how deep should a closet be

How Deep Should A Closet Be?

A clothes closet should have a minimum depth of at least 24 inches deep, so the clothes can clear the back wall. Shelves for women’s shoes should be spaced about 6 to 7 inches apart. Shelves for folded clothes should be placed around 12 inches apart.

What is the best closet depth?

The comfortable recommended depth of a closet is 24” (61 cm), but closet depths as narrow as 20” (50.8 cm) can be used if desired. Shelf depths of 12” (30.5 cm) should be used for shoes and smaller clothing elements.

How deep should custom closets be?

A custom closet design can be as deep as structurally sound, but the most common depths found are 12”, 14”, 16”, 20” and 24”. In most cases, designs go as tall as 84-96” or in some cases even taller.

What is the minimum depth for a coat closet?

28 inches deep
Depth. All coat closets are at least 28 inches deep, which allows large coats to hang in a vertical orientation without brushing against the walls or door. The depth of the coat closet is one measurement that changes with available space.

Can a closet be 22 inches deep?

The standard minimum depth for a reach-in closet is 24 inches, but a closet intended to store coats or other bulky hanging items may need to be as deep as 28 inches. A closet less than 22 inches deep isn’t deep enough to allow hanging clothes.

What are standard closet dimensions?

A typical reach-in closet is approximately 6-feet long, 8-feet high, 24-inches deep with an 80-inch high door opening. Reach-in closets are very practical for a single occupant. They allow for easy viewing and access to all contents. Accessories and baskets work well in them.

What is the depth for California Closets?

The depth of your closet cabinets and panels will range from 14 inches to 24 inches. Most clothing items, including shirts, blouses, jackets and coats, will fit inside a 24-inch-deep area.

Does Closet Factory use real wood?

Specializing in Wood Closet Systems

Closet Factory offers sustainable woods responsibly sourced. Panels and shelves are made from veneer on plywood while the fronts can have solid wood edges added to them. Wood edges come in many profiles allowing one to customize their system in many unique ways.

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What is the standard size for a bedroom closet?

A typical closet is approximately 24-inches deep. A walk-in closet should be at least 36- to 48-inches deep. The width of the closet ideally is half the width of the room, if not more. A standard 12-by-12 bedroom would ideally have a closet 6-feet wide by 48-inches deep.

What kind of wood does California Closets use?

A: All of California Closets’ boards are made with laminated composite, which is made with recycled wood fibers. All of our finishes are CARB compliant, meaning they meet particular regulations for emission standards and are safe for the environment.

Does California Closets use melamine?

Melamine is by far the most common laminate material used in custom closets. Companies like SpaceMan Home & Office, California Closets and Closet Factory all use this in their storage systems. It is a thin layer of paper that is applied to particle board using a heat-based processed.

What type of wood is used in closets?

Whether you are replacing old cabinet drawers or are starting a project from scratch, one of the most versatile and dependable closet shelving materials you can use is plywood. This type of wood is a terrific choice for closet shelves because it’s very strong and resistant to sagging and warping.

What is the average cost for a custom closet?

The national average cost for custom closets is $2,500 to $5,000, with most people spending about $3,500 for a custom closet system made of wood that measures 10 to 12 feet in size. Those on a budget can have custom closet shelving kits installed by a handyman for as little as $500 for a custom reach-in closet.

Who owns the Closet Factory?

John LaBarbera
Company Overview

John LaBarbera founded The Closet Factory in a small industrial space in Los Angeles in 1983. The company started out with six employees customizing closets, offices, garages and pantries, and now has more than 100 employees at its Los Angeles headquarters.

Are closet systems worth it?

Most people agree that a custom-designed closet or closet organizer with all your clothing, footwear and accessories in sight and at arms’ reach is desirable. They make your closet more than just a storage space—you’ll enjoy spending time in it and showing it off to friends.

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how deep should a closet be
how deep should a closet be

How deep should walk-in closet shelves be?

The standard walk-in closet shelf depth is 12 inches, which happens to match the standard depth of kitchen cabinets. If you plan to keep shoes on a one-foot shelf, you may need to install a special shoe rack. If your shoes are too big to fit flat on the shelf, use a sloped rack.

Do Custom closets increase home value?

The short answer is yes, a custom closet can help with the resale value of your home with a higher return on your initial investment than other renovations. Adding a customized wardrobe to an empty spare room can make it feel like an extra bedroom, increasing the home’s value.

How long does a closet install take?

So while a reach-in closet can be as fast as a half a day to a full day, a walk-in closet typically takes a day or two, and a room-size boutique closet can take three to four days to complete.

Are California Closets removable?

California Closets is a line of custom-made closets that have a modular structure for easy installation, adjustment, and removal.

What material is used for closets?

The most common materials people select for closet storage include plywood and Medium-Density Fiberboards (MDF).

Are Ikea closets worth it?

Are the IKEA Pax wardrobes worth it? Yes, the IKEA Pax wardrobes are definitely worth the investment. You can organize and customize your closet space under a budget. The quality is also nice and sturdy.

Who owns California Closets?

FirstService Brands, Inc.

Is Pine good for closets?

If you’re putting a shelf in the den or kitchen, you want it to look good, but in a closet, strength and stability are more important. You can get that from a variety of materials, and the least expensive is plywood. If you’re stuck on solid wood, pine and cedar are good choices.

Is MDF good for closets?

MDF may sometimes sag, so make sure you don’t use this material for your closet shelves. If you must, then don’t put anything heavy on MDF shelves. Plywood, although stronger than MDF, may require reinforcements, especially when used for closet shelving.

How wide should a closet shelf be?

A 16 inch deep shelf depth will provide more storage space in tighter areas however using a 12 inch deep shelf depth will give the appearance and feeling of more space.

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How much does it cost to have a closet system installed?

If you don’t feel so handy with tools and have the budget, you can get a closet storage system professionally installed. An average pro-installed walk-in closet costs about $1,200 to $3,000 or more for materials and installation, but their expertise and experience can help you avoid costly mistakes in the long run.

How much does a closet organizer charge?

Expect to pay between $80 and $140 an hour, though some organizers offer packages, such as a closet clean-out for $250 or a garage sorting for $350.

How do you build a 2×4 closet?

How long has Closet Factory been in business?

How long has Closet Factory been in business? Closet Factory opened the first location in Los Angeles on Feb. 9, 1983. We started franchising in 1985 and have become a far-reaching and very successful franchise organization in the United States.

How many Closets by Design franchises are there?

60 franchised Closets
As of the 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document, there are 60 franchised Closets by Design locations in the USA.

What do closet designers do?

A good closet designer will recommend the perfect storage containers, shelf-extenders, and custom wardrobe closets, and they’ll offer out-of-the-box ideas so you can adjust your storage to better fit the needs of your house.

Are Custom closets worth the price?

But if you plan to sell in the next 5-10 years, a custom closet might be worth the investment. After the “big four” improvements that buyers look for (kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and lighting), smaller upgrades like good storage and luxe master suites make your home that much more attractive to prospective buyers.

How do you layout a walk in closet?

Closet Organization – Measure and Planning the New Space

How to Build a Closet

Walk-In Closet Guide | Measurements, IKEA PAX, Planning, Tips

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