to File > Save As (or Save a Copy).
  2. Select OneDrive so you can get to your document from anywhere. Save personal files to OneDrive – Personal, and work files to your company OneDrive or SharePoint site. …
  3. Enter a name, and select Save.

What are the steps in saving a document?

Step 1: Start a new document in Word and type your text.
  1. Step 2: Click File in the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Step 3: From the menu, choose Save.
  3. Step 4: A ‘Save’ dialogue box will come up. …
  4. Step 6: Once you have typed in the name of your document, click Save.

How do I save a document in Word 10?

Saving New Document

Step 1 − Click the File tab and select the Save As option. Step 2 − Select a folder where you will like to save the document, Enter the file name which you want to give to your document and Select the Save As option, by default it is the . docx format.

Should I save as doc or DOCX?

Doc is the older version of a Microsoft Word Document. DocX is the newer version, form versions of Microsoft Word 2007 onwards. Now before you jump in thinking that the added X makes the document extreme or better in some way, that X on the end just stands for ‘Office Open XML’. … DOCX is going to be the better option.

How do I save a Word document in a different file format?

Save as a different, or older, format
  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Click Save As.
  3. Choose a file location, such as OneDrive or This PC to store your file.
  4. In the File name box, enter a new name for the file.
  5. In the Save as type list, click the file format that you want to save the file in. …
  6. Click Save.

What is the shortcut to save a document?

Tip: To quickly save a file, press Ctrl+S.

Why can’t I save my Word document?

If you’ve turned on AutoSave, turn it off. If you’ve used Track Changes, then turn it off and resolve all the changes in the document. Then use Save As to save out the document under a new file name. If you still can’t save your edited document, then there is a good chance that the document is corrupted in some way.

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How do I save as docx?

Converting a .doc to .docx
  1. Open the . …
  2. Click the ‘File’ tab at the top-left followed by ‘Save As’ from the left-hand menu. …
  3. Once you have chosen an appropriate location, enter a file name in the ‘File name’ field.
  4. From the ‘Save as type’ dropdown, ensure ‘Word Document (*. …
  5. Click ‘Save’ to confirm and save the file.

How do I open a saved document in Word?

Open an OpenDocument Text file in Word
  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Click Open.
  3. To see only the files saved in the OpenDocument format, in the File of type list, click OpenDocument Text.
  4. Click the file you want to open, and then click Open. Tip: To open the file, you can also double-click it after you find it.

How do I save one page of a Word document?

By default, Word will export all of the pages in the document. If you want to export only the current page, click Options in the Save as dialog box. The Options dialog box will appear. Select Current page, then click OK.

How do I save a Word document to my desktop?

Create a desktop shortcut for an Office document or file

Right-click the name of the document, and then click Create shortcut. In Windows 8 you would click Send To > Desktop (Create shortcut). A shortcut for that document or file appears on your desktop.

What are the three options to save a document?

Step 1: Start a new document in Word and type your text. Step 2: Click File in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Step 3: From the menu, choose Save. Step 4: A ‘Save’ dialogue box will come up.

Is a Word document a .DOC file?

DOC file extension refers to a word processing document format. This binary file format is proprietary of Microsoft and is native to Microsoft’s most popular word processing application, Microsoft Word. It’s a plain text document format which can also contain hyperlinks, images, alignments, etc.

how to save documents in word
how to save documents in word

Is DOCX the same as Word?

A DOCX file is a Microsoft Word Open XML Format Document file. Open with Word, Word Online, Google Docs, or some other word processor. Convert one to PDF, DOC, JPG, etc. with those same programs or a converter like FileZigZag.

What is difference between Save and Save As command?

Save is a command in the File menu of most applications that stores the data back to the file and folder it originally came from. On the other hand, Save As is a command in the File menu of most applications that allows to store a new file or to store the file in a new location.

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How do you save a document as a PDF in Word?

  1. Choose File > Export > Create PDF/XPS.
  2. If the properties of your Word document contains information that you do not want included in the PDF, in the Publish as PDF or XPS window, choose Options. …
  3. In Publish as PDF or XPS, navigate to where you want to save the file. …
  4. Click Publish.

How do I automatically save a Word document as a PDF?

Click the File tab or menu option at the top-left of the Word program window. Click the Export option in the menu. Select the Create PDF/XPS Document option, then click the Create PDF/XPS button. In the Publish as PDF or XPS window, choose the location where you want to save the file.

How do you save a document in Word without a mouse?

Via “File” Menu

Another way to save a document without using your mouse is to drop-down the “File” menu using your keyboard. Hold down the “Alt” key, then hit “F” to access the file menu.

How do I save a document in Windows 10?

Saving Files in Windows 10
  1. Click File on the top menu, click Save, and save your document in your Documents folder or to your desktop for easy retrieval later. …
  2. The Save As command gives you a chance to save your work with a different name and in a different location.

What is Ctrl N?

Alternatively referred to as Control+N and C-n, Ctrl+N is a keyboard shortcut most often used to create a new document, window, workbook, or other type of file. … Ctrl+N in Word and other word processors. Related keyboard shortcuts and keys.

Why does my save as not work?

When the application attempts to store the file in the cloud, “Save As” function may not function properly. You may need to disable the cloud storage location function. Open Acrobat’s preferences, navigate to the General tab and remove the checkmark from Show online storage when saving files.

How do I save a DOCX File in Windows?

  1. Open or create your word-processing document using Microsoft Word 2007 or later.
  2. Click “File” on the menu bar along the top of your screen.
  3. Select “Save As” from the drop-down list.
  4. Type a name for your document in the “Save As” field of your pop-up window, then click the blue “Save” button.

How do I open and save a File?

Open, save, or delete files
  1. In the corner of your screen, select the Launcher. Up arrow .
  2. Open Files .
  3. On the left, choose where your file is saved. For files you’ve just used, select Recent. For a list of files by type, select Image, Video, or Audio. …
  4. Find your file and double-click it to open.

Where are saved documents?

Find the file manager app

By far the easiest way to find downloaded files on Android is to look in your app drawer for an app called Files or My Files. Google’s Pixel phones come with a Files app, while Samsung phones come with an app called My Files.

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How do I open a saved File on my PC?

Open a file
  1. Open File Explorer and double-click the file, or right-click the file and select Open.
  2. Open the Office app you created the file in, and select the file from the Recent list.

Can I save each page of a Word document separately?

While using Microsoft Word document, you can save each page as separate pdf files one by one with its build-in Save As function.

How do you save a Word document online?

Go to File > Save As. Select Download a copy. Select a location to save the file, and then select Save.

How do I save a file type?

In the Save As dialog box, look for a dropdown menu labeled Save As Type or Format. Choose a new file type for the file from the dropdown menu. Click the “Save As” button. The original file will still be open in the software program.

What does .DOCX stand for?

Microsoft added an “x” or an “m” to the file extension to indicate whether the file contains macros. Therefore, a “docx” file extension indicates a Word document without macros; a “docm” extension indicates a Word document with macros.

What is difference between PDF and Word?

Microsoft Word is used for making and editing DOC files while Adobe Acrobat is for creation of PDF files. … Documents created using Word and saved in PDF can be edited using Word while PDFs made using Acrobat can be edited through third-party developers. 4. ‘DOC’ is proprietary while ‘PDF’ is open source.

What folder are my Office documents saved by default?

Office will save your documents to your user account’s Documents folder by default. This is generally C:\Users\NAME\Documents\. If you’d like to change the default folder, you can select a new location by clicking “Browse” to the right of “Default File Location.”

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