how long does att keep text messages

How Long Does Att Keep Text Messages?

90 days

Does ATT keep text message content?

AT&T: Stores call records for between 5 to 7 years; cell tower records since July 2008; text message details for between 5 to 7 years; text message content is not retained; Internet session information and destinations for up to 72 hours.

Can AT&T retrieve old text messages?

Yes, you can retrieve deleted messages for up to 48 hours with the telephone interface. … You can also retrieve deleted messages from your email Trash folder at for up to 48 hours.

Can you get a copy of your text messages from AT&T?

AT&T Messages Backup & Sync: Your text and picture messages are copied and stored in your cloud inbox so that they can be downloaded to a supported smartphone, and are available on your tablet, wearable, and computer.

How far back can text messages be retrieved?

All of the providers retained records of the date and time of the text message and the parties to the message for time periods ranging from sixty days to seven years. However, the majority of cellular service providers do not save the content of text messages at all.

How far back can text messages be subpoenaed AT&T?

about 7 years
AT&T keeps records of the phone calls and text message details (but not content) for about 7 years. It can also store the location of where a call was made, if it was made after 2008. A court order will be necessary, since the subpoena will likely not suffice.

Can primary account holder view texts AT&T 2020?

AT&T wireless customers cannot view the content of text messages on detailed billing statements or the AT&T website, but another viable option customers can consider is the AT&T Message Backup & Sync service.

Can I see my husbands text messages on AT&T?

Only by looking at his phone. Even if you had access to his ATT account, you can’t view texts on the account. They are only on the phone.

How can I see text messages on my AT&T bill?

Select the bill period you want to view. Choose your service type: Wireless-only service: Look in the Usage by number section, find the device you want to manage, and select View more usage details and options. Then choose See data, text, and talk logs.

How long do phone companies keep records of text messages?

Some phone companies also keep records of sent text messages. They sit on the company’s server for anywhere from three days to three months, depending on the company’s policy. Verizon holds texts for up to five days and Virgin Mobile keeps them for 90 days.

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Can someone on your phone plan see your texts AT&T?

Your text message content is not available through ATT. It does not matter who they ask. Once again, your messages are only on your phone unless your phone is forwarding them.

How long does AT&T keep deleted messages?

90 days
AT&T currently stores Your sent and received Messages for up to 90 days. Messages older than 90 days will be deleted from Your Messages cloud storage.

Can you get text messages from 2 years ago?

Unfortunately no, you would have to have a backup made prior to deleting the messages. Text message service is run by your network provider ask them. There are very few cell providers that retain text messages (MetroPCS is one of the few in the US) and even the ones that do would not retain them for 2 years.

How long do text messages stay on iPhone?

30 Days
By default, the iPhone keeps all messages forever (or until you manually delete them). If you prefer, tap “30 Days” or ‘1 Year.” If you do, the iPhone will automatically discard your messages after the selected time period.

Does AT&T keep browsing history?

How long does AT&T keep browsing history? Typically, no information other than the IP numbers is stored by the internet service provider due to privacy concerns. The actual links are recorded by your browser’s history only if that option has been turned on.

how long does att keep text messages
how long does att keep text messages

How do I delete text history on AT&T bill?

  1. Go to your account overview and open the My wireless section.
  2. Scroll to Get or manage add-ons and select Let’s go. …
  3. Find Messages Backup & Sync, select See details, and then select Remove.
  4. Repeat these steps to remove Messages Backup & Sync from another device.

Are AT&T text logs accurate?

The SMS logs from AT&T are accurate. They have to be for billing purposes, and can be used as evidence in a court of law.

How can I get my husbands text messages sent to my iPhone?

Set up text message forwarding
  1. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. …
  2. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding.*
  3. Choose which devices can send and receive text messages from your iPhone.

Can my wife read my text messages AT&T?

The only way she would know text messages is if she is able to look into your phone. If you use ATT messages or number sync, the text is available on another device, but it requires access to the phone to sign up for that service.

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Can my wife get access to my text messages?

A husband or wife’s text messages can be be obtained in a few different ways: … The lawyer can also send a subpoena for the relevant messages for a certain time period. The lawyer can then ask the court to order a husband or wife to disclose text messages via formal discovery.

How do I view my call history and text history on AT&T?

You can certainly view your call history online by logging into your myAT&T account. Please select My wireless > My usage > under Usage by number choose Talk > Usage options > Data, text & talk logs > Device: pick the phone number you wish to view call logs for. I hope this helps!

Can you get a record of text messages?

Text message records must be obtained from a party’s cell phone provider. An attorney can obtain a court order or subpoena to get the records directly from the service provider. … The only possible way to recover lost or deleted text messages by hiring a forensic investigator to inspect the phone.

How can you retrieve old texts?

How to recover deleted texts on Android
  1. Open Google Drive.
  2. Go to the Menu.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Choose Google Backup.
  5. If your device has been backed up, you should see the name of your device listed.
  6. Select the name of your device. You should see SMS Text Messages with a timestamp indicating when the last backup took place.

How long ATT keep phone records?

Second-place AT&T holds them “as long as we need,” according to the company’s website, though AT&T spokesman Michael Balmoris tells U.S. News the retention period is five years.

Where do text messages go when deleted?

The Android operating system stores text messages in the phone’s memory, so if they’re deleted, there’s no way to retrieve them. You can, however, install a text message backup application from the Android market that allows you to restore any deleted text messages.

Can the person who pays my phone see your text messages?

They will not see your history on the bill, but they will see how much data you used and how many text and phone calls you made. Some service providers allows customers to check what non encrypted sites they visited and who they called.

Can the primary account holder see text messages?

Best answer by tmo_marissa

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If you’re the Primary Account Holder for your family plan, you can see messaging history (incoming and outgoing numbers and time stamps) for any of the lines on your account – but we don’t have records of message content.

Can my parents see my texts through AT&T?

@lanishacarr There is no way for anyone to track you or read your messages through the ATT account.

Are text messages kept forever?

Most cell phone carriers don’t permanently save the enormous amount of text-message data that is sent between users every day. … But even if your deleted text messages are off your carrier’s server, they may not be gone forever.

Do texts delete after a year?

Scroll down to the section labelled MESSAGE HISTORY. Tap Keep Messages. Choose either 30 days or 1 Year. This will delete messages older than one month or one year.

Are deleted text messages gone forever?

Clearing or deleting your messages on your devices doesn’t mean the data is permanently gone, it’s just been filed away differently. Yes they can, so if you’ve been having an affair or doing something dodgy at work, beware! … When you move messages around or delete them, the data actually stays put.

What can an AT&T account holder see?

Your father can see any phone numbers date and time for your text and call records. You can also see the amount of data you have used and approximately what it was used for. And that’s it. He cannot see your browsing history and has no idea what you are streaming.

Who can see my mobile data history?

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can see everything you do online. They can track things like which websites you visit, how long you spend on them, the content you watch, the device you’re using, and your geographic location.

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