how to find out website platform

How To Find Out Website Platform?

How to find out what PLATFORM a website is using:
  1. Open your browser inspector.
  2. In Chrome or Firefox, right-click then choose INSPECT.
  3. Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows) or Cmd+Shift+I (Mac) should also work.
  4. Navigate to SOURCES.
  5. The source code’s file extensions and URLs can tell you what type of platform the website is built on.

How do you find out who built a website?

Scroll to the very bottom of a page and check whether the site has a copyright listed, which might provide the owner’s name or a designer’s credit. If not, look for a link to an “About” page. Some sites also mention ownership in a “Terms of Service” page, often linked at the bottom of a site.

What platform are most websites built on?

WordPress. (also known as self hosted WordPress) is the world’s most popular website building platform. Over 43% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

How do you check when the website is created?

Find the Publishing Date of Web Pages
  1. Go to and copy-paste the full URL of any web page in the search box and prefix it with the inurl: operator. …
  2. Now go your browser’s address bar – press Ctrl+L on a Windows machine or Cmd+L on Mac – and append &as_qdr=y25 to the end of the Google search URL.

What is the platform of website?

The Web platform is a collection of technologies developed as open standards by the World Wide Web Consortium and other standardization bodies such as the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group, the Unicode Consortium, the Internet Engineering Task Force, and Ecma International.

How do I create my own platform?

How To Create A Social Network Platform In Five Steps
  1. Define Your Target Audience – know Your Community. …
  2. Develop Growth Strategy Based on Your Users. …
  3. Follow these Social Network Development Check Points. …
  4. Use Minimal and Simple Social Network UX Design. …
  5. Promote Your Social Network Effectively.

What is an online platform?

In this report, an online platform is defined as a digital service that facilitates interactions between two or more distinct but interdependent sets of users (whether firms or individuals) who interact through the service via the Internet.

How do I find domain owner?

How to find domain name owner
  1. To begin, open your browser and go to ICANN.
  2. Now, in the search box, enter the domain name that you want to search for.
  3. Click on ‘Lookup’ and the search will begin.
  4. You will now get details about the domain registration date, registry expiration, owner’s name and mailing address.
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How do you find the date and author of a website?

Author information can sometimes be found under an “About” section on a website. If there is no known author, start the citation with the title of the website instead. The best date to use for a website is the date that the content was last updated. Otherwise look for a copyright or original publication date.

What is domain age checker?

Domain Age Checker is an online tool that helps you to find the accurate age of a domain or website, from the time when it was registered till its active. Domain age is considered one of the very important factors in website ranking by search engines.

Is website an online platform?

A web platform usually consists of the Web Application, Mobile Applications and the communication between this and other external services. In addition to a more complete integration between each of the elements that comprise it.

Is Platform same as website?

Essentially, websites are always working with the majority, not the individual. By contrast, platforms use expressed data capture, where users provide identifying information by registering and logging in. Once someone becomes an authenticated user, you can learn about them directly through multiple touchpoints.

Can a website be called a platform?

A web platform usually consists of the Web Application, Mobile Applications and the communication between this and other external services. In addition to a more complete integration between each of the elements that comprise it.

What is the key definition to platform?

A platform is a product that serves or enables other products or services. … But they may offer other mechanisms, such as direct data access, as required by the products that consume them.

How do I create a platform like Facebook?

8 Steps to Creating a Website Like Facebook
  1. Come up with an idea. …
  2. Choose your niche. …
  3. Establish your audience. …
  4. Get yourself a domain name and create your website. …
  5. Customize your website. …
  6. Pick necessary features. …
  7. Tweak the design of your website. …
  8. Develop content and promote your network.

how to find out website platform
how to find out website platform

How do I start social media?

How To Get Started In Social Media in 4 Steps
  1. Figure Out What You Want To Get Out Of Social Media. Ask yourself the question, “What do I want to get out of Social Media?”. …
  2. Create Your Profiles. …
  3. Learn The Community Rules. …
  4. Become An Active Part Of That Community.

