how to backup a tumblr blog

How To Backup A Tumblr Blog?

Export Your Blog
  1. Click “Settings” under the account icon ( ) at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Select the blog you’d like to export on the right side of the page.
  3. Scroll down to the “Export” section and click the “Export [blog name]” button.
  4. You’ll see a message indicating that your backup is processing.

How do I back up my Tumblr account?

How to Use: Go to Settings -> Select the blog you want to backup -> Scroll all the way to the bottom -> Click Export and wait. When it’s ready, tumblr will email you, go back to this page and there will be a Download link there as well. Pros: easy, lovely organization, all of the media. No need to know extra coding.

How do I archive my Tumblr blog?

To add an archive link, log into your Tumblr account and select Customize to adjust your current theme. Select “Add a Page” on the left, type “Archive” at the end of the URL and type something in the body of the page. This text won’t display, so it doesn’t have to be anything official.

Can you back up your Tumblr?

Click on the Settings gear on the account menu. From there, you can select which blog you want to export from a list on the right. … Once you’ve selected a blog, scroll all the way down to the Export feature and click on it. Tumblr will then start to process your backup.

Can you transfer a Tumblr blog to another account?

Log into the OLD tumblr account and select the blog you want to transfer from the Dashboard menu. On the right hand side, click where it says Members. … Log into the NEW tumblr account and confirm you can post, change settings, etc. You’ve now transferred the blog to your NEW tumblr account.

How do I export a blog?

Using the Old Interface
  1. Navigate to your Blogspot homepage and find the blog you wish to export in the page’s Manage Blogs section.
  2. Click the “Settings” link next to the desired blog and choose “Export Blog” to open the Export Your Blog page.
  3. Click the “Download Blog” button to open a pop-up window.

How do you switch primary blogs on Tumblr?

Log into your tumblr account and go to your current Primary blog. Click on Customize theme, then Edit HTML. Right after where it says <head> put the following code, where “” is the address of the Secondary blog that you want to be the Primary blog.

Does Tumblr still have archive?

Once again, the tumblr account of the user you are looking for should have the ‘Archive’ button on their profile. If that is the case, then go to their profile by tapping on the profile name from your account. … Simply, tap on the ‘Archive’ button and it will take you to the archived posts of that tumblr account holder.

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Is there a Tumblr archive?

To view the archives for your Tumblr blog, you only need to add “/archives” to the end of your blog URL. While most Tumblr themes enable you to show this archive page via a link or button, you can also add the HTML code to the theme yourself.

How do you find deleted Tumblr blogs?

How To View Deactivated Tumblr Posts (5 Ways)
  1. Use The Cached Version Of The App. Many users have reported that they’ve managed to get back some deleted posts, although it’s not a guaranteed option. …
  2. Use Web Archive. The most commonly used tool to get back any web content is the Internet Archive. …
  3. Queue+ …
  4. Feedly. …
  5. Tumblr Backup.

What is the point of a secondary blog on Tumblr?

In addition to the primary blog, you can create secondary blogs on your account. Tumblr allows you to create up to ten secondary blogs per day. Secondary blogs lack some of the social features used by primary blogs: they are unable to like posts, follow other blogs, or send asks or submissions.

What is the new Tumblr alternative?


WordPress is an easy-to-use, customizable alternative to Tumblr. WordPress is a CMS that goes beyond the scope of most blogging platforms. This is both a pro and con to using their platform.

How do you use TumblThree?

Application Usage:
  1. extract the . …
  2. Copy the url of any blog you want to backup from into the textbox at the bottom left. …
  3. Alternatively, if you copy (ctrl-c) a blog url from the address bar/a text file, the clipboard monitor from TumblThree will detect it and automatically add the blog.

Can you turn a side blog into a main blog?

While you can rename any blog, you can’t select another blog to be your primary one; if your company blog was created as a secondary blog, it’ll remain so.

What does it mean to export a Tumblr blog?

What does the export save? According to Tumblr, there are certain parts of the blog that an export will save, including: The blog’s messaging conversations in XML format. The blog’s posts in XML format. HTML files for all of your posts, including drafts, flagged posts, reblogs, private posts and hidden posts.

how to backup a tumblr blog
how to backup a tumblr blog

What happens if you delete your main blog on Tumblr?

Tumblr lets you delete your entire account or any of the blogs that you have created with that account. … Deleting your Tumblr account removes your primary blog and all secondary blogs. After deleting your Tumblr account, the user email address and blog URL you chose for the account will go back into the pool for reuse.

