how to reply to a reply tumblr

How To Reply To A Reply Tumblr?

You will find it at the bottom of the post. After you have tapped on the speech bubble icon, a text box will appear on the screen. So type your reply and tap on the ‘Reply’ button. In doing so, your reply will be posted under that post, and the other user will be notified.Mar 16, 2021

How do you reply to a quote on Tumblr?

Select and copy the entirety of the comment, which is formatted as “username replied to your post: Username’s comment.” Open a new text post and paste this comment into it. This pastes the comment with links to the user’s blog and your post, and shows the comment as a block quote.

How do you reply to someones comment?

To get started, simply open the Facebook page and select Reply underneath the comment you would like to respond to. Type your reply and then click Enter. Your reply will now be displayed in the comments section for all to see. If you would rather respond via private message, underneath the comment select Message.

How do you leave a reply on Tumblr?

Replies are Tumblr’s way of responding to a post that’s more specific than a like, less of a commitment than a reblog, and more public than a message. To reply to a post: Tap or click the speech bubble at the bottom of a post, say something nice in the box provided, and hit “Reply.” Your work here is done.

How do you comment on a Tumblr post on mobile?

Go to the Tumblr blog you started following and find the blog post you wish to comment on. Click on the Reply icon. When available, the Reply icon should be located near the top of the post. It should look like a speech bubble and be positioned next to the Reblog (rotating arrows) icon.

How do you reply with a picture on Tumblr?

When you’re writing a new post, click on the gear in the top right corner, and check “Let people photo reply” (just as you see in the first image).

Why can’t I reply to a Tumblr post?

To do that, go to the dashboard and click on the account icon on the top right. Select the settings, click on the blog name and go to the blog settings. Under submissions you can now change the settings to allow replies.

How do I reply to a blog comment?

Don’t have some bot or software solution send a canned, generic reply that is off topic or vague. Stay on the topic of the post. Make your comment thoughtful and worth reading. Further a conversation.

How do you reply to a comment on good reads?

Hi Beyza! If you are referring to comments on your reviews, it’s not currently possible to reply to a comment from the app – I’m sorry about that. Though we don’t have plans to implement this change just yet, I’ll make sure to pass along your feedback!

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How do you acknowledge a comment?

Sometimes you don’t have anything to add to a colleague’s comment, but you want to show them you agree or that you’ve read it. In this case, you can acknowledge a comment by adding a ‘thumbs up’. You will see a ‘thumbs up’ icon at the bottom right of every comment when you hover your cursor over it.

How do notes work on Tumblr?

Notes are all of the reblogs, likes, and replies that a post has received. To understand how notes work, tap or click the note count on any post and allow us to walk you through the remarkable notes ecosystem.

How do you read comments on Tumblr?

Réka M. Tap/click on the number of notes on the post, and it’ll show you replies people have made to the post and comments people have made while reblogging. If no one has replied or added to the post, it’ll just show a list of who has liked and reblogged it.

How do you make notes on Tumblr?

Here are four things you can do to get more notes on Tumblr and maximize engagement.
  1. USE EXPLORE. If you want to boost your Tumblr presence, start by studying the Tumblr explore page. …
  2. ADD TAGS. Tags are similar to hashtags on most social networks. …

How do you put a GIF in a Tumblr ask?

Click the camera icon in a post enabled for photo replies to open the Photo Reply form. Click the center of the form to open the file browser. Navigate to the GIF file, then click “Open” to upload the image. You can also drag and drop the GIF file into the center of the form to upload the image.

How do you comment on a Tumblr post on Iphone?

To leave a comment on a Tumblr post from your dashboard, click the speech bubble icon, type your reply and then post it. If you’re reblogging it from its own page, click the reblog icon and leave a comment on it before reblogging. If a user doesn’t have replies enabled, you can’t leave a reply on his posts.

how to reply to a reply tumblr
how to reply to a reply tumblr

How do you verify your email on Tumblr?

Check your inbox for the email address associated with your Tumblr account, including your junk or spam filters. Search for an email from Tumblr, with the subject line “Verify your email address”. Open the email and click or tap on the “This is me!” link in the email to verify your email address.

Should you respond to comments on your blog?

