how do you get stars in my singing monsters

How Do You Get Stars In My Singing Monsters?

Starpower is largely earned by leveling up your tribal monster, and given automatically at the end of every week in Tribal Island.

Can you get banned from my singing monsters?

In general, you may get blocked if you don’t follow Wheaton’s Law – “Don’t be a jerk”. Blocks can be temporary or permanent.

How do I redeem star power?

What are Star Rocks in My Singing Monsters?

Description. The Star Rocks have one large glowing rock, which levitates above the ground, orbited by three smaller rocks. All have glowing lines and markings; the central rock’s markings have a hollow star at the top, and a spiral in the middle.

What is the fastest way to progress in my singing monsters?

Earning Experience
  1. Placing new Monsters, Structures or Decorations on an island.
  2. Zapping a Monster to a Wublin or Celestial.
  3. Upgrading a Castle or Bakery.
  4. Collecting baked Treats.
  5. Removing Obstacles.
  6. Completing certain Goals.

Does My Singing Monsters have cross save?

There is no cross-play between the Steam version and the Mobile version of the game, meaning that you cannot log into your Mobile Account on Steam, and cannot log into your Steam Account on a Mobile device.

How do you wake up a Wubbox rare?

To activate it, one must box one of every level 15 Rare Monster. Boxing these monsters on Gold Island will remove them from their home island. If a Rare Wubbox is removed from Gold Island, it will go back to its inactive form again.

How do I get more monsters on tribal island?

How do you get shards in my singing monsters?

Shards come from several sources:
  1. Collecting from Monsters on Ethereal Island and Magical Sanctum.
  2. Collecting from Wublins and Celestials.
  3. Selling a Monster, Structure, or Decoration on Ethereal Island or Magical Sanctum.
  4. Purchased by Coins ( ) or Diamonds ( ). Not recommended.
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What are all the likes of a noggin?

Below are the things liked by Noggin:
  • Drumpler (requires level 7) ( , , , )
  • Shellbeat (level 9) ( )
  • Kayna (level 9) ( , , )
  • Travelers’ Sign (level 7)
  • Trumplite (level 11)
  • Fire Bush (level 5) ( )

Is there an epic Wubbox?

Wubbox has its own backstory but Epic Wubbox came from Celestial Island. … The Epic Wubbox. Music. When activated, the Epic Wubbox will emit a dubstep noise, like its Common cousin, but MUCH more upbeat than the Common variant.

How many beds does the Wubbox take?

6 beds
Wubbox consumes 6 beds.

How much food does it take to get a monster to level 15?

Single/Double Element Natural Monsters
Level Food Per Feeding Total food to reach this Level
13 20,480 81,900
14 40,960 163,820
15 61,440 327,660
16 92,160 573,420

What happens when you get a monster to level 20?

Increased Level Cap

Monsters will now have a chance of producing premium currency which increases with each level, so get feeding! Lastly, Level 20 Monsters will feature a glimmering glow that you can show off to your friends.

How do you breed a Punkleton?

  1. + Jam Boree and Gobbleygourd.
  2. + Jam Boree and Clavavera.
  3. + Gobbleygourd and Clavavera.

how do you get stars in my singing monsters
how do you get stars in my singing monsters

How do I breed a Shugabush?

Breeding Monsters

The Shugabush is obtained by breeding two specific monsters on Plant Island: the Bowgart and the Clamble. To get the Shugabush on Shugabush Island, feed the monster to level 15 on Plant Island then teleport it over.

How do you get more gems on my singing monsters?

  1. Sending Monsters to the Wondermine for up to a 96% chance to get 1.
  2. Using the Diamond Extractor to extract up to 20 in exchange for 100 Coins per Diamond.
  3. Completing all nine Skyship orders on time.
  4. Earning up to 6 from the Daily Login Game.
  5. Mail rewards.
  6. Purchasing Diamonds with cash or completing free offers.

Can you play MSM on PC?

Welcome to a strange and magical world full of singing monsters and bizarre creatures. Play My Singing Monsters on PC or Mac with the free BlueStacks Android Emulator and you will be able to experience their magical music even more. …

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How do I breed a Grumpyre?

  1. + Deedge and Congle.
  2. + Deedge and Bowgart.
  3. + Deedge and Spunge.
  4. + Deedge and Thumpies.

How do you breed a Reebro dragon?

  1. + Riff and Congle.
  2. + Riff and Scups.
  3. + Riff and PomPom.
  4. + Riff and T-Rox.

How many diamonds does it take to power up the rare Wubbox?

Activation on Ethereal Island

As for the other islands, you may use diamonds to speed this up, although each monster costs 1200 diamonds for a whopping 18000 diamond total cost.

How do I join a tribe in Island King?

Tap anywhere on the Tribe listing to expand the view and see how many Members the Tribe currently has. Check out a Tribal Island by tapping the Visit button. If you want to request to join a Tribe, tap the Join button. You’ll be prompted to choose the monster you want to represent you on Tribal Island.

How do you put monsters on ethereal Island?

What do crystals do in my singing monsters?

Crystals are also used to upgrade Production Structures, which decreases their production times. Crystals appear automatically on the Continent lands at intervals of about five minutes until their maximum number is reached on each land.

How do you get shards in the island?

What level do you unlock tribal island?

As the monsters of the Tribe are fed to higher levels, the Tribe as a whole reaches weekly Goals and is rewarded at the end of the week. It is available for free when the map becomes available at Level 4.

How do you get Mammot 100 happy?

For every unique liked item that is placed within two squares distance from the monster, the monster’s happiness is increased by 25%. (Two or more of the same item/monster only increases happiness once.) Thus four items are required to make a monster 100% happy.

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How do you breed a Clamble?

  1. + Potbelly and Drumpler.
  2. + Noggin and Furcorn.
  3. + Mammott and Shrubb.

How do you breed a Shellbeat in my singing monsters?

Breeding. The Shellbeat can be bred using monsters that combine to provide all the elements Plant, Air, Water and Earth without repeating any. Of these, Spunge+Noggin is the best combination, as it has the lowest average breeding times in case of breeding failure.

How do you breed rare Tring?

Breeding. The Rare Tring can be bred using monsters that combine to provide all the elements Air, Plant, Earth and Fire without repeating any. Of these, Barrb+Noggin and Reedling+Kayna are the best combinations, as they have the lowest average breeding times in case of breeding failure.

Does the Wubbox have a timer?

Unlike Wublins, which have a set time limit for Zapping, Wubbox has no time limit, thus Wublins can be boxed to the Wubbox at any pace.

What is Msmpokegamer friend code in my singing monsters?

Friend code is Z8FSN6XC.

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