how to get spiritomb in pokemon diamond

How To Get Spiritomb In Pokemon Diamond?

How to get Spiritomb in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
  1. On Route 209, simply place an Odd Keystone in the tower.
  2. Enter the Underground and interact to other players 32 times.
  3. Interact with the Hallowed Tower. A level 25 Spiritomb will appear, and a battle with it will begin as soon as possible.

How do you get Spiritomb fast?

Head to Route 208

On Route 208 near the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a trainer that’s almost hidden by the trees. They don’t try to battle you, they simply give you the Odd Keystone, which is essential to catch Spiritomb.

Can you get Spiritomb offline?

1 Answer. As mentioned in the question, encountering Spiritomb requires talking to 32 trainers online. You can’t encounter Spiritomb without talking to trainers online, which requires a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Where is the odd keystone in Pokemon Diamond?

Odd Keystone
  • The Odd Keystone is an item used in the Generation IV games to summon.
  • In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, they can be found by digging in the Sinnoh Underground, and one can be found with the.
  • in Twinleaf Town.

What does the odd keystone do in Diamond?

The Odd Keystone’s sole purpose is for it to trap and bind Spiritomb. You will have to place the Odd Keystone in the Hallowed Tower located in Route 209. Afterwards, you will need to talk to 32 unique named NPCs underground in order for a wild Spiritomb to be encountered.

Where can I find Spiritomb?

ILCA / The Pokemon Company Spiritomb is found on Route 209.
  • Trainers must first unlock the Grand Underground in Eterna City. …
  • After you get the Odd Keystone, return to Hearthome City and take the east exit to Route 209. …
  • Trainers will then get a prompt to use the Odd Keystone.

How do you evolve Gligar?

To evolve Gligar, it needs to be holding a Razor Fang at nighttime. According to, you can obtain a Razor Fang in the southwest area of the Battle Park. The Battle Park is the only place you can obtain this item, and unfortunately, you won’t be able to reach it until the end of the game.

Is Spiritomb a legendary?

Simple answer is no. Its not legendary.

How do I get a shiny Spiritomb?

How To Catch Shiny Spiritomb
  1. Catch 18 Dark-type Pokemon – Spiritomb (can be shiny)
  2. Catch 18 Ghost-type Pokemon – Spiritomb (can be shiny)
  3. Purify 2 Shadow Pokemon: Cubone (can be shiny)
  4. Win 2 Raids: Yamask (can be shiny), Spiritomb (can be shiny)
  5. Catch 3 Ghost-type Pokemon: Duskull (can be shiny)
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Does Bronzor have levitate?

Bronzor is a Steel/Psychic type Pokémon introduced in Generation 4 . It is known as the Bronze Pokémon .

Pokédex data.
National № 436
Species Bronze Pokémon
Height 0.5 m (1′08″)
Weight 60.5 kg (133.4 lbs)
Abilities 1. Levitate 2. Heatproof Heavy Metal (hidden ability)

What is in the egg in Hearthome city?

Inside the Hearthome City Egg in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl or BDSP, you’re going to get a Happiny. This absolutely adorable little critter evolves into Chansey if you give it an Oval Stone and then level the Happiny up during in the daytime.

What is Gligar hidden ability?

Pokédex data
National № 207
Species FlyScorpion Pokémon
Height 1.1 m (3′07″)
Weight 64.8 kg (142.9 lbs)
Abilities 1. Hyper Cutter 2. Sand Veil Immunity (hidden ability)

How do you evolve Roselia?

To evolve Roselia into Roserade, use a Shiny Stone on it. This is done by opening your bag, selecting the Shiny Stone, and then using it on Roselia in your party. A short animation will play out and once it’s done, you’ll have a Roserade.

How do you summon Spiritomb?

Obtaining Spiritomb in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
  1. Go to Route 209 and place an Odd Keystone in the tower.
  2. Enter the Underground and talk to other players a total of 32 times.
  3. Interact with the Hallowed Tower. A level 25 Spiritomb will appear, and a battle with it will begin immediately.

What is infernape hidden ability?

Pokédex data
National № 392
Species Flame Pokémon
Height 1.2 m (3′11″)
Weight 55.0 kg (121.3 lbs)
Abilities 1. Blaze Iron Fist (hidden ability)

how to get spiritomb in pokemon diamond
how to get spiritomb in pokemon diamond

Can you get more than one Spiritomb?

Note that Spiritomb is not a one-time only encounter, either. If you repeat the entire process, including using another Odd Keystone, you can catch as many Spiritomb as you like.

Can you still get Spiritomb?