What are the 5 online platforms?

Examples of successful digital platforms are:
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Knowledge platforms like StackOverflow, Quora, and Yahoo! Answers.
  • Media sharing platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Vimeo.
  • Service-oriented platforms like Uber, Airbnb, and GrubHub.
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What is an example of an online platform?

Examples are eBay, Craigslist, Amazon Marketplace, Airbnb and Uber. The online system may be entirely self-contained, or it may allow third-party apps to connect via the platform’s programming interface (API). See platform.

What are the types of online platforms?

6 Types of Online Learning Platforms
  • Learning Destination Sites.
  • Traditional Commercial Learning Management Systems.
  • Open Source Learning Management Systems.
  • Modern Learning Management Solutions.
  • Learning Management Ecosystems.
  • Custom Built Platforms.

Who owns this public IP?

If you know the IP address, enter it on ARIN WHOIS to view ownership. To find an IP address, open Windows command prompt (Start + CMD on Windows) > type ping To find an IP address owner if you don’t know the IP address, use UltraTools,, GoDaddy, or DomainTools.

How do I contact a domain owner privately?

Go to the website of the domain registrar (simply Google the name if it’s not included in the WHOIS record), and look for their contact information. Give them a call or write them an email letting them know what domain you’re interested in buying, and ask them to pass along your information to the owner.

How do I see if a domain name is available?

Navigate to
  1. Enter your preferred domain name in the search box.
  2. Review the search results to determine if the domain is available. If it is and you’re ready to purchase, buy the domain.

How do I find the references of a website?

To find information such as title, author, or date on a webpage sometimes you need to do some digging around the website. Most of the information will be found in the header or the footer of the website. The header of a website will include the name of the website, and sub organization links or titles.

When was a website last updated?

Open the webpage in a browser that you want to find the last updated date. Go to address bar and type the command “javascript:alert(document. lastModified)” at the end of the URL. Press enter to see a popup showing the last updated or modified date of that page.

What is a platform app?

An application platform is a framework of services that application programs rely on for standard operations. An application platform operates across five principal areas: development tools, execution services, data services, operating systems (OSes) and cloud services.

How do online platforms shape our lives?

Online platforms intermediate information and communication flows on the Internet. They are also key enablers of digital trade across the Single Market and the globe. They increase consumer choice and convenience, improve efficiency and competitiveness of industry and can enhance civil participation in society.

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How do online platforms differ from application?

The best definition I could find for application is ‘the act of putting something to a special use or purpose’. … A platform on the other hand could be defined as an infrastructure for multiple applications to be developed upon.

Is an app a platform?

The best definition I could find for application is ‘the act of putting something to a special use or purpose’. A platform on the other hand could be defined as an infrastructure for multiple applications to be developed upon.

Is a platform the same as an app?

An application is computer software designed to help a user perform specific tasks. A computing platform includes a hardware architecture and a software framework that allow application software to run—for example, the operating system and programming languages.

Is Facebook a platform?

FACEBOOK IS A PLATFORM. And it’s the way people spend the most time with digital media. … Unlike traditional publishers who want to make their advertising feel premium, Facebook actually marginalizes what it calls its ad inventory by selling increasingly more of it through partners via the Facebook Marketplace API.

How would you describe a platform?

A platform is a group of technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes or technologies are developed. In personal computing, a platform is the basic hardware (computer) and software (operating system) on which software applications can be run.

What is a platform approach?

A platform strategy is an approach to entering a market which revolves around the task of allowing platform participants to benefit from the presence of others. In traditional competitive strategy, it is generally assumed that customers can determine their willingness to pay for the product or service independently.

How can I make a website like Facebook HTML and CSS?

How to Design Homepage like Facebook using HTML and CSS ?
  1. HTML section: File name is homepage1.html. HTML. HTML. <! DOCTYPE html> < html > …
  2. CSS section: File name is new.css. Download the HTML, CSS and images files from Github and save all files in a folder and run homepage1. html file. It will display the result.
  3. Output:

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