How can I recover my permanently deleted blog?

Important: When you delete a blog permanently, you delete all its information, posts, and pages. You can’t restore a permanently deleted blog or use the URL again.

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How do I get back a deleted blogger post?

Here is how to recover deleted Blogger blog.
  1. Login to your Blogger homepage and you will see list of your blogs.
  2. Next below to your blog you will see deleted blog.
  3. Click on deleted blog and then select undelete. You have restored your deleted blog. Check in your blog list.

How do you save a blog as a PDF?

How To Quickly Convert Your Blog Post To PDF For Free
  1. Go to
  2. Enter the URL to your blog article in the URL field.
  3. Click on “Convert file”.
  4. After the conversion is done, the PDF is ready. …
  5. Open your PDF to see your blog post.

How do I delete my primary blog on Tumblr without deleting my account?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Delete [your blog’s name].” If it says “Delete everything” instead, it means that you’re currently on your Primary blog — you can’t delete your Primary blog without deleting your entire account. 4.

Can Tumblr followers see your other blogs?

Other users can definitely view your secondary blogs/sideblogs, as long as they’re not protected with a password. They can also follow it, and a follower count will appear the same way it does in your main blog.

Can secondary Tumblr blogs have followers?

You can’t follow users with the secondary blog. You can’t send messages (through /ask) from the secondary blog.

Can I see my Tumblr history?

To review recent activity on your account, scroll to “Active Sessions” a little further down on the account settings page. Here you’ll find the list of browsers and locations that have accessed your account over the past 30 days.

Where can I find old Tumblr posts?

Go to any Tumblr account page and look for the word “Archive” at the top of the page or in the sidebar. If you can’t see it, press “Ctrl-F” and type “Acrhive” in the search field to see if it is there. Most pages have an archive link. If you find the archive link, click it.

How do I see my oldest posts on Tumblr?

There is no setting to display your oldest post first but you can view your tagged posts in chronological order. To do that, add /chrono to the end of a tag URL like this: http://[username][tag name]/chrono .

What is the smash Cache button on Tumblr?

When the Tumblr app is taking up too much space on my iPhone, I smash the cache. The Tumblr app sheds hundreds of megabytes without having to uninstall and reinstall. Cache is just temporary storage that Tumblr uses to speed up display of previously loaded stuff.

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Does Tumblr delete inactive accounts?

Tumblr does not delete inactive accounts, but the team does review accounts that have been without activity for a while. So if you’re planning on stopping your blog entirely and deleting it from there, be sure to notify Tumblr first!

Can you have two Tumblr accounts on the same email?

It is not possible to have multiple Tumblr accounts from the same email address, as the site will simply inform you that the address is already in use. However, it is possible to create ‘sideblogs’, which are for all intents and purposes additional accounts run by the same email address.

How do you reblog on your secondary blog on Tumblr?

The same way you’d reblog any post: Click the reblog button. However, when the reblog window comes up, click the drop-down arrow next to your URL and make sure the blog you want to reblog the post to is selected.

Can I have two Tumblr accounts on one app?

Multiple accounts: You can now add multiple Tumblr accounts and quickly switch between them without having to log out and log back in. The new ‘Accounts’ menu is located at left user menu(below the ‘Liked Posts’ in My Menu section) and at Settings.

Is Tumblr still a thing 2021?

The microblogging and social network has 518.7million blogs hosted on its site as of February 2021 (Tumblr, 2021). It is one of the many blogging platforms where over 32 million bloggers in the US alone reside (FirstSiteGuide, 2021). … According to Tumblr, 12.8 million blog posts are published daily (Tumblr, 2021).

Is Tumblr shutting down 2020?

Service to existing users and subscribers will continue until July 1, 2020, at which point the app will be shut down. Subscribers who are still active at that time will receive a refund. … The website will remain active beyond that time in support of API and iOS App customers.

Is Tumblr dead?

Tumblr was once a place for young creators. … But Tumblr is practically dead, and TikTok is very much alive. While a Tumblr spokesperson says that 48 percent of its current user base is Gen Z, it’s undeniable that the site’s total user numbers have dropped off in the past few years.

How do I download high resolution images from Tumblr?

Here’s how to use it:
  1. Download and install TumblRipper.
  2. Run TumblRipper, then enter the URL of the Tumblr site you want to rip.
  3. Select a unique directory for the images.
  4. Click Load. The app will scan the blog, then begin downloading.

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