how to press natural black hair

How do you press African American hair?

How do you press out natural hair?

What is silk press for black hair?

What is a silk press? A silk press is a modern-day take on the press and curl (a ’90s way to straighten afro hair that traditionally used lots of oil and heat). It gives natural hair the appearance of being relaxed and doesn’t use harsh chemicals. It’s all about the technique, temperature and the products.

Is it OK to press natural hair?

Is it bad for your hair? Here’s the honest truth: All heat styling does some damage to your hair. However, as far as curly and natural hair straightening methods go, the silk press process is the least likely to cause damage.

What is silk press natural hair?

“A silk press is basically straightening your hair without the relaxer,” says Williams. … As compared to the standard press and curl technique, silk presses emphasize body and sleek shine, according to Williams. Silk presses apply less heat than the press and curl, giving the hair more movement.

Can I do a silk press at home?

“A silk press is an upgrade to a traditional press and curl, just with less heat,” says Latanya Williams, a stylist with mobile hair salon Yeluchi. … But if you want to try a silk press at home, you can get a damage-free, salon finish — as long as you have the right tools and remain patient.

Is a silk press better than a relaxer?

Chemical relaxers are more convenient in that they last longer and they are water proof which means less time worrying about the weather or putting a cap on in the shower! Silk Press is the better option if you are worried about using chemicals or want to keep your hair natural.

Can you silk press transitioning hair?

Another way is silk pressing (a process in which the hair is straightened with heat) — this option will keep your natural hair manageable throughout the transition process while looking like ‘yourself’ through the journey. [I’d recommend] a routine of only [once] a month for silk pressing.

What’s the difference between a silk press and a blowout?

The typical silk press uses direct heat, first from the blowdryer, then the flat iron, all the way through the straightening process. … In the Dominican Blowout, direct heat is used for the blowdry portion of the straightening. This is done on dry hair, which limits the risk of damage.

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Is silk press the same as flat iron?

A flat iron, or straightener, is the tool, and its skills go beyond what its name says. … A silk press on the other hand, is a technique or method that uses a flat iron, and is usually done in salons. It incorporates several steps, and its mainly used to take people who have natural hair from curly or coily to straight.

How long does silk Press last on 4c hair?

A silk press can last for 2 to 4 or 5 weeks with the right maintenance in place. Avoid too much humidity, water or steam.

How long does silk Press last?

How Do You Maintain a Silk Press? Here’s the good news: after all that, Zemura says that your silk press can last “with proper care” up to two to three weeks. But as with any straightened style, you need to factor in the weather.

Does pressing hair cause damage?

Your hair can withstand a temperature of 450F before burning or becoming damaged. Simply using heat does not automatically mean that your hair is or will become damaged. In most cases, healthy hair will only experience heat damage with excessive use of heat or using heat appliances at temperatures of 450F or more.

How often should you do a silk press?

Answer: You should get your silk press no more often than every 3 to 4 months, since maintaining supreme health should be as important as silky hair to you, this timeframe between silk presses should help retain length without much heat damage.

What is a 4C hair?

Type 4C: You have hair as densely packed as 4B, just with less definition as well as more shrinkage. The hair texture, which is tightly coiled like all Type 4s, ranges from super fine and soft to coarse and wiry. It’s incredibly delicate hair.

how to press natural black hair
how to press natural black hair

Can a white person get a silk press?

Anyone can get a silk press.

But the outcome of the silk press tells you everything you need to know about your hair’s health. … All of those things come into play when it comes to your ‘typical silk press look,'” Knight explains.

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What products do I need to silk press my hair?

For a silk press, you need just 6 products. You need a clarifying shampoo, a sulfate-free hydrating shampoo, deep conditioner, heat-protectant serum, hairdryer and straightening iron. For cleansing and removing product buildup, you can use Kendra Clarifying shampoo.

What do I need for a silk press?

You will need a hairdryer, brush, straightening iron, comb, and clips. You’ll also need shampoo and deep conditioner as well as a thermal protectant. How long does a silk press last for?

How do I prepare my hair for a silk press?

Why is my silk Press Puffy?

The smallest amount of moisture and/or humidity in the air will have your freshly silk pressed hair looking frizzy and puffy. In the shower, make sure you wrap your hair with a satin scarf and a shower cap! If you’re not into the mood of keeping your hair down, secure your strands with a silk wrap.

What temperature do you do a silk press?

A flat iron temperature of between 375-400°F (190-204°C) gives a typical flat iron look – lots of texture, but not as much shine. “In order to achieve a silkier, silk pressed look, the flat iron temperature for silk press needs to be higher, in the range of 400-420°F (204-215°C).

Can a silk press be permanent?

Is a silk press permanent? A silk press is not a permanent hair treatment. Talisha says results usually last for 2-3 weeks but some will last for 6-8 weeks depending on how soon you want to wash your hair. “Providing your hair doesn’t get wet, it will stay straight.

How do I wash my hair after Silk press?

How can I soften my 4c natural hair?

How to Soften Natural Hair
  1. Moisturize your hair regularly. …
  2. Always do a Prepoo treatment before shampoo. …
  3. Do oil rinsing regularly. …
  4. Caramel treatment. …
  5. Deep conditioning hair regularly. …
  6. Steaming natural hair frequently. …
  7. Use Bentonite Clay mask. …
  8. Your hair is dry.

What is a relaxer for hair?

The main active ingredient in a Lye Relaxer is Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH). Sodium Hydroxide relaxers are very effective in breaking down the hair’s bonds (straightening the hair) quickly. Because it processes quickly it is also the most commonly used relaxers by professionals.

How can I straighten my black hair without a relaxer?

What is a Dominican wash and set?

“Dominican salons are known for their cheap wash and sets. For $10–25, your hair is washed, then put in rollers, and then blow dried to the bounciest blowout ever. Many stylists from some very high-end salons know about the amazing blowouts you get at the Dominican salons.

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What is a Dominican Silk press?

Can you do a Brazilian blowout on Black hair?

The Brazilian Blowout is not a straightening system, but a smoothing system. The hair is coated with a protective layer that seals the cuticle. … For Black hair the results are better and more dramatic on natural hair.

How long does a silk Press process take?

2 to 2 1/2 hours
Because of the multiple processes, a Silk Press Blowout and a Hydra Silk Press Blowout usually takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours depending on the length, density and texture of the clients’ hair.

Is ceramic or titanium better for African American hair?

These two materials are great, they are the best, but they have different results. Titanium is stronger and more durable; it also heats up very quickly. Ceramic, on the other hand, heats up much smoother and evenly. It does a great job of distributing the heat evenly.

What type of flat iron is used for a silk press?

Titanium flat irons are best for a silk press, Hardges says. “The titanium plates create a great level of shine and straighten hair with a single pass,” she notes. This one from BaBylissPRO heats up super quickly and has a wide, adjustable range of temperatures.


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