Here’s a more general rule: respond if you feel like you have something to tell them. It’s okay to respond to some and not others. Very few people are going to get upset if you don’t respond to their comment. And just because you don’t respond doesn’t mean their comment wasn’t worthwhile.

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How do you comment on a blog post?

You comment on Blogger, a hosting site for blogs formerly called Blogspot, using the Blogger interface.
  1. Click on “Leave a comment.” The text of the link will change, if there are already comments. …
  2. Type your comment on the comment posting page.
  3. Click an identity from the list. …
  4. Click “Preview” to proofread your comment.

How do you comment on a good post?

For example:
  1. “Nice info!”
  2. “Great share!”
  3. “Useful post”
  4. “Amazing write-up!”

How do you acknowledge an email reply?

Usually, the sender simply wants to know that you have seen the email and expects a simple acknowledgement from you. This kind of emails may end with, “Please acknowledge receipt of this message”, “Kindly acknowledge receipt of this email” or “Please acknowledge receipt of this email”.

How do I reply to an acknowledge message?

The sender usually asks the recipient to acknowledge receipt of the mail or message. When the acknowledgment is sent, the communication is usually deemed complete. If you really want to reply, you can say “thank you,” especially if you specifically requested the acknowledgment.

What does the lightning bolt on Tumblr mean?

If you’ve subscribed to a blog, you’ll see a small lightning bolt next to the person-shaped icon when you view that blog. To stop notifications, tap or click the person-shaped icon again and tap “Stop notifications.” If you unfollow a blog, you will no longer be subscribed and notifications will stop.

What Post has the most notes on Tumblr?

Today, I accidentally stumbled across the most popular Tumblr post of all time. When it came to me, it simply said “Mitt Romney sucks pass it on.” When I was done with it, it said “Randy Newman for President.” And on it goes, for almost 8 million notes.

How do you see all your reblogs on Tumblr?

*Note: This only works on computers.
  1. Step 1: Click on the human on the top right of your dashboard, then go to settings.
  2. Step 2: Go to the right hand side of your screen, and click on “Labs”
  3. Step 3: Enable Tumblr Labs.
  4. Step 4: Scroll down, and enable “Tag Crawler”
  5. Congrats, you’ve enabled the tag crawler!

Is Tumblr dead?

Tumblr was once a place for young creators. … But Tumblr is practically dead, and TikTok is very much alive. While a Tumblr spokesperson says that 48 percent of its current user base is Gen Z, it’s undeniable that the site’s total user numbers have dropped off in the past few years.

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How many followers is Tumblr famous?

A few months ago, I ran across a post on Tumblr that declared that anyone who hit 1,000+ followers without following back was “Tumblr famous”.

Can you make money on Tumblr?

In addition to allowing ads to be served to the visitors of your Tumblr blog, you can also make money on Tumblr by adding affiliate links. … Then, if visitors to your Tumblr blog click on an Amazon link you’ll earn money from Amazon.

How do you reply with a GIF on Tumblr?

How do you send a picture on Tumblr?

How to Submit Pictures on Tumblr
  1. Visit the blog you want to submit to, tap the mail icon and choose Submit. …
  2. Tap Photo. …
  3. Tap each picture you want to submit, in order, or tap Camera to take a new photo. …
  4. Enter a caption for your photos if you want, and then tap Submit.

How do you add a picture to a text post on Tumblr?

Click the camera icon on the left to upload images from your computer. Drag files directly into the post form. Click “Add photo from web” and paste an image URL.

How do I email Tumblr?

Yes, you can send an email directly to [email protected]. But you can also report issues and problems (except for service disruptions) using the “Contact Tumblr” form.

Why am I not getting a verification email from Tumblr?

If you don’t get the verification message, it could be because there is a typo in the email address you gave us or because the verification message got caught in your email spam filter. … If you find the verification message, click on the link in it to verify the email address you registered with your Tumblr account.

How can you change your email on Tumblr?

Updating Your Email on Web
  1. Go to your Account Settings page.
  2. In the first section (titled “Email”), click the pencil icon that appears to the right of your current registered email address.
  3. Enter the new email address you wish to use.
  4. Enter your account password.
  5. Click “Save.”

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