how to delete an idea list on amazon

How To Delete An Idea List On Amazon?

To delete your list:
  1. Go to Your Lists and choose the list you want to delete.
  2. Select the three dots menu, and select Manage Lists.
  3. Select Delete List.
  4. Select Yes.

How do I make my Amazon Ideas private?

To change your Amazon wish list settings, open up Amazon on the web, hover over Account & Lists and click Wish List. On this page, click “List settings” in the top right corner. Next to your Wish List (or any list you want to edit), click the drop down under Privacy and click Private.

How do I find an idea list on Amazon?

Here’s how to access it on your own Amazon account and build your own list.
  1. By hovering over the “Account & Lists” tab, you’ll see the option to “Create a List.” Amazon. …
  2. To add an item to the list, search for it as you would anything else. …
  3. All your idea lists will show up in one tab.

How do I change my default list on Amazon?

If you want to change the default list, you can do so by visiting “Your Lists”, select the list that you want to be the default one and click “Edit this list”. Click on the “Default list” checkbox at the bottom of the dialog box.

How do I remove a name from my Amazon wish list?

On the left, click “Show list profile”, then a new section will appear below. Click “Update this list’s profile”. There you can change your name to not include your last name. You can also remove the address entirely, which will require anyone purchasing something off the list to enter your address.

Can you see if someone buys off your wishlist?

When someone purchases something on another person’s wish list, that item is shipped to the wish list creator. We’ll go into more detail about this below, but essentially, a person will only receive notifications if they’ve set them to send an alert when something on their list is purchased.

Can you cancel an Amazon wish list order?

Go to Your Orders and select the order you want to cancel. Note: For seller orders, you may see Request Cancellation. If you no longer see Request Cancellation, contact the seller for instructions. Go to Contact Third-Party Sellers.

Does Amazon wish list Delete purchased items?

Amazon’s Wishlist feature is a convenient way to track items that you’d like to purchase. … If you’ve ever visited somebody else’s Wishlist, you’ll know you can purchase an item from it and have it sent straight to them or to yourself. Amazon then removes that item from their list so they don’t end up with duplicates.

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What is default list on Amazon?

It turns out that your default Wish List (and any other list you create on is public, by default. Maybe the theory is that if your wish list is public, some friend will find it — this requires knowing only your name or email address — and will “gift” you an item from your list.

Can people see my address Amazon Wish List?

Your address is private on your Wish List. When someone buys you something, the only information that will pop up is your name and city. Your full address will never show up when someone buys a gift from your Wish List. However, you should take note of the “third-party shipping agreement” option.

How do I make a 2021 Wish List on Amazon?

How to Create a Wish List
  1. Download and install the Amazon app for iOS/Android or check for updates, and then open the app.
  2. On the Home page, tap the three-line icon and select “Your Lists“ from the menu.
  3. Click on “View lists” towards the top-right section.
  4. Select “Create a List” towards the top-right section.

How do you remove someone from your wishlist?

To remove someone from a wishlist, click or tap the Share icon and click or tap the profile pictures at the bottom of the list. You’ll get a full list of collaborators, with a link to remove each individual.

How do I remove someone from my Mudae wishlist?

You can remove individual characters by typing in “ $wishremove [character’s name] ”. Alternatively, you can type in “ $wishpurge ” to remove all character doubles and claimed characters to streamline your wishlist.

Does Amazon tell you who bought off your registry?

You’ll see the names and addresses of people who have contributed or bought items from your registry, if your guests have opted into sharing their information.

Why will Amazon not let me cancel my order?

You can’t cancel an Amazon order if the item has already shipped, or if the seller doesn’t allow cancellations. If your cancellation request is denied, you can always try returning the item once it arrives, which is allowed in most cases.

how to delete an idea list on amazon
how to delete an idea list on amazon

What happens when someone buys off your wishlist?

You don’t have to worry about getting the same gift twice: After someone buys something off of your wish list, it will disappear so that no one else buys the same item again.

How do you know if someone bought something off your registry?

How do I use the registry gift tracker?
  1. Sign in to your Target account.
  2. Visit the Registry page and select your registry.
  3. In the Getting started section on your registry’s Home page, select Track your gifts to review a list of gifts purchased, along with the quantity, purchaser name and date.
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How do I hide Amazon purchases?

Log in to Amazon and click Returns & Orders in the top-right corner.
  1. This will show you a list of all the things you’ve ordered in the past three months. …
  2. For the item that you want to hide, click “Archive Order.”
  3. Then, click “Archive Order” again. …
  4. Now, when someone looks at the list of your orders, it won’t appear.

Can I hide my address on Amazon wishlist?

Can I hide my address on Amazon wishlist? Go to, hover over “Accounts & Lists” in the upper-right, and select “Create a List.” 2. In the Create a List box, select “You” (in order to keep your address private) and “Wish List,” then enter a descriptive List name, and select a Privacy setting.

Can you use a fake name on Amazon?

Can you use a fake name on Amazon? – Quora. You didn’t say for what purpose. Being in publishing, my first thought is using a fake name as an author — and the answer is, yes, you can. It’s called a “pen name,” and many authors have done this for centuries.

Is it safe to share Amazon wish list?

Very safe as long as you properly name your lists and don’t provide your real name, your address is never shared.

How do I organize my Amazon lists?

If you want to rearrange a list, you’ll see a gray icon to the left of your item; you can click and drag an item to any place you want. If you just want to elevate something to the very top of your wish list, then click the “Top” link and it will be instantly transported to head of the line.

How do I delete wishlist on wish?

Tap on the Wishlist name that has the product you want to remove. Tap the pencil icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Tap the checkbox for each item you want to remove. Tap Remove at the bottom of the screen, and then tap Yes.

Can you delete order history on wish?

Remove Your Previous Orders from Order History

Open the Wish app on your mobile device. Tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner to open the sidebar menu for Androids. If you have an iOS, find this icon in the lower right corner. … Tap the trash bin icon to delete an order.

How do I delete recently viewed items on wish?

When you open the Wish app on your phone, go to the main menu and choose View Profile. Select the desired wish list and find a pencil icon or the Edit option, depending on your device. Select the products you’d like to remove and tap on Delete/Remove. If you’re asked to confirm, tap on Yes.

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How do I customize my Mudae?

What does $WP mean in Mudae?

It’s the short of $wishpurge, that consists of removing all doubles and already claimed characters from your wishlist.

How do I rename a character in Mudae?

You have to type it in your custom message. For example, if you type “username and charname are now married”, username will be replaced by your name, and charname by the name of the character.

Does the knot charge for registry?

Better yet, your honeymoon fund appears alongside your traditional wishlist thanks to The Knot’s all-in-one style registry. … The Knot charges one of the lowest fees in the wedding industry at 2.5 percent, and we don’t take any commission.

Will someone know if I return their Amazon gift?

Oh, and … the sender won’t know you returned your gift. Since you can get your refund on an Amazon gift card, the person whose gift you’re returning will never be notified or alerted.

How long is Amazon wedding registry?

You have 90 days after your event date to use your discount. This Wedding Gift offer applies only to select items shipped and sold by It doesn’t apply to the same items sold by other sellers.

Is it too late to cancel my Amazon order?

As the seller, you can cancel orders any time prior to shipment. The buyer has approximately thirty minutes to cancel an order they have placed. Orders that have already been shipped cannot be canceled.

How long do you have to cancel an Amazon order?

Amazon can automatically cancel orders if seven days have passed after the expected shipping availability date and you have not yet shipped and confirmed the shipment.

How do I unsubscribe?

Manage your subscriptions on Google Play
  1. Open the Google Play app .
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Payments & subscriptions. Subscriptions.
  4. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  5. Tap Cancel subscription.
  6. Follow the instructions.

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