What is Publicaffairsworld.com? 

(PAW) It is an internet news and content aggregator, bringing the best content on the web to in-house advocates and professional lobbyists.

Why Publicaffairsworld.com ?

 PAW was set up by Ben Atfield in 2009. He has had a long and active interest in Politics and Public Affairs. He found that there was not already an aggregator that helped him access the web-based information that he is interested in, and with the help and advice of many friends and fellow travellers developed PAW, the rest as they say is history…

What is Publicaffairsworld.com ? 

PAW embraces a very broad definition of what Public Affairs means. There is a substantial literature regarding its “definition”. Suffice to say PAW content covers Lobbying, Government Relations, Public Affairs, Public Policy, Issues Management, Stakeholder Relations, External Affairs, Corporate Communications, Single Issue Campaigning, Media Relations, Social Marketing and political debate. It does not intend to cover areas such as Marketing, Consumer PR and Advertising.

Who is PAW for? 

Anyone who is interested in the above-mentioned disciplines. We hope to have content that will engage senior-level individuals and those who have an inquisitive intellect from all market sectors and organisational types.

How to use PAW.

We hope to introduce you to ideas, criticism, best practice, stories and much, much more from countries, sectors, groups (friends and foe) from around the world and outside of your day-to-day routine. You might use it as your home page and read an article most days or use its links section to access frequently-visited resources. Or you might simply come to us once a month to see if an article catches your eye or check that you haven’t missed out on some new initiative or industry gossip.

Editorial Advisory Board

All editorial enquiries should be sent to Ben Atfield. Ben alone takes full responsibility for the content on PAW. PAW also has an Editorial Advisory Board of senior leaders globally who on an ad hoc and voluntary basis suggest ideas and content for PAW. The Editorial Advisory Board act entirely in an informal and personal capacity and take no responsibility for the content on PAW. It includes:

London: Dan Mobley – Group Head of Public Affairs – Standard Chartered Bank
Brussels: Tom Spencer – Executive Director – European Centre for Public Affairs
Brussels: Andrew Johnson – Head of Public Affairs – Euro RSCG
Washington: Clarke Dryden Camper – NYSE

London: Gavin Ellwood – Head-Hunter – Ellwood and Atfield
Hong Kong: Craig Hoy – Executive Director – PublicAffairsAsia.com
London: Lionel Zetter – Public Affairs Consultant & Director – Enterprise
London: Miguel Veiga-Pestana – Vice-President Global External Affairs – Unilever PLC

Contribute to PAW, send us your suggested content

We actively welcome recommendations of interesting and relevant content to be added to our four main categories, Books & Reports of Note, Articles & News, Lobbies & Campaigns and Links. Only information that is publicly available and in English will be considered. Please send your recommendation to [email protected] Unfortunately we will not be able to reply to your email but if we have space and it meets our benchmark you will see it published and have the satisfaction to knowing that 1000s of people globally will be able to read it too. We also welcome ideas and suggestions regarding the site structure, headings etc. We are here as a resource for you. If you think you can improve PAW please let us have your ideas.

Join PAW

Once a month PAW will email you a brief summary of the very best material featured.

Internship Programme

Given the enthusiastic response to PAW, we are delighted to have launched an internship programme. We are even more delighted to announce that Ailsa Nicol is our first intern. If you are interested in being considered for an internship with us, please send your CV and a covering letter to [email protected]