Spiritomb can be obtained again; though, all of the steps stated above must be followed again to do so, including interacting to players in the Underground another 32 times. Depending on the amount of players the player has talked to, the game will display different messages, likewise, “It’s the Hallowed Tower.

Where is Spiritomb a grave?

Where to Find Spiritomb’s Grave. Spiritomb’s Grave is located at the end of a small alcove near Dyna Tree Hill.

Where is the grave in Ballimere Lake?

You can find this tombstone near Ballimere Lake in the Crown Tundra DLC area. Down by the waterside there’s a single gravestone resting near a tree. When you inspect the gravestone you are given a simple clue “Spread my Voice”.

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Where can I get a razor Fang in Pokemon Diamond?

To find the Razor Fang in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you must go to the Battle Park. You can find this held item in the southwest corner of that area. You can also exchange five Battle Points for the Razor Fang in the Battle Tower, but you can only do this in the post-game.

Where can I get a razor Fang?

Razor Fangs can be found in Route 225 (in the bottom-left Rock Climb spot), in Route 214 (in the empty square in patch of tall grass with a man standing inside) and as a prize at the Battle Frontier.

What level does Sneasel evolve?

Do this enough times and you’ll see Sneasel evolve into Weavile, who is a bit more powerful than his clawed predecessor. Thankfully, there’s no level requirement here; you can evolve Sneasel into Weavile at any level.

Is Mega Spiritomb real?

Since the video game developers have abandoned the concept of Mega Evolution not long ago, we highly doubt that we’ll see a Mega Spiritomb, unless something changes drastically. So, if you see a “Mega Spiritomb” somewhere around the web, know that it is a fake.

Is rotom legendary?

No Rotom is not a Legendary Pokemon and that’s mostly to do with its stats. Legendaries and Mythicals have higher stats than any other Pokemon species additionally there’s only 1 Legendary each.

What rarity is Spiritomb?

Spiritomb is a rare Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon that was introduced back in Generation 4 with Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. It’s said to be a very dangerous Pokemon that holds the 108 spirits of others trapped in an Odd Keystone for doing misdeeds.

How rare is shiny gengar?

The shiny rate for Gastly is about 1 in 500; so, for every 500 Gastlys you find in the wild, you’ll probably only see one shiny version. Haunter and Gengar are rarely seen in the wild.

How do you get a spirit bomb in 2021?

Here are the two tasks that you can complete to obtain Shiny-capable Spiritomb encounters. These two tasks yield Spiritomb encounters all through the month of October 2021 in Pokémon GO: Catch 18 Ghost-type Pokémon: Spiritomb encounter. Catch 18 Dark-type Pokémon: Spiritomb encounter.

What is a shiny lucario?

Shiny Lucario is one of 2 Shiny Pokemon who have competed in the game (the other being Shiny Zangoose after his mutation). Shiny Lucario is one of the few Pokemon who have evolved into their final form (the others being Typhlosion, Raichu, Glaceon, Leafeon, and Hariyama).

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How do you evolve Croagunk?

A normal Croagunk (without the hat) can be evolved into Toxicroak using 50 Croagunk Candy. There’s no special trick to this evolution. You simply need to collect the 50 Candy and press the “Evolve” button on Croagunk’s page to evolve it.

How do you get a Purugly in Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Purugly is a Normal Type Tiger Cat Pokémon, with a 9.8% Chance To Catch with a regular Pokeball.

Where To Find Purugly in BDSP.
Location How To Catch Pokemon Spawns
Route 229 20 – 5% Purugly Lv. 50
Route 222
20 – 5% Glameow Lv. 40
20 – 5% Purugly Lv. 41-42

What level does Monferno evolve?

level 36
Monferno (Japanese: モウカザル Moukazaru) is a dual-type Fire/Fighting Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Chimchar starting at level 14 and evolves into Infernape starting at level 36.

How do you get the 5th badge in Pokemon Diamond?

Fantina, the Hearthome Gym Leader is the 5th Gym Leader in Pokemon Diamond so you have to battle and beat the first four Gym Leaders who are Roark of Oreburgh City, Gardenia of Eterna City, Maylene of Veilstone City and Crasher Wake of Pastoria City and you must also have the Surf HM in your possession which you can …

What does Happiny evolve into?

Happiny/Evolves to
Just like in other Pokémon games, Happiny has a special way of evolving into Chansey in Pokémon Go. To evolve Happiny into Chansey, you’ll need to set it as your buddy Pokémon and walk 15 kilometers with it.Jul 6, 2021

How do you evolve scyther?

How to evolve Scyther into Scizor
  1. Load up Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl.
  2. Find a Metal Coat item in-game.
  3. Select Scyther and make it hold the Metal Coat item.
  4. Trade Scyther with another player holding the item and it will evolve into Scizor!

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