how do gray whales collect and eat such small organisms?

How Do Gray Whales Collect And Eat Such Small Organisms??

How do grey whales collect and eat such small organisms? They use cooperative behavior to corral prey into a group and then swallow their prey items whole. They emit high-pitched sounds that drive their prey items into tight masses. They use their countershading to sneak up on their prey items.

What type of whale captures prey by swimming at the surface with its mouth open to trap plankton in the fringe of its baleen?

Along the surface of the water, right whales swim with their mouth open, so food is caught in the baleen fringes inside their mouth.

How is the appearance of newborn gray whales different than adults Besides the obvious size difference )?

As explained in the video, how is the appearance of newborn gray whales different than adults (besides the obvious size difference)? Newborn gray whales lack both barnacles and whale lice, which attach later in life. … -Gray whales typically feed on bottom-dwelling organisms, such as crustaceans and clams.

Why was the sea wall constructed in La Jolla?

Why was the seawall constructed in La Jolla? To create a quiet beach behind the seawall that is free of large waves so that children can safely use the beach. What evidence exists that harbor seals have always been in the area? … Harbor seals defecate in the water, producing high levels of bacteria in the water offshore.

How does a sperm whale make the sounds that are used for echolocation quizlet?

How does a sperm whale make the sounds that are used for echolocation? … It pulls air in through its blowhole and contracts the muscles near the blowhole to make different sounds.

How do whales feed?

They are carnivores that love to eat fish. Their teeth are not used for chewing, only for capturing and holding on to the food. Baleen whales feed by filtering or straining food from the water. … They then push the water out past their baleen plates and the food gets trapped inside to then swallow.

How do whales digest food?

The digestive systems of whales consists of an esophagus, a compartmentalized stomach (similar to that of ruminants like cows or hippos) and an intestine. … Everything is then directed toward the main stomach (or cardiac stomach), where glands produce acid and enzymes used to digest the food (hydrochloric acid, pepsin).

What do whale lice eat?

The lice predominantly eat algae that settle on the host’s body. They usually feed off the flaking skin of the host and frequent wounds or open areas. They cause minor skin damage, but this does not lead to significant illness. The development of the whale louse is closely connected with the life pattern of whales.

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What makes blue whales different from other whales?

Adult blue whales weigh up to 150 tons, which makes them the largest animals to ever live. By comparison, elephants—the largest terrestrial animals—weigh only 4.5 tons. … Like some other whales, blue whales possess baleen—stiff plates made of hairlike structures—in place of teeth.

What do whales eat?

All of them feed on krill, but sometimes include other sea creatures in their diets, such as copepod crustaceans and small fish. Humpback and Bryde’s whales also actively hunt for small schooling fish such as herring and anchovies.

What is the harbor seal controversy at Children’s Pool in La Jolla California about?

A colony of harbor seals has been the source of years of simmering legal wars in La Jolla, California, an affluent suburb of San Diego. The controversy stems from a group of citizens who wish to drive the seals from Casa Beach (also known as Children’s Pool) and restore it to a swimming area for children.

What does a dolphin’s melon do quizlet?

What does a dolphin’s melon do? The melon focuses sound waves during emission.

How does a sperm whale make the sounds that are used for echolocation?

The sounds pulse through several lenses of fat – whalers called them ‘the junk’ – which focus the sounds into a narrow beam. This beam of sound emerges from the front of the head, and sperm whales can direct it – like a searchlight used to sharply illuminate a target.

What is the role of the spermaceti in the sperm whale?

The spermaceti organ is an organ present in the heads of toothed whales of the family Physeteroidea, in particular the sperm whale. This organ contains a waxy liquid called spermaceti and is involved in the generation of sound. … It essentially functions as sonar, aiding the whale in echolocation.

How does the whale calf satisfy its nutritional needs quizlet?

The whale nurses her calf for about 6 to 10 months. The milk of whales is rich in protein and fat; this helps the newborn grow fast and add on layers of insulating fat.

how do gray whales collect and eat such small organisms?
how do gray whales collect and eat such small organisms?

What is the function of the melon eg dolphins and junk eg sperm whales )?

The melon is a mass of adipose tissue found in the forehead of all toothed whales. It focuses and modulates the animal’s vocalizations and acts as a sound lens. It is thus a key organ involved in communication and echolocation.

Why do whales only eat small fish?

There is plenty of krill in the ocean. One of the main constraints to eating, for baleen whales, is to open their mouths wide enough to swallow massive amounts of krill-containing water. … Huge baleen whales can swallow more calories per dive than their smaller cousins.

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How does a blue whale eat?

About the Species. Blue whales are the largest animals ever to live on our planet. They feed almost exclusively on krill, straining huge volumes of ocean water through their baleen plates (which hang from the roof of the mouth and work like a sieve). Some of the biggest individuals may eat up to 6 tons of krill a day.

Can a whale swallow a man?

While the veracity of the story is in question, it is physically possible for a sperm whale to swallow a human whole, as they are known to swallow giant squid whole. However, such a person would be crushed, drowned or suffocated in the whale’s stomach.

What animal has 800 stomachs?

Etruscan shrew
Etruscan shrew
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Eulipotyphla
Family: Soricidae

Do whales swallow water?

But then, how can whales get their water? Baleen whales do swallow a bit of water when they feed because they engulf large quantities of food (krill or fish) at a time and end up ingesting some seawater in the process. … Whales (whether they are toothed whales or baleen whales) do not voluntarily ingest water.

Do whales chew their food?

Whales within this suborder use their teeth differently. Some of them chew their food, while others swallow their prey whole. Some whales with teeth use them to demonstrate dominance, especially during the mating season. Whales possess a varying number of teeth, depending on the individual species.

Do sea lice hurt whales?

While hitching a ride, these crustaceans munch on algae and whale skin. Although that might sound like an undesirable situation for a whale, some researchers believe there is no proof that whale lice are damaging to whales, and thus have more of a commensal relationship with their hosts, like barnacles.

What is stuck on whales?

Barnacles don’t serve any obvious advantage to the whales, but they give helpful lice a place to hang onto the whale without getting washed away by water. Barnacles find the slow-swimming gray whale a good ride through nutrient-rich ocean waters. As larvae, the whale barnacles swim freely in the ocean.

Is Blue whale Blue?

Blue whales look true blue underwater, but on the surface their coloring is more a mottled blue-gray. Their underbellies take on a yellowish hue from the millions of microorganisms that take up residence in their skin.

What is the difference between blue whale and GREY whale?

The Gray Whale is a deep gray color. … Unlike the Blue Whale, the Gray Whale does not have a dorsal fin. While under water, the Blue Whales seem to have a deep blue color to them. However, this changes when they are above sea level, as they appear to have more of a darker blue/grey appearance.

What do GREY whales feed on?

Gray whales eat primarily amphipod crustaceans, and concentrations of 12,000 to 20,000 amphipods per square yard have been found in the southern Chukchi Sea and northern Bering Sea where the whales feed.

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What happens if blue whales go extinct?

Whales play an important part within the marine ecosystem, and if they were to disappear, the delicate balance of nature would be disrupted. Organisms, such as plankton, that feed the ocean food chain also benefit from tons of whale feces floating on the ocean’s surface. …

Do whales eat mammals?

Toothed Whales: What Do They Eat? The type of whale food a whale eats is largely determined by whether they have teeth or not. … Other toothed whales, such as the killer whale, will hunt bigger marine mammals including whale food such as seals, sharks, birds, and even other whales.

Are whales vegetarian?

No, whales are not herbivores, they are carnivores. Although whales do not eat the same meats as land animals they are known to consume fish, squid, octopus and other types of foods that are considered carnivorous foods.

What animals eat whales?

Because of their size, power and speed, adult blue whales have virtually no natural ocean predators. The only sea creature known to attack blue whales is the orca whale (scientific name: Orcinus orca) also known as the “killer whale”.

What evidence exists that harbor seals have always been in the area quizlet?

What evidence exists that harbor seals have always been in the area? The existence of a rock offshore known as Seal Rock.

What suborder includes baleen whales?

Suborder Mysticeti (baleen whales) includes the great whales (the largest whales) such as the blue whale, the finback whale, humpback whale, and the gray whale. The baleen whales have no teeth. Instead they have baleen, plates of fibrous material that hang from the whale’s upper jaw on the inside of their mouths.

Which of the following characteristics is not found in cruising fishes such as tuna?

Which of the following characteristics is not found in cruising fishes such as tuna? They rely on a swim bladder for neutral buoyancy.

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