how to delete my livejournal account

How do I delete my LiveJournal account?

Go to ‘Account Status’ and click on your username in the ‘Work As User’ field. Select ‘Delete’ from the Status field, and click submit. This will stop all future payments. There is a 60-day grace period where you can “un-delete” your account and restore it to its former glory.

Does LiveJournal delete inactive accounts?

Registered Accounts

However, LiveJournal may delete inactive and empty journals in order to free their usernames for the new accounts. In such cases, after these accounts are purged, their usernames become available for renaming.

How do I delete LiveJournal community?

How do I delete my journal or community? How do I cancel deletion?
  1. Visit the Account Status page.
  2. On that page, select the name of the journal or community you would like to delete: …
  3. Press “Switch”.

Can you find your old LiveJournal?

If you know the LiveJournal username of the person or community you are looking for, you can find their journal by going to the following link, replacing exampleusername with that person’s username:

Can you change your LiveJournal username?

To rename your account, go to the Rename Account section of the LiveJournal Shop. The price to rename your account is 999₽ or 999 LJ Tokens, and this fee exists because changing usernames is a complex process which can create confusion for other users.

What is DeadJournal?

DeadJournal is a journaling service that uses LiveJournal’s open source code and was actually the first one. … It was also somewhat popular prior to that for celebrity rpgs, as it didn’t take long for many popular celebrity usernames to be claimed on LiveJournal.

How long do Livejournals last?

An account will stay deleted for one year before it’s settings and all of the entries and comments in it’s journal are eligible for permanent deletion. You now have more time to reconsider deletion, or if you were just taking a break, you can take your time without switching account status back and forth.

How do I contact LiveJournal?

livejournal’s Journal

[email protected].

How do I change my email on LiveJournal?

You can change the email account associated with your journal at the Change Email Address page. After you change your email address, remember to validate your new address.

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How do I make my LiveJournal entries private?

All users can use the Edit Journal Privacy page to edit the privacy of multiple entries all at once. This page can be used to change the security level of a group of entries that is currently Public, Friends-only, or Private to another one of those three security levels.

Can you recover a deleted LiveJournal?

Once your account has been purged, you will not be able to recover any of your journal’s data, and LiveJournal staff cannot recover it for you. Account with Professional package of services: Any account with Professional package of service time remaining on your account is neither transferable nor refundable.

What happened to Greatestjournal?

In late 2007, GJ’s owners announced that they were no longer going to continue upgrading the site. At that time, they stopped allowing account creation, instead referring potential users to InsaneJournal. It was announced that the site would be close completely at the end of January 2009.

Is dreamwidth free?

Dreamwidth remains free of advertisements.

Is LiveJournal owned by Russia?

LiveJournal (Russian: Живой Журнал), stylised as LiVEJOURNAL, is a Russian-owned social networking service where users can keep a blog, journal, or diary. … In December 2016, the service relocated its servers to Russia, and in April 2017, LiveJournal changed its terms of service to conform to Russian law.

Is LiveJournal free?

Yes, you can use LiveJournal for free. … All LiveJournal accounts can use LiveJournal core features, such as posting entries and comments, customizing journal appearance, and participating in communities. All account types can also purchase additional userpics.

how to delete my livejournal account
how to delete my livejournal account

Is LiveJournal secure?

Users who changed their LiveJournal password since 2014 are most likely safe. … Even if the LiveJournal database is old, has circulated in private, and has been abused for years, this doesn’t mean users should slack on their personal security.

Why did people stop using LiveJournal?

People are quitting LiveJournal in droves after Russian owners ban political, LGBTQ talk. LiveJournal is saying goodbye to some of its biggest users. Venerable blog platform LiveJournal is now saying goodbye to some of its biggest users, after announcing it’s taking steps to comply with Russian law.

Is Blogger a blogging platform?

Blogger is a free blogging service by Google. It offers a quick and easy way to create a blog for non-tech-savvy users. Blogger is one of the earliest blogging platforms in existence. It was first launched in 1999 by Pyra Labs.

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Is my blog a blogging site?

Blogs are a type of website. The only real difference between a blog and other types of website is that blogs are updated on a regular basis with new content, which is displayed in reverse chronological order (new blog posts first). … In simple terms, all blogs can be a website or part of a website.

What is similar to LiveJournal?

Top 10 LiveJournal Alternatives & Competitors
  • Facebook.
  • Snapchat.
  • Twitter.
  • LinkedIn Premium.
  • Instagram.
  • Pinterest.
  • Meetup Pro.
  • reddit.

How old is LiveJournal?

About 22 years (March 1999)

Who is the blogger?

A blogger is someone who writes regularly for an online journal or website. A political blogger might provide weekly commentary on current events. A personal blogger keeps a website which may include diary-like entries, photographs, and links to other sites.

Who still uses LiveJournal?

One of the things that I was trying to get at in those interviews is how Archive of Our Own was different than other platforms that people had used over the years, how it compared to LiveJournal, how it compared to Tumblr.

Was LiveJournal social media?

LiveJournal, or LJ, as its users lovingly called it, was a different kind of social media service, one that is almost unrecognizable in a world dominated by the anonymity-shattering power of a Facebook or Twitter.

How do you add tags on LiveJournal?

You can add tags to an old entry by clicking the icon labeled “TAG” or the “Edit Tags” link on the entry. You can view and manage all your tags at the Manage Tags page.

Is Google Blogger safe?

Blogger hosting and security – is Blogger safe? Blogger is hosted on Google’s servers, so you don’t have to worry about sorting out hosting. You also get an SSL certificate, which means your site and data are secure from online threats.

Which blog site is best?

10 Best Blog Sites for 2021
  1. – Best for Free Blogs. is a blog site hosting service by Automattic. …
  2. – Best for Self-Hosted Blogs. …
  3. – Best for Small Business Owners. …
  4. – Best for Small Websites. …
  5. …
  6. …
  7. …

Is Wix or blogger better?

Wix blog is better than Blogger, even though your goal is just writing and publishing. There is no extra SEO benefit of using Google’s Blogger. You can add your Blogger site or any Blogger pages on your Wix website, but you can’t add the Wix site on Blogger. So, the clear winner is Wix.

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Can a blog make money?

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging? Bloggers are making money in all kinds of ways. Successful bloggers can make over 7-figures/year, while other bloggers might be generating no income at all. A goal that many bloggers tell you to shoot for is $2,000/month in recurring income within one year.

What is difference between website and blog?

Blogs are a type of website. The only difference is that blogs have frequently updated content and websites tend to be much more static and is organized into pages. A blog can be a website on its own or a part of a bigger site.

How can I create a blog and earn money?

These are the best and easiest ways to make money as a blogger:
  1. Use affiliate marketing on your blog. …
  2. Add banner adverts to your website. …
  3. Write advertorials and sponsored content. …
  4. Charge for sponsored social media posts. …
  5. Write guest blog posts for media outlets. …
  6. Work with an agency to build your blog.

When was the LiveJournal purge?

Strikethrough and Boldthrough
Participants: Livejournal
Date(s): May 29, 2007
Type: meta
Fandom: Multifandom

What does blog stand for?

Short for “Web Log,” this term refers to a list of journal entries posted on a Web page. Anybody who knows how to create and publish a Web page can publish their own blog.

Is Blogger part of Google?

Blogger is an American online content management system which enables multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. Pyra Labs developed it before being acquired by Google in 2003. Google hosts the blogs, which can be accessed through a subdomain